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Bitcoin System is a novice-friendly trading robot that captures the market volatility faster than humans for profits. This review looks into the platform's security, fees, and helps you decide whether to use it.
By: James Knight
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Updated: Apr 14, 2022
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Bitcoin System is a trading robot that allows people from all walks of life to start their crypto trading journey. Created by two brothers, Bitcoin System claims to have been able to develop a trading algorithm that accurately predicts Bitcoin price movements using a variety of inputs.

Pros & Cons


Simple registration process
Get started with just $250
Wide range of trading tools
Suitable for both novice and expert traders


What can I do with Bitcoin System?

Trade Bitcoin using an automated robot that makes trades on your behalf. The algorithm identifies trading opportunities and sends signals to your broker so that you can execute the moves straight away.

It’s free to register on Bitcoin System and you can start using the robot immediately. The platform has a list of certified brokers that make the trades on your behalf, or you can use a dedicated account manager to make manual trades.

Bitcoin System markets, assets, and options

What assets and products can you trade using Bitcoin System?

Bitcoin System was initially developed by the team to capture the price volatility of Bitcoin, hence the name. The website does claim that users can trade various cryptocurrencies alongside Bitcoin, but there is no list provided.

What leverage trading options are there?

Bitcoin System does not make any trades itself. The amount of leverage on offer is decided by the partnered brokers. Look on the broker websites to find out how much leverage each platform offers.

What are the spreads?

As Bitcoin System does not make any trades, it doesn’t decide the spreads. The spreads are decided by the partner brokers and the information is available on the partner websites.

Fees, limits, and payment options on Bitcoin System

How much does Bitcoin System cost?

There is no fee for signing up. Bitcoin System says that it has no registration or recurring costs involved. However, given that the robot uses brokers to place the trades, you may have to pay some trading fees on certain platforms. Use the broker websites to find out how much they charge per trade, or whether there is any commission.

What are the payment methods accepted by Bitcoin System?

Bitcoin System accepts a variety of payments, from US Dollars to cryptos and it does not have any associated funding fee. That being said, users should consult with their payment processor to know if they have any charges at their end. Supported payment methods by Bitcoin System include:

  • Bitcoin
  • All major debit and credit cards
  • Bank transfers
  • PayPal

Does Bitcoin System also charge fees and commissions?

Bitcoin System claims that all of its services are free of cost and it does not charge for any trades. On the other hand, the broker assigned to you may have its own fee and commission structure. Again, use the partner broker websites to find out how much each platform charges in fees and commissions.

Bitcoin System trade sizes and limits

Bitcoin System states that a minimum of $250 is required to start trading. While the robot claims this to be one of the lowest in the market, it does not specify any upper limit or trade sizes. Since Bitcoin System is employing a network of brokers for the actual trading, the limits and sizes will depend on each broker.

Generally regulated brokers have different limits and trade sizes imposed which can be enhanced either by having a minimum trade volume, increased KYC and AML documentation or both.

Bitcoin System’s platform

Bitcoin System was developed by a small team of two brothers after one of them became obsessed with Bitcoin and formulated a prediction algorithm that helped him to determine the future price of the asset with accuracy. Taking in a variety of inputs, both technical and fundamental, and leveraging artificial intelligence to analyse it, Bitcoin System can accurately and swiftly predict crypto price movements before the general market.

Taking input from users on different parameters such as risk levels, invested amount, trading strategy and the type of crypto asset intended to trade, Bitcoin System generates the most likely profitable actions it can take according to the market situation.

As a robot, Bitcoin System does not do any trades on its own. Leveraging AI and machine learning, it simply makes calculated decisions on trading opportunities. The trading signals are then forwarded to its host of regulated brokers which do the actual trading.

Profits generated through the trades are deposited into the users’ trading account, where they have the option to hold, withdraw, or reinvest.

What devices can I use Bitcoin System on?

Bitcoin System has been designed for universal access across all kinds of devices. It does not have a mobile app but only a web version. This means that any device that has an internet connection and a web browser can access the trading robot. This includes:

  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Linux

What exchanges and brokers does Bitcoin System partner with?

Bitcoin System is available globally and with different jurisdictions having their own regulations, the trading robot partners with several exchanges and brokers so that a user will always have a legally compliant trading hub to connect with.

The robot only partners with regulated entities, which are subject to legal and regulatory scrutiny regarding the security and safety of funds and user information.

Can I use Bitcoin System in my country?

Bitcoin System is available in every major country in the world, except the US and Canada. That means you can access Bitcoin System in the UK, France, Japan, UAE, and many more countries. While it tries to be globally accessible, there are a few limitations due to local laws. See the list below to see if your country is covered.

Is Bitcoin System available in my language? 

The trading robot offers several languages to ensure that users from all over the world can benefit from its services. Major languages include English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Check out the list below to see if Bitcoin System is available in your local language.

How easy is it to use Bitcoin System?

Bitcoin System has been designed to be user friendly, allowing first-time crypto traders to industry veterans alike to take advantage of its fast analytics and higher than normal profit ratios.

The fully automated mode allows for novices to simply define different parameters such as risk levels, amount to invest and type of cryptocurrency they want to trade. The robot takes this into account and makes predictions which are then sent to the dedicated broker to execute.

On the other hand, if a user wishes to have more control, they can use the manual trading option, where they can make use of the advanced analytics and find profit opportunities on their own, which are conveyed to their respective accounts manager for placing the orders.

Key features

While there are several other trading bots available online, Bitcoin System tends to outshine others with the plethora of its features. Some of the top ones that make it stand apart are:

Dedicated accounts manager

While the robot requires a minimum of human interaction, some aspects require a person to interact with users. All matters related to initial deposits, manual trading and guidance are handled by professional accounts managers who are available on call.

Customised trading strategy

With a wide variety of tools and services, each user can customise their trading strategy. Services such as copy trading even allow users to make passive earnings by following a professional trader.

User friendly

The Bitcoin System interface has been designed for ease of operation. The easy to use UI and ample training material means a very shallow learning curve that allows even laymen to rapidly get accustomed to the robot and its services.

Security and regulation

Is Bitcoin System legit?

Bitcoin System claims to be a legally compliant and registered entity and therefore a legitimate service. Furthermore, reviews from websites such as TrustPilot show that a significant number of users are happy with the services and have left positive reviews.

Is Bitcoin System safe?

Bitcoin System boasts to use a military-grade 128-bit encryption, which is extremely tough to crack.

Am I and my money protected?

As a trading robot, Bitcoin System does not hold your funds. Any funding done by users is sent to the relevant broker. As such, the financial protection of your deposits and profits is dependent on the broker being used for you.

Is Bitcoin System Regulated?

While Bitcoin System does claim to be a legally compliant service, it does not state which bodies regulate it.

Do I have to verify my account with Bitcoin System?

Yes, Bitcoin System does have a KYC and AML check. Although the robot’s requirements are at a minimum, requiring only a full name, email address and a contact number to register. However, there are more checks for users to register with the affiliate brokers. The brokers may require digital copies of government-issued ID, proof of income, and residence, depending on the regulatory body they have to comply with.

Extra information

Educational resources

Bitcoin System website does not inform of any educational material available for users, but their dedicated accounts managers are said to provide all the necessary information for new and experienced traders.

Tools and charting

Bitcoin System is not clear on the tools and charts available to a user. There is a passing reference to services like copy trading.

Customer support

Bitcoin System has a dedicated web contact page for users where they can pen down their queries to be answered through an email. All registered users have a dedicated accounts manager they can get in touch with if they face any issues. Different reviews of the robot show that the customer support is highly active and prompt to reply.

How to open an account with Bitcoin System

  1. Register on Bitcoin System website.
  2. Clear KYC and AML checks of the assigned broker.
  3. Deposit funds (minimum $250).
  4. Access the Bitcoin System interface, select strategy, trading pair and start trading.

Our Verdict

Bitcoin System is a solidly built crypto trading robot that seems to deliver what it promises. Although it claims to offer higher profitability than manual trading, it does not promise unrealistic figures like its competitors and even has a disclaimer warning about the risks of losses.

Reviews and feedback from users show that the robot is delivering on what it says and most of the traders are happy with its services.

Taking into consideration the high-profit ratios, easy to register and use, compliance with regulations and a good reputation, it can easily be said that Bitcoin System is a legitimate trading robot.


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James Knight
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James is the lead content editor for Invezz, covering the stock market, cryptocurrency, and macroeconomic markets. Outside of work, James is an avid trader and golfer… read more.

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