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Capitality review 2024 2024

Investing options: 3.7

Platforms & usability: 3.0

Products, markets, & assets: 3.8

Safety & reliability: 1.2

Deposits & withdrawals: 3.0

Research & analysis tools: 2.5

Fees & costs: 2.8

Education & learning resources: 2.0

Capitality review 2024 Summary

Updated: Mar 19, 2024
8 min read
Capitality is a Swiss CFD broker where you can trade stocks, crypto, forex, and commodity markets. Use this Capitality review to decide whether it’s the right platform for you.

Note: this broker is a scam, we advise you do not use it. Use our guide to find the best CFD broker in 2024.

This expert review of Capitality looks into the services on offer, its unique features, and how the trading fees stack up compared to other CFD brokers.

What can I do with Capitality?

You can trade six different financial markets at low fees and with low starting spreads. The Capitality platform offers access to six different markets: stocks, crypto, forex, commodities, indices, and metals.

The big idea behind the platform is to offer premium data tools to regular investors so that you can compete with institutional traders. The data on offer includes real time, live market prices, using ECN technology to give you direct access to the market, without intermediaries. 

Pros & Cons


Trade 2000+ CFDs in six markets
Access institutional quality web trading platform
Comprehensive market knowledge and education section


Capitality markets, assets, and options

What assets and products can you trade on Capitality?

There are more than 2,000 CFDs available to trade on Capitality, offering access to six financial markets. Below is a complete breakdown of its offering:

See all available products >

What leverage trading options are there?

Capitality offers leverage as high as 1:500 on all the assets on offer. This is very high compared to other CFD brokers, which often restrict leverage on volatile assets, like cryptocurrency.

 Leveraged trading at any level carries extra risk and should be treated with extreme caution, especially by those just starting out. This is particularly true with leverage at this level.

Product (CFDs)Maximum leverageMargin
MetalsNo leveraged trading offered
See all leveraged trading options >

What are the spreads?

Capitality has very competitive spreads, which start from 0.01 pips on FX majors and as low as 0.03 on commodities. The spreads vary depending on the asset you trade but they are in line with what other brokers typically charge today.

ProductAverage spreadFixed or variable?
Forex0.1 pipVariable
See all spreads >

Fees, limits, and payment options on Capitality

What are the deposit and withdrawal fees, limits, and speeds?

Bank transfers and card deposits are free, while you may be charged for using other payment methods. Capitality’s minimum deposit is $250. Withdrawal fees be as much as $30. Here are the full details of the fees, limits, and speeds.

Payment methodDepositWithdraw
Bank Transfer
– min/max
– fees
– speed
1-3 business days
Up to €30
1-3 business days
Credit Card
– min/max
– fees
– speed
24 hours
1-3 business days
– min/max
– fees
– speed
0.01 lot
24 hours
0.01 lot
Around 1%
1-3 business days
– min/max
– fees
– speed
24 hours
1-3 business days
– min/max
– fees
– speed
24 hours
24 hours
– min/max
– fees
– speed
24 hours
24 hours
See all deposit and withdrawal options >

How much are Capitality’s fees and commissions?

Capitality makes its money from trading spreads rather than commissions.These spreads average around a 0.10% commission on stocks.

Fee typeFee amountCommission
ForexNone 2 pip spread
Stocks0.10%0.30 pips
See all fees >

Capitality trade sizes and limits

Once Capitality’s KYC identity verification process is complete, there are no trading limits.

ProductMinimum tradeMaximum trade
ForexNone None
See all trade limits >
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Capitality trading platform

What devices can I use Capitality on?

Capitality is a multi-platform CFD broker and its trading platform is compatible with most web browsers and it also has a trading app for both iOS and Android.

  • Web browser
  • iOS mobile device
  • Android mobile device

Can I use Capitality in my country?

In most cases yes, unless you reside in the United States or a country sanctioned by it. Capitality is available in most of the rest of the world, including the UK, Canada, France, and Spain.

Is Capitality available in my language?

Capitality is available in English as well as multiple other languages on the website and trading platform.

How easy is it to use Capitality?

Capitality is very simple to use. It provides individuals with the tools to seamlessly execute trades in a number of markets, from Forex to crypto, whether on their desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Capitality’s WebTrader platform is capable of updating in near real-time and handling volume trading. It offers institutional trading options inside a simple package that is accessible to everyday users.

Key features

Capitality’s WebTrader platform comes equipped with a number of useful features, including a few of the ones listed below.

One-click trading

This feature can be enabled in the platform settings and allows instant buy and sell orders to be executed within specified volumes.

30 technical indicators

These track and detect a security’s characteristics and make identifying short-term trades easier.

Capitality’s WebTrader platform has all four types of technical indicators:

  • Momentum
  • Volume
  • Volatility
  • Trend

Manual objects

Another built-in WebTrader feature, these come in the form of shapes, arrows, and texts that can be superimposed onto charts for analytical purposes.

Once trades have been identified using technical indicators, graphical objects can help with entry points.

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Security and regulation

Is Capitality safe?

The broker is registered with the Financial Services Authority of St. Vincent and the Grenadines under registration number 1309LLC2021. Although this isn’t a top-tier regulator, it does provide investor protection by ensuring that Capitality complies with guidelines and is financially sound. It’s also registered with the NFA, the National Futures Association, which is a regulatory body that governs platforms which provide financial derivatives in the US.

Am I and my funds protected?

Capitality does not offer any kind of self-insurance scheme and since it is not registered anywhere outside of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, there is no deposit insurance offered either. The most Capitality offers is vowing to keep cryptocurrency deposits in custodial cold wallets.

Is Capitality regulated?

No, outside of being registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines which does not have any broker regulatory framework in place. Capitality is not regulated anywhere.

Do I have to verify my account with Capitality?

Yes, Capitality conducts advanced financial KYC/AML and background checks on all new users. This includes providing a valid ID/passport and a second piece of Identification confirming your primary residential address.

Verification takes about 30 minutes to an hour once you submit your documentation.

Extra information

Educational resources 

Capitality provides a full educational section, complete with a subsection on risk awareness, market insights, and a knowledge center. Having gone through these, they are pretty in-depth and cover every market that Capitality offers access to.

Tools and charting

Capitality’s tools and charts extend as far as MetaTrader’s WebTrader platform does. This adds up to a familiar array of charts, timeframes, and technical indicators that are enough for any non-professional individual trader to make use of.

Customer support

Capitality support starts with a web chat feature on its website. It backs this up with an email and phone number that serve as additional support options if the FAQ section and web chat rep don’t answer your question.

Our verdict

Capitality is a CFD broker that uses the WebTrader platform to offer direct access to six international markets. There are an array of built-in trading tools and charts that cater to individual traders.

While it doesn’t offer as many assets as other brokers, it offers more than enough for most casual traders. Setting up an account is straightforward and the spreads are a match for most other platforms.

For traders interested in using leverage, you can access up to 500:1 leverage, which is far more than most brokers. The reason for this is that Capitality isn’t regulated by an EU regulator, as the rules in the EU restrict leverage to 30:1 for non-professional traders. This means you have less protection, which needs to be taken into account.

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