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A comprehensive review of Bitcoin Billionaire

Fact or fiction? Scam software or legit app? We investigate.

4/5 star rating

We are aware of numerous websites who use false celebrity endorsements to send customers to unregulated brokers or call centers. Our website will only send customers to partners who have provided us with the required regulatory assurances.

Bitcoin Billionaire is an online cryptocurrency trading robot that uses technology to facilitate automated trading of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. According to the platform’s website, Bitcoin Billionaire was developed by two brothers, one of whom has experience as a trader. However, exact details are not given and we couldn’t verify this information.

Similarly, while Bitcoin Billionaire boasts testimonials of people who have generated thousands of dollars by trading through the platform, we couldn’t find any evidence of such huge amounts of money having been earned by users. In this Bitcoin Billionaire review, we will explore the robot’s functionality and services, as well as examining the bold claims the platform makes in its marketing.

Pros & cons


  • Advice from financial experts post-registration
  • Multiple payment methods available
  • Fast and easy registration
  • Prompt customer service
  • No hidden fees or commission

  • Vague details about the platform and its team on the website
  • Dishonest marketing techniques
  • Services are not available in all jurisdictions

What is Bitcoin Billionaire and what can I do with it?

Bitcoin Billionaire enables users to trade automatically by using its cryptocurrency trading robot. According to its website, it uses cutting-edge technology to enable autotrading of digital currencies, with the robot scanning financial markets, comparing historical data, and discovering potentially profitable trading opportunities. Upon calculating, it places trades in the cryptocurrency market without the need for human intervention. 

Additionally, Bitcoin Billionaire offers the option of manual trading for experienced traders. A trader can define the precise conditions for entry or exit of a specific trade in the software. The robot constantly monitors the market and places trades on behalf of the trader according to the set parameters. As soon as the predefined condition is met, it executes the trade automatically.

Is Bitcoin Billionaire legit?

Bitcoin Billionaire appears to be a legitimate service, but the claims made by the platform about how good its software is are hard to believe. Our analysis suggests that the trading algorithm of Bitcoin Billionaire is effective and traders can benefit from using it, but the website’s claims of users generating millions of dollars in profits in one year sound far too good to be true. Moreover, the website also endorses names and pictures of famous personalities on its home page when in fact these celebrities are neither endorsing the product nor promoting trading in crypto markets. 

Even an experienced trader should exercise precaution and conduct thorough research on the markets while using the robot’s services. Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and traders can lose money fast due to quick fluctuations in price.

How does Bitcoin Billionaire work?

Bitcoin Billionaire’s software is connected to a network of regulated cryptocurrency brokers, and data is passed between a broker and the robot through an API. Each time a robot calculates an entry or exit points for a trade, it passes the data to a partnered broker through this API. The broker then executes the trade as defined by the robot. 

Bitcoin Billionaire key questions, answered!

Which brokers can I use with Bitcoin Billionaire?

Bitcoin Billionaire has partnered with regulated brokers in different jurisdictions to offer services of its software. These broker platforms can be accessed after you have successfully registered with Bitcoin Billionaire. Some of these brokers include UFX and 24Option. 

What cryptocurrencies are supported on Bitcoin Billionaire?

Since the robot partners with regulated brokers that provide a variety of cryptocurrency trading services, Bitcoin Billionaire provides multiple cryptocurrencies to trade including:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)

Can I use Bitcoin Billionaire on mobile and desktop?

Yes. It is possible to access the services of Bitcoin Billionaire through a browser on a desktop or laptop. The auto-trading robot does not have a mobile application, but can be accessed through mobile browsers.

Can I trade assets with leverage?

Yes, the partners associated with Bitcoin Billionaire allow traders to trade with leverage. Although the robot’s platform does not provide details on the leverage offered, external website research shows that leverage of 1000:1 is offered through autotrading bot’s brokers. 

However, always remember that leveraged trading is risky – especially in cryptocurrency markets. This is because the markets are highly volatile and with leverage, you stand to lose your capital exponentially. We advise that only experienced traders trade with leverage.

Can I open long and short positions with Bitcoin Billionaire?

Yes. Bitcoin Billionaire enables traders to engage in margin trading and hence you can open long and short positions using the trading robot. 

A long position refers to a bet placed that the price of an asset will move upwards, and a short position refers to a bet placed that the price of a crypto asset will move downwards. 

What are the payment methods and withdrawal/deposit limits?

The minimum deposit required on Bitcoin Billionaire in order to start trading is $250. The available methods of payment include credit card, debit card, wire transfers, Skrill, Neteller, and Bitcoin. 

There are no limits placed on withdrawing money, which usually occurs through broker platforms. The process may take 36-48 hours for withdrawals to reflect in your bank account. 

Are there any costs and fees involved?

No. According to the autotrading robot’s website, there are no costs or hidden fees involved while accessing its services. You may find there are fees to be paid to the broker that the robot uses to place your cryptocurrency trades.

How do I get paid? What about payouts?

All the process of withdrawals usually occurs through broker platforms. In order to initiate a withdrawal request, you are required to fill a withdrawal form from the broker’s account. There are no limits placed on the withdrawal amount and requests can also be placed on a daily basis. While making a withdrawal, you will be required to submit proof of your identity as well as your bank details. 

What is the registration and verification process?

For registering on Bitcoin Billionaire, you will be required to provide your name, email address, and contact number. You will be required to verify the link sent to your email address. At this point, you are not required to give any identification proof for registration, but will have to do so in order to withdraw funds.

What is their customer service like?

Bitcoin Billionaire offers 24/7 customer service through different modes. The available options are through telephone, live chat, contact form, and email address. However, you will be required to complete successful verification in order to access their customer service. 

How does it compare against other autotraders?

The Bitcoin Billionaire system stands up against its competitors; Bitcoin CodeBitcoin Bank, and Bitcoin Profit. Even though they all offer similar products, its the customer support, available coins, and safety which set it apart. We suggest taking a look at our list of the best bitcoin robots before signing up for an account.

How to trade with Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire’s interface is easy to use and beginner-friendly. All the options from withdrawals to autotrading are directly available from the dashboard. You can also take a look at the open and closed trades from the robot’s interface. 

For placing a manual trade, you can also set limits like stop loss from the navigation panel. Additionally, a trader can also access the demo trading option for familiarising with Bitcoin Billionaire’s trading panel. 

To access the cryptocurrency bot services, here are the steps for opening an account:

How to open an account with Bitcoin Billionaire
  • Step 1: Registration – First, you need to register and open an account on Bitcoin Billionaire for accessing its services. For registration, you are required to provide details including your name, email address, and phone number. For verification, you will receive a link to your email address. The process usually takes about 30 minutes and you can log in to your account post-verification. 
  • Step 2: Deposit Funds – After verification, you will receive a phone call from an advisor from Bitcoin Billionaire who will guide you through navigating the robot’s services and trading in cryptocurrency. A trader needs to deposit a minimum fund of $250 in order to begin auto trading. A trader can also access demo trading features to test the cryptocurrency bot. 
  • Step 3: Trade – A trader can now opt for auto trading option. In this case, a robot performs statistical analysis and places trade which can result in potential profits. Alternatively, a trader can also go for manual trading. In this case, a trader can specify precise conditions of a trade and the robot will execute in accordance with the criteria. 

Our top robot trading tips for beginners

It cannot be stressed enough that due diligence and research is required before investing in cryptocurrency space. This is because the markets are highly volatile and a trader can lose if caution is not exercised. Here are some of the tips that traders can consider before choosing to trade with Bitcoin Billionaire. 

  1. Familiarise yourself with trading. For a beginner, it is important to learn about the aspects of cryptocurrency trading before opting to use a robot. This space is a bit different from traditional markets and learning about key strategies like stop loss and limits will help you to protect your capital. 
  2. Understand cryptocurrency space. The cryptocurrency trading and investment space can be a bit complicated to understand. Learn about the basics in crypto trading so as to make strategic investments. 
  3. Start with a demo account. Bitcoin Billionaire facilitates users to trade on a demo account. This allows you to get acquainted with cryptocurrency trading and with the navigation panel of the robot. 
  4. Start small and build gradually. A beginner should start small and expand their cryptocurrency portfolio gradually. Also, leveraged trading poses risks of higher losses, hence always invest a small amount.
  5. Only invest what you can afford to lose. There are no guarantees to profits even while trading with an autotrading robot. Hence, only invest what you can afford to lose. 


Bitcoin Billionaire’s cryptocurrency robot can be used to help people trade cryptocurrencies, but the claims of massive profits in short spaces of time and celebrity endorsements should be disregarded. While some users are happy with the robot’s performance, the testimonials of users generating tens of thousands of dollars per day are simply not true, and we could find no evidence of any celebrities associated with the brand.

Beginners should exercise caution while using services of leveraged trading with Bitcoin Billionaire, but experienced traders might be interested in making use of its manual trading option, using which you can set parameters for the robot to execute trades automatically.

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