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Bitcoineer review 2024

Investing options: 4.1

Platforms & usability: 4.1

Products, markets, & assets: 4.3

Safety & reliability: 4.5

Deposits & withdrawals: 4.7

Research & analysis tools: 3.9

Fees & costs: 4.9

Education & learning resources: 3.7

Bitcoineer review Summary

Updated: Jan 31, 2024
15 min read
The Bitcoineer app is a crypto trading robot that uses cutting-edge AI algorithms to analyse the crypto market and make trades automatically.

This Bitcoineer review examines the platform’s claims, past results, and customer experiences to find out whether the Bitcoineer app is legit or a scam. It investigates how the robot works, what products are available, and how to get the most out of the service.

We are aware of numerous websites which use false celebrity endorsements to send customers to unregulated brokers or call centres. Our website will only send customers to partners who have provided us with the required regulatory assurances. This is a marketing offer and our regulated partners will indicate what services they have available upon registration.

Based on our research, Bicoineer appears to be a genuine trading robot

We test every crypto robot extensively and only recommend software that looks legitimate. The results of our investigation suggest that Bitcoineer seems to be a genuine trading bot. To sign up for a free trial and test the software for yourself, follow the link below. Once you’ve done so, an account manager will call to explain how to create an account and set up the bot.

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Trade BTC, ETH, XRP, and more with AI-powered software
Test out the software with 30-day free trial
Apply automated trading to currency pairs as well as crypto
Stay safe thanks to SSL encryption and data security
Simple registration process, no ID required


What is Bitcoineer?

Bitcoineer is an automated Bitcoin robot designed to analyse trends and signals in the cryptocurrency market to create a successful trading strategy. The Bitcoineer software automatically opens and closes trades in microseconds. Working in this way, it eliminates common human emotions and frailties, like fear or greed, that can hamper a trader’s decision-making and ability. 

As well as providing automated trading systems, the Bitcoineer trading platform also offers the ability for experienced traders to plug in their own indicators and trading strategies, and instruct the robot to place trades that meet these criteria automatically.

Supported cryptocurrenciesBTC, ETH, LTC, XRP,
FeesNo fees
Success rate99%
Minimum deposit$250
Mobile app?No
Withdrawal speed24
Demo account?Yes
Leverage available1000:1
Customer supportEmail, live chat, phone
Verification requiredYes
RegulationsCySEC regulated brokers
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About the Bitcoineer platform

How does Bitcoineer work?

Bitcoineer’s trading platform operates by using machine learning to train a Bitcoin robot to research crypto market trends and identify potential money-making opportunities. The Bitcoineer app then uses that information to constantly analyse the crypto market until it finds patterns that suggest a trading opportunity.

Based on its prior learnings, the Bitcoineer robot finds an optimal point to open and close each trade, then sends that data to a partner broker via an API (Application Program Interface). The broker then executes the cryptocurrency trade based on the details provided by the Bitcoineer website.

What assets and products can be traded on Bitcoineer?

Bitcoineer is primarily a crypto trading bot, so it’s software and strategies are designed to work best trading crypto tokens. However, you can choose from a set of strategies that are designed for forex trading as well, which adds a wide range of major, minor, and exotic currency pairs to the mix as well.

Here are just some of the digital currencies and traditional currency pairs that are currently supported with a Bitcoineer account.

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Binance coin (BNB)
  • Chainlink (LINK)
  • Polkadot (DOT)
  • Monero (XRM)

In addition to this, Bitcoineer’s trading platform also allows you to trade cryptocurrency pairs with popular fiat currencies, including BTC/USD, ETH/USD, and BTC/EUR, among others. 

How much does Bitcoineer cost to use?

The Bitcoineer app does not charge any registration charges or fees for using its services. Although, when using the trading software, you must sign up with one of its partner brokers, and these may charge a fee. Based on our research, these brokerages charge 1% – 2% commissions for each trade the bot makes on your behalf.

What are the payment methods accepted by Bitcoineer?

To begin trading with your Bitcoineer account, you must make an initial minimum deposit of $250. This can be done using Skrill, Merchant Pay, Visa, Mastercard, Safepay, and Giropay. Here’s a full list of available payment methods for the Bitcoineer app. 

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Visa 
  • Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • Safepay
  • Giropay

Is there a Bitcoineer app for both mobile and laptop computers?

Yes. A Bitcoineer app account can be accessed via a browser on either a desktop or mobile device. You can use it on any operating system so long as you have an internet connection. You can download the Bitcoineer mobile app for Android and Apple devices.

That said, the website’s functionality is better on a laptop or computer than on mobile devices. The Bitcoineer account can be used on the following devices. 

  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Apple devices
  • Android devices
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets

Bitcoineer key features

The Bitcoineer trading platform has several features that make it unique. Here we explore some of the best ones.

Advanced trading system

The Bitcoineer app uses advanced algorithms to decide when to enter and exit the market. Its AI technology is combined with super-fast execution speed resulting in a seamless trading process, powered by advanced trading tools, with near-instant buying and selling at profitable prices. 

Use leverage with Bitcoineer

You can use Bitcoineer software to access leverage up to 1000:1. That means for every £1 you invest, you can access up to £1000, allowing you to trade much larger positions than you have money in your account. 

Forex trading algorithm

The Bitcoineer software includes a set of ‘plug and play’ trading algorithms that are designed specifically for currency trading. Take your pick from one of these strategies and the bot will get to work searching for forex trading opportunities on your behalf.

Bitcoineer free demo account

One of the best features of the Bitcoineer app is its free demo account. You can test all of the trading robots’ features without risking your own money before moving to a live trading environment. Demo trading Bitcoineer is an excellent way to learn if the bot is right for you. 

Which brokers can I use with Bitcoineer?

As can be found on their website, the Bitcoineer platform has partnered with reputed and reliable brokers. The available options vary depending on where you live, but include Investors and EuropeFX. All transactions are encrypted to provide security to the user.

Can I trade assets with leverage?

Yes, Bitcoineer offers leveraged trading of up to 1:1000 through the third-party brokers it has a relationship with. In this way you can make your money go further by borrowing up to 1000x the value of your deposit.

Please note that trading with leverage is risky and, if not exercised appropriately, can also lead to huge losses in a short time. Do not attempt leveraged trading if you don’t understand the risks involved, which can include the liquidation of your entire position.

Can I open long and short positions with Bitcoineer?

Yes, you can open long and short positions on Bitcoineer. A seasoned trader can also use Bitcoineer to place manual trades that go long or short.

A ‘long’ position is when a trader believes the price of a certain cryptocurrency will rise. A ‘short’ position is when the trader instead speculates that the price will fall.

How do I get paid? What about payouts?

To withdraw your capital or profits, you must first submit a withdrawal request along with your bank account details in the banking section of your Bitcoineer account. At this point, you will also be asked to submit proof of identity and proof of residence; this is to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering legislation. 

There are no limits on accessing payouts, so you can make daily withdrawals if you want. This process usually takes up to 24 hours. 

What is Bitcoineer’s customer service like?

Before registering on the Bitcoineer trading platform, you can submit your query through a contact form. After registration, you can access the Bitcoineer customer support 24/7 via e-mail. Here’s a list of the different ways you can contact Bitcoineer’s customer service.

  • Email 
  • Live chat
  • Phone
  • Online contact form

Safety and security

Is Bitcoineer safe to use?

Yes, while testing the Bitcoineer trading platform, we found no issues with security. Bitcoineer works by using SSL encryption and anti-virus and anti-phishing measures to keep users safe. Its partner brokers are also all regulated, which means they adhere to strict rules regarding security. 

Is Bitcoineer regulated?

Yes, the Bitcoineer trading platform is regulated by CySec, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. CySec is a well-respected financial regulator which provides investor protection up to €20,000 per person in case the platform goes bankrupt.

Is my money protected on Bitcoineer?

You do not deposit any money with the Bitcoineer trading platform; instead, you deposit funds with its partner brokers. These brokers take special precautions when it comes to protecting your funds. 

Your money is kept in a segregated bank account, meaning the broker cannot access it to conduct business. Brokers are also licensed by CySEC and offer compensation schemes. So if a broker were to go out of business, your money would be protected up to certain limits depending on your location. 

Who owns Bitcoineer?

The Bitcoineer website provides no information about the names of its owners or creators. Various online forums and other Bitcoineer reviews have tried labelling several high-profile people as Bitcoineer owners. However, our investigators could find no supporting evidence to back these claims up. 

Our investigation into the Bitcoineer trading platform suggest that it a team of mathematicians, traders, and software developers with many years of experience were the ones who created Bitcoineer. Although their names are kept hidden, it is common for trading software developers to remain anonymous, especially in the cryptocurrency space. 

What is the registration and verification process?

The registration form requires some basic details, including your name, email address, and contact number. It takes minimal effort. Also, there is no need to provide identification or proof of residence documents during the registration process, that’s not required until the point at which you wish to withdraw funds. Your account will be verified within a few minutes of signing up. 

How to start trading with Bitcoineer

Step 1. Create an account with Bitcoineer

Before you can start using Bitcoineer’s automated trading systems, you will need to create an account on the Bitcoineer website. This quick and easy process only takes a few minutes. You need to provide your basic contact information, including your email address and phone number.

bitcoineer reg

Step 2. Make a minimum deposit of $250

To start autotrading with the Bitcoin app platform, you must make a minimum deposit of $250 in the trading interface. Alternatively, you can use the Bitcoineer demo feature to navigate different options from its trading dashboard.

Step 3. Set up your Bitcoineer trading system

Now that you have your trading account registered, it’s time to set up the robot. The Bitcoineer trading software has many settings you can adjust, including what crypto pairs or forex pairs you want to trade. You should take your time at this stage to make sure the bot is running smoothly.

bitcoineer sign up

Step 4. Adjust risk management settings

To ensure you don’t lose your money, you must adjust your risk management settings. If you’re a beginner, without much trading experience, we recommend you start off slow with strict risk controls, as you can always increase your risk as and when the Bitcoineer trading system starts making profits.

Step 5. Start investing with Bitcoineer

Before you start investing with Bitcoineer, you may want to consider using a demo trading account. By doing this, you get the chance to test the cryptocurrency bot in live market conditions without risking any live funds.

bitcoineer sign up

Open Demo Account

Bitcoineer claims to have been endorsed by various celebrities, but we could find no information to verify these links. Articles online that assert that such figures have recommended the platform do not provide any evidence to support their claims, and so there is no reason to believe they are correct.

To help guide our users through the misinformation flying around, we have conducted fact checks on the three most often-found claims about celebrity recommendations of Bitcoineer.

Is it true that Elon Musk endorsed Bitcoineer?

Some online news sites have claimed that Elon Musk is a fan of the Bitcoineer website, but our researchers could find no evidence that this is true. Elon Musk is a famous and controversial billionaire and is most well-known for his success with electric car manufacturer Tesla and space exploration project SpaceX.

Fact check: False. We found no proof of Elon Musk ever mentioning Bitcoineer.

Does Richard Branson use the Bitcoineer website?

No, Richard Branson does not use this crypto investing platform. Branson is a famous British billionaire entrepreneur, who set up the Virgin Group in the 1970s and now owns more than 400 companies in various fields.

Fact check: False. There are rumours online that Richard Branson has used Bitcoineer, but these are unfounded and untrue.

Bill Gates has never spoken about this Bitcoineer or any other trading bots in the press or in any of his books. Gates is the founder of Microsoft and remains an outspoken voice on prominent issues of global importance, including climate change and AI.

Fact check: False. Any reports linking Bill Gates to Bitcoineer are false.

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Is there a Bitcoineer alternative?

There are lots of other Bitcoin bots out there. Many offer a similar service and are tailored to crypto trading, while others take a broader approach and let you trade stocks and forex as well. Here are some other trading platforms you might want to consider:

  • Immediate Vortex is a trading bot that uses machine learning to trade Ethereum and other ERC-20 cryptocurrencies.
  • Immediate Connect is a crypto auto trader with a trading system that’s easily adjustable to suit top cryptocurrencies and altcoins alike.
  • Bitcoineer is a crypto bot that uses a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to identify and place trades.
  • Altrix Edge is a cryptocurrency trading bot that offers signals and automated trading for cryptos on the Ethereum blockchain. 
  • Immediate Bitwave is a crypto auto trader with a trading system that’s easily adjustable to suit top cryptocurrencies and altcoins alike.
  • Trader AI is a fully automated crypto robot that uses advanced technology to craft highly optimised trading strategies on crypto, stocks, and more.

Our top robot trading tips for beginners

You should familiarise yourself with knowledge of both trading and cryptocurrencies before signing up for services such as Bitcoineer. Trading cryptocurrencies is complicated, and these are the five steps our experts recommend should be followed.

  1. Familiarise yourself with trading. If you are a beginner, make sure that you understand the basic schematics of cryptocurrency trading before choosing to use any robot. An expert can use this as a tool to fine-tune their trading strategy, but just because the service is automated, it doesn’t mean you should use it with no knowledge.
  2. Understand cryptocurrency space. Before trading a cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, you should ensure you have a good knowledge of it and its value. 
  3. Practice with a demo account. It is advisable that whenever you sign up for a new platform, you use their demo account to familiarise yourself with the services offered. This way, you can set up trades and assess your trading performance before putting your hard-earned cash into the system. 
  4. Start small and build gradually.  Always start trading in a small amount and gradually build your trading portfolio. Take out a certain percentage of profit each time to lower the risks. Trading success doesn’t happen overnight, and by keeping an eye on the long term, you’ll have a better chance of maximising the growth of your investments.
  5. Only invest what you can afford to lose. The first and the last rule of trading is only investing what you can afford to lose. The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile and money can be made and lost quickly, so ensure you don’t take unnecessary risks.

Our final verdict on Bitcoineer

The Bitcoineer app offers cutting-edge technology to help crypto traders make better trades and time their moves more effectively. It’s an ideal tool if you don’t have the time to do extensive research yourself, but you need to make sure you set the trading app up correctly to get the best out of it.

You can direct the trading platform to research the crypto markets on your behalf, identifying crypto trades that might be profitable, based on large-scale data analysis of the price history of leading digital assets. It then allows you to place those trades automatically, or receive trading signals that you then act on of your own accord.

This flexibility makes Bitcoineer useful for beginners looking to trade digital asset markets. However, there are some elements of the Bitcoineer app that raised questions during our research, as we were unable to verify some of its more outlandish claims, or to find any evidence that it has been promoted by celebrity businessmen such as Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos.

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Methodology: how we scored this Bitcoineer review

Helping people make better financial decisions is at the heart of our mission at Invezz. 

We test each trading platform to provide clear, accessible guidance on the service it offers and how it compares to the 63+ other platforms we review. Testing is carried out by our panel of industry experts, analysts, and active traders who sign up to the platform, conduct research, and score the service.

To supplement our practical testing and experience, we research the service to gather any further relevant information and provide context to help you decide whether the platform is right for your investing needs. We read online customer reviews, app reviews on the Play Store and App Store, and conduct user surveys to get feedback from real people about what works, and what doesn’t.

The robot is awarded a final score based on 130+ data points across 8 ranking categories: cost, reliability, user experience, deposit & withdrawals, investing options, range of products/markets, research & analysis tools, and the availability of educational & learning resources.

We work closely with the individual brand to ensure all factual information displayed here is accurate. All data is then fact-checked by an independent reviewer. You can learn more about our expert panel and how we test, rate, and review platforms in our review process


Is Bitcoineer genuine?
Is Bitcoineer legitimate or not?
Is it easy to open a Bitcoineer account?
Can I withdraw cryptocurrency from Bitcoineer?
Is Bitcoineer an MLM or Affiliate scam?
Does Bitcoineer really work as described?
How much does it cost to use Bitcoineer?
How do I delete my Bitcoineer account?
Is Bitcoineer a Ponzi or a pyramid scheme?
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