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Bitpanda review 2024

Investing options: 4.1

Platforms & usability: 3.9

Products, markets, & assets: 4.1

Safety & reliability: 4.2

Deposits & withdrawals: 4.4

Research & analysis tools: 3.8

Fees & costs: 4.2

Education & learning resources: 3.7

Bitpanda review Summary

Updated: Oct 19, 2023
16 min read
Bitpanda is a European trading platform that offers cryptocurrency and a large selection of other assets. This Bitpanda review looks at the platform in detail to help decide if it’s the right option for you.

Our opinion of Bitpanda

Bitpanda is a top option for traders wanting to access cryptocurrencies as well as a range of CFD markets. Based in Vienna, Austria, the online brokerage platform specialises in the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. It has recently expanded its offerings to include stocks, ETFs, commodities, metals, and crypto indices. It also offers other features such as staking, leverage, “Savings Plan” and “Cash Plus”.

Previously known as Coinimal, the platform has been around the crypto space since 2014. This Bitpanda review analyses all aspects of the brokerage. From its trading platform, educational services, available markets, and more, we’ve thoroughly assessed the company to help you decide if it’s the right option for you.

Bitpanda highlights

Features Bitpanda summary
No. of tradable assets 3000+
Min. Deposit €25
ID verification required Yes
Free demo account No
Supported assets Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, ETFs
Mobile trading app Yes
Web trading platform Yes
Regulatory bodies FMA, MiFID II, BaFin, VASP, PSD2, EMI
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Pros & Cons


300+ cryptocurrencies
Wide range of other digital assets
10 fiat currencies accepted
Low fees for Bitcoin buyers using credit or debit card in Europe
Fully automated transactions happening in real time


What can I do with Bitpanda?

Bitpanda operates as a broker that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using fiat currency and vice versa. Creating an account will also give you access to an online wallet to store, deposit, and withdraw cryptocurrencies.

Alongside crypto investing, you can invest in precious metals like gold and silver by purchasing fractions starting at just 0.1 grams. Bitpanda also enables fractional investing in popular stocks and ETFs from top exchanges, allowing you to own pieces of assets like Tesla or Apple stock. You can also invest in commodities like oil, gas, wheat, etc. and index funds that mimic famous market indices.

What accounts does Bitpanda offer?

Bitpanda has various accounts available that focus on different areas of investing. If you’re a beginner, you can use its savings or crypto index investing options. You can also trade crypto with leverage, or invest in stocks using fractional shares. 

Account type Bitpanda accounts eToro accounts Interactive Brokers accounts
Trading platform Yes Yes Yes
Crypto staking Yes Yes No
Crypto wallet Yes Yes No
Money management Yes Yes Yes
Spread betting broker No No No
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Products, markets & assets

What products and assets can you trade on Bitpanda?

There are over 3000 assets available to trade on Bitpanda. As it’s predominantly a crypto broker, there are over 300 coins available. You can also choose between stocks, ETFs, commodities, and crypto indices. 

Product Bitpanda assets eToro assets Interactive Brokers assets
Stocks 2,500+ 7,000+
ETFs 5+ 13,000+
Cryptocurrencies 300+ 4
Commodities 17+ 100+
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What leverage trading options are there?

Bitpanda offers leverage up to 1:2 via cryptocurrency CFDs. Leverage is only available for a select number of coins. 

Product Bitpanda maximum leverage eToro maximum leverage Interactive Brokers maximum leverage
Stocks None 5:1
ETFs None 5:1
Cryptocurrencies 1:2 2:1
None 5:1
Commodities None 10:1
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What are the spreads?

Bitpanda’s spreads are variable, depending on the asset you’re buying or selling. For example, the spread for Bitcoin is 1.49% for both buying and selling. Spreads can change depending on liquidity, time of day, and volatility. Here is a look at the average spread for each market on Bitpanda.  

Product Bitpanda spreads eToro spreads Interactive Brokers spreads
Stocks 0.5% 0.03 to 0.35%
ETFs 0.5% Up to 2%
Cryptocurrencies 1.49% 0.50%
Commodities 0.5% $0.50
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Bitpanda trade sizes and limits

Bitpanda has a very low entry requirement and you can start trading with as little as €1, after a minimum deposit of €25. This means that you can buy or sell any asset on Bitpanda for at least €1. The minimum trade size is the same for all users.

Product Bitpanda minimum trade eToro minimum trade Interactive Brokers minimum trade
Stocks €1 1 share
ETFs €1 10 shares
Cryptocurrencies €1 $100
Commodities €1 $100
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Which stocks are available on Bitpanda?

Bitpanda has a range of stock CFDs available, including some of the biggest companies from around the world.

Country No. of stocks on Bitpanda
United States Yes
United Kingdom Yes
Germany Yes
France Yes
Switzerland Yes
Sweden Yes
Spain Yes
Italy Yes
Netherlands Yes
Denmark Yes
Austria Yes
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What are the fees for buying and selling stocks?

Bitpanda has a flat fee structure for buying and selling stocks. When buying, there is a 0.5% fee on the transaction amount. The same also applies to selling.


What cryptocurrency pairs can be traded on Bitpanda?

There is a good selection of 300+cryptocurrencies available on Bitpanda. Bitpanda also regularly releases new coins. Here are some of the most popular cryptocurrencies available on Bitpanda. 

Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Tectum (TET) BNB (BNB)
Litecoin (LTC) Polkadot (DOT) Chainlink (LINK)
Cronos (CRO) SKALE (SKL) Aave (AAVE)
Compound (COMP) SatoshiSwap (SWAP) Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH) Uniswap (UNI)
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What are the fees for buying and selling cryptocurrencies?

Bitpanda charges a spread for all cryptocurrency transactions. Spreads are variable and depend on the coin being purchased. During our Bitpanda review, the average was around 1.5%. 

Does Bitpanda offer staking and rewards?

You can earn passive income on your crypto holdings through Bitpanda’s staking rewards service. Bitpanda offers 28 coins for staking. You can lock up supported coins like Cardano and Polkadot and earn annual percentage yields on your holdings while contributing to the security of the respective networks.

You can unstake your coins at any time, there are no lock-in periods. Annual staking rewards range from 0.5% to 19%, depending on the project. 


What commodities can be traded on Bitpanda?

There are over 25 commodities available on Bitpanda, including well-known metals such as gold and silver. There is also a range of other commodities including wheat, gas, and oil. Here’s a closer look at all available commodities on Bitpanda. 

Commodity Commodity Commodity
Gold Silver Brent oil
Crude oil Palladium Platinum
Copper Corn Soybeans
Arabica coffee Cocoa Cotton
Lean hogs
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What are the minimum spreads for trading commodities?

Bitpanda has variable spreads for all commodities which means the amount you pay can fluctuate. The minimum spread on Bitpanda for commodities is 0.5%. 

Deposits & withdrawals

What are the minimum & maximum deposits?

There is no maximum deposit limit for cryptocurrency transactions made with the Bitpanda wallet. However, there are minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts. The minimum deposit amount for BTC, BCH, DASH, ETH, and LTC is 0.001 of the coin/token. For KMD, XRP, and XLM, it is 1 of the coin/token.

The minimum withdrawal limits are different for each cryptocurrency, and change often, so be sure to look at Bitpanda’s website to see an updated list.

You can also deposit using fiat currency which has a minimum of EUR 25.

Payment method Minimum deposit (USD)* Maximum deposit (USD)
Debit/credit card €25 €2,500
Bank transfer €25 €500,000
Neteller €25 €10,000
Skrill €25 €10,000
iDEAL €25 €10,000
Klarna/SoFort €25 €10,000
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What are the minimum and maximum withdrawals?

Bitpanda has good limits when it comes to withdrawals. It has low minimums and high maximums, although the amount varies depending on the payment method you use. Here’s a look at the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits on Bitpanda.

Payment method Minimum withdrawal Maximum withdrawal
Debit/credit card €25 €2,500
Bank transfer €25 €500,000
Neteller €10 €100,000
Skrill €10 €100,000
iDEAL €10 €100,000
Klarna/SoFort €10 €100,000
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What are the deposit and withdrawal options fees, limits, and speeds?

All payment methods have a withdrawal fee except bank transfers which are free. Withdrawals are processed very quickly and can be instant in some cases. 

Payment method Withdrawal fee Withdrawal speed
Debit/credit card 3.5% 1 – 3 business days
Bank transfer Free 1 – 3 business days
Neteller 1.5% Instant
Skrill 1.5% Instant
iDEAL 1.5% Instant
Klarna/SoFort 1.5% Instant
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Fees & costs

How do Bitpanda fees work?

Bitpanda’s trading fees generally come in charging slightly above the market rate when you buy, and slightly under it when you sell crypto. These are not listed as extra charges but rather included in the listed price for each cryptocurrency. Users have noted that the standard markup for buy trades is a surplus of 1.5%, and sell trades offer roughly a 1.5% premium for crypto.

Depending on your deposit method, there may also be small deposit fees when paying into your BitPanda account. This is highlighted in the payment method section above.

Fee Bitpanda fees eToro fees Interactive Brokers fees
Trading fees Yes Yes, on certain assets Yes
Inactivity fees No Yes No
Rollover/overnight fees Yes Yes, on CFDs Yes
Withdrawal fees Depending on method Yes Yes, for some payment methods
Spreads Yes Yes, on certain assets Yes
Conversion fees Yes Yes, for non-USD currencies Yes
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What are Bitpanda’s trading fees?

Trading fees on Bitpanda are made up of spreads, which are variable and fluctuate according to various factors such as time of day and volume. There are no additional trading fees beyond those listed above.

Platforms & usability

What devices can I use Bitpanda on?

Bitpanda can be used via its web trading platform, or on mobile devices through its iOS or Android apps. Its custom apps offer the same features and functionality across all devices. 

Device Browser/operating system
Web browser Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari
Mobile app iOS, Google Chrome
Tablet iOS, Android
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Bitpanda mobile app review

The Bitpanda mobile app offers the same features and functionality as its web trading platform. The intuitive interface is easy to use and is an excellent choice for beginners or experienced investors. You can download the Bitpanda app on both Android and iOS devices. 

Web trading platform

The most important question any user has is: How easy is it to use Bitpanda?

Very. Bitpanda’s interface is incredibly straightforward and easy to navigate, even for a first-time user. After logging in to your account, you will be asked to verify your account with your passport or ID. You can then choose the cryptocurrency you wish to buy and select a preferred payment method.

Switching between assets is as simple as placing a trade. On the web-based trading platform, you can set orders, add stop losses, and take profit levels. There is also a good selection of technical tools such as indicators to help with your analysis. 

Desktop trading platform

Bitpanda does not have a desktop trading platform that you can download. Its web-based and mobile apps offer sufficient tools to get started with investing in cryptocurrencies, stocks, and more. 

Key features

Bitpanda wallet

Bitpanda offers an online wallet for your cryptocurrencies, enabling you to trade them on the platform. This is automatically created upon making your first purchase. As such, you can use it just like you would use any other online wallet to transfer your cryptocurrency or fiat assets.

However, it is suggested that users only keep their funds within Bitpanda’s wallets if they intend on making a trade, as an online wallet is always the less secure option in comparison to cold storage hardware wallets. 

Fractional shares

On Bitpanda you can invest in some of the world’s best-known companies through fractional shares. This makes investing in stocks affordable, even to beginners, or those with smaller funds. Some companies have high stock prices, which makes buying even one share very expensive. Though fractional shares, you can buy a small portion of one share. You’ll still have the growth potential of a full share, without the price. 

Safety & reliability

Is Bitpanda safe?

Yes, Bitpanda has put in place several security measures to ensure your funds are secure. The two-step authentication (2FA) process, coupled with the multi-signature functionality ensures that transactions are not only safe but also reliable, ensuring that users have adequate control of their funds. The platform (and website) is secured by SSL encryption and DDOS protection as well.

However, the wallet in which your funds are stored is still an online wallet and it’s therefore not advised to hold large amounts of cryptocurrency in it. To ensure the safety of your coins, move them to a more secure wallet, such as a hardware wallet.

Is Bitpanda regulated?

Bitpanda holds over 10 regulatory registrations and licenses. Here’s a list of the regulators who have granted the company a license.

Region Bitpanda regulators eToro regulators Interactive Brokers regulators
Australasia ASIC ASIC
North America FinCEN, FINRA SEC, FINRA
South America CNV, CVM
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Bitpanda customer support review

Bitpanda’s customer service works efficiently, providing users with a fast response time. However, the team can only be accessed through billing a support ticket; Bitpanda only offers live chat support for its Bitpanda Club members.

Apart from this, the website has also been integrated with a help centre, where users can find frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers, conveniently organised around specific topics.

Support type Bitpanda customer support eToro customer support Interactive Brokers customer support
Help Centre/FAQs Yes Yes Yes
Email Yes Yes Yes
Live chat Only for Bitpanda Club members Yes Yes
WhatsApp No Platinum, Platinum+, and Diamond members only No
Telephone No Yes Yes
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What are the risks of using Bitpanda?

Like with any form of investing, the main risk of using Bitpanda is losing money. Although, this is largely down to your skills as an investor or trader as opposed to the platform itself. Here’s a look at a few other risks of using Bitpanda. 

  • Leveraged trading is risky. With Bitpanda it is possible to obtain leverage up to x2. While this is considerably lower than other brokers, you should still proceed with caution when trading on margin. Your gains can be magnified when using leverage, however, so can your losses. 
  • Variable spreads need to be monitored. Bitpanda has good trading fees and spreads when compared with similar platforms. But you should still monitor spreads, especially as they’re variable and can change at ant time, especially when volume and volatility are high. 
  • Cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile. You can trade a wide range of assets on Bitpanda, including crypto. It is important to proceed cautiously when trading crypto’s, especially lesser-known coins, which can drastically fluctuate in price. 

Research & analysis tools

What trading tools are on offer?

There is a decent amount of trading tools available on the Bitpanda platform, however, compared to other online brokers, the selection is somewhat limited. Below is some more information about what is available on Bitpanda. 

Trading tool Bitpanda tools eToro tools Interactive Brokers tools
Charts Yes Yes Yes
News feeds No Yes Yes
Analyst recommendations No Yes Yes
Fundamental analysis Yes No Yes
Financial calendar No Yes Yes
MetaTrader integration No No No
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Bitpanda Academy

The Bitpanda Academy is a free eLearning platform providing investment and personal finance lessons for users of all levels, from beginner through to intermediate and expert.

Price charts

When you use the Bitpanda trading platform, you’ll gain access to price charts and other technical tools. Its charts are much like other platforms and you can configure them to suit your requirements. There is also a good choice of technical indicators which you can overlay onto your charts to help with your analysis. 

BEST token rewards

BEST is Bitpandas native cryptocurrency token and you can earn it by simply transacting on the platform. There are various levels available and the more tokens you hold, the more you can earn. You can get started for free and there is no requirement to purchase tokens. 

Education & learning resources

What educational resources are on offer?

Bitpanda has an extensive educational section on its website where you can learn and improve your trading skills. While the platform does not have a demo account, it does offer a wide range of tools to help improve your knowledge. 

Educational resource Bitpanda resources eToro resources Interactive Brokers resources
Demo/virtual account No Yes Yes
Video tutorials/webinars Yes Yes Yes
Walkthrough guides Yes Yes Yes
Copy trading No Yes No
Trading academy Yes Yes Yes
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Bitpanda Academy

The Bitpanda Academy consists of over 100 tutorials spanning a range of material. You can learn more about crypto or investing and take lessons at your own pace. All of its educational content is neatly separated, making it easy to continue where you left off. Compared to other exchanges, Bitpanda has a very strong trading academy. 

Low minimum trades

While Bitpanda does not have a demo account, it does make it easy for beginners to get started with very little money. You can place a trade with as little as EUR 1, which means you can start trading without risking too much. Its low minimums mean you can allocate a small amount of money, and trade it in a similar way to a demo account. 

Bitpanda savings plan

The Bitpanda savings plan is the best option if you want to gain exposure to the crypto market, without having to pick individual coins. Through the savings plan, you can invest in 7 crypto indexes that cover all aspects of the cryptocurrency industry. This is an excellent way for beginners to get started with crypto, with very little prior knowledge. 

Bitpanda video review

Bitpanda customer reviews

Bitpanda has thousands of positive reviews on third-party review sites such as trust pilot. It scores well on all aspects, which means its customers are happy with the service provided. Here’s a look at its scores from various review websites. 

Bitpanda reviewsReview rating
Google Play store4.4
App Store4.5

Our verdict

Bitpanda is a solid brokerage platform, designed intuitively and easy to use for all levels of customers. It allows for the buying and selling of various cryptocurrencies, as well as a wide range of other digital assets.

The brokerage is secure and paired with an online wallet with several notable security features, such as SegWit. The platform has not suffered from any serious security breaches, and is generally well regarded amongst its users.

Bitpanda does not solely focus on crypto and you can invest in a wide range of markets, making it one of the top multi-asset brokers today. Buying, selling, and trading can be completed with ease on the Bitpanda platform. During our testing of the online broker, we found it to be sleek, fast, and easy to use. 

Who is Bitpanda suitable for?

Bitpanda is best suited for investors wanting to keep their investment portfolio under one roof. As it is a multi asset brokerage, you can invest in lots of different markets, from crypto to stocks, ETFs, and commodities. It is especially useful for beginners, thanks to its easy to use platform and extensive educational content. 

Is Bitpanda good for beginners?

Yes, Bitpanda is an excellent platform for beginners. The trading platform itself is incredibly easy to use and the wide range of educational content makes it one of the best online brokers for beginners. 

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The trading platform is awarded a final score based on 130+ data points across 8 ranking categories: cost, reliability, user experience, deposit & withdrawals, investing options, range of products/markets, research & analysis tools, and the availability of educational & learning resources.

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