The Crypto Genius review

The Crypto Genius is a trading robot that uses artificial intelligence to place cryptocurrency trades on behalf of its users automatically. This Crypto Genius review investigates whether it's legit or a scam and everything you need to know.
By: Pooja Kadia
Pooja Kadia
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Updated: Sep 15, 2022
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Our expert team has tested many cryptocurrency robots which you can find in our independent guides and platform reviews. On this page, we take an in-depth look into The Crypto Genius. We investigate claims The Crypto Genius is profitable 99.4% of the time and determine whether the platform is legit or a scam. 

We know numerous websites that use false celebrity endorsements to send customers to unregulated brokers or call centres. Our website will only send customers to partners who have provided us with the required regulatory assurances. This is a marketing offer, and our regulated partners will indicate their available services upon registration.

Pros & Cons


Multiple trading instruments are available
Offers a demo account
SSL encryption and security measures
24/7 customer service
Partners with reputable and regulated broker platforms


What is The Crypto Genius?

Crypto Genius is an automated trading platform that uses artificial intelligence to find potentially profitable trading signals. It then uses this information to place trades automatically with partnered brokers. The robot uses a set of 22 fundamental and technical indicators to predict the price movements of a cryptocurrency asset.

The Crypto Genius software also offers manual trading to expert traders. With this, traders can manually specify trading parameters for a particular asset (e.g., buying Bitcoin at a certain price). The robot then scans the crypto market 24/7 and executes the order as soon as the conditions are met. This allows experienced traders to place multiple trades at a much faster pace and at their desired conditions without constantly monitoring the markets.

The Crypto Genius summary

FeatureThe Crypto Genius
Supported cryptocurrenciesBTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BAT
FeesNo fees
Success rate99.4%
Minimum deposit$250
Mobile app?No
Withdrawal speed24 – 48 hours
Demo account?Yes
Leverage available1000:1
Customer supportYes
Verification requiredYes
More The Crypto Genius features >

About the Crypto Genius platform

How does The Crypto Genius work?

Crypto Genius partners with reputable and regulated brokers that offer cryptocurrency trading and other instruments. After analysing trading signals, the Crypto Genius software sends instructions to the partner broker platforms using an API. The broker executes this order automatically to open or close a trade, with no need for human intervention.

What assets and products can be traded on The Crypto Genius?

The Crypt Genius trading account offers trading in prominent cryptocurrencies, including

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT)

In addition to leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, the trading platform also supports trading in other financial assets as well. You can use The Crypto Genius software for gold, index, and forex trading. 

How much does The Crypto Genius cost to use?

You will not need to pay any fees directly with The Crypto Genius software. The crypto trading platform states that no fees or hidden commissions are involved in using its services. To use the automated trading software, you will be required to register an account with one of its partner brokers. These crypto trading platforms charge a commission each time you open and close a trade, usually around the 2% mark. 

What are the payment methods accepted by The Crypto Genius?

The methods available include Mastercard, Visa, Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal. To use The Crypto Genius software, you need to deposit a minimum amount of $250 from any payment method.

The automated trading software does not place any limits on withdrawals and a trader may withdraw whenever they want. The withdrawal amount is directly credited into your bank account and may take 24-48 hours.

Here is a list of the available payment methods accepted by The Crypto Genius platform. 

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Bank transfer
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PayPal

Is there a Crypto Genius app for both mobile and laptop computers?

Yes. The Crypto Genius software is accessible from any OS on a desktop or laptop. No Crypto Genius mobile app exists, but you can access the website from a mobile browser. Note that the accessibility might be more convenient on a desktop than on a mobile. Here is a list of devices you can use to access you Crypto Genius account on. 

  • Desktop computer
  • Laptop 
  • Smartphone
  • Tablets

The Crypto Genius key features

The Crypto Genius software has a wide range of features, and some of them make it stand out from other Bitcoin trading robots. Here’s a selection of The Crypto Genius’ unique features. 

Other assets are available 

The Crypto Genius software can be used for more than just the cryptocurrency market. You can use automated trading software to buy and sell other assets. A Crypto Genius account can be used for forex trading, commodities trading, and indices trading. 

Leverage trading 

Leverage is a way to maximise your profits. With The Crypto Genius software, you can obtain leverage up to 1000:1. For every £1, you can access up to £1000, so you won’t have to deposit large amounts of money into your account to make big gains. 

Use CySEC-licensed brokers

Regulation and safety are important features to consider when choosing a cryptocurrency robot, and with The Crypto Genius platform, you can use brokers regulated by CySEC. This is one of Europe’s largest regulators, so you’ll be trading with the added safety of strong regulation. 

Free demo account

You can test the crypto trading platform and its features without risking any money by using its free demo account. This allows you the ability to adjust its settings and see which markets it performs best on for you before moving on to a live account. 

Which brokers can I use with The Crypto Genius?

According to its website, the brokers partnered with The Crypto Genius software are regulated and adhere to the guidelines of KYC and AML. The Crypto Genius does not list its partnered brokers on its website. However, our investigators discovered that UFX and 24Option are just two of the platforms you can use the automated software on. 

Can I trade assets with leverage?

Its partner brokers allow leveraged trading with CFD instruments in crypto and other assets. The official platform does not give details on the leveraged amount, but our research suggests that leverage up to 1:1000 can be found. 

Always remember that trading with leverage is risky. While it does give you the chance to make much more money, the losses can be exponentially bigger as well you run the risk of losing all your money if a trade goes against you.

Can I open long and short positions with The Crypto Genius?

Yes, you can use margin trading to open long and short positions with The Crypto Genius.  A long position is when you place a trade expecting the price of an asset to increase. A short position is a trade placed by a trader with the expectation of price decreasing. The Crypto Genius allows you to open buy and sell positions for all the assets it works on. 

How do I get paid? What about payouts?

Payouts are carried out from the trading dashboard. You have to fill out a form and submit a request for a withdrawal amount. The withdrawal gets directly transferred to your bank account. Please note that to carry out payouts, you must fill in in your bank details and submit relevant proof of ID.

What is The Crypto Genius’s customer service like?

Crypto Genius offers 24/7 customer service to its users. Before registering, you have the options of live chat and contact form. However, our team could not get any attendees to respond on live chat. After registration, you can contact their customer service through email, phone number, and live chat. Below is a list of available support methods for The Crypto Genius. 

  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Online form
  • Phone

Safety and security

Is The Crypto Genius safe to use?

Our investigation into The Crypto Genius showed that the trading robot appears safe to use. It has advanced security features, including SSL encryption, anti-virus, and anti-phishing measures to protect users. 

However, The Crypto Genius claims to have a 99.4% success rate, which our investigators were able to find no evidence to support. While the automated trading software is safe to use, you should proceed with caution regarding its ability to generate consistently profitable trades. 

Is The Crypto Genius regulated?

No authority regulates The Crypto Genius software itself. It is simply a tool you connect to a trading account to make trades automatically. However, the platforms and cryptocurrency brokers it partners with are all regulated. Many of its partners are licenced by CySEC, one of Europe’s largest and best-regarded regulatory bodies. 

Is my money protected on The Crypto Genius?

When you use The Crypto Genius trading software, you do not need to deposit any funds with the platform. Rather, you deposit funds with one of its partner brokers, and as just mentioned in the section above, they are all regulated by CySEC. With regulation comes some degree of protection through compensation schemes that many brokers are a part of. 

Who owns The Crypto Genius?

The Crypto Genius website provides no information about the names of its owners or creators. Various online forums and reviews have tried labelling several high-profile people as The Crypto Genius owners, however, our investigators could find no supporting evidence to back these claims up. 

Our investigation into The Crypto Genius did find that the trading platform was in fact created by a team of mathematicians, traders, and software developers, with many years of experience. Although their names are kept hidden, it is common for trading software developers to remain anonymous, especially in the cryptocurrency space. 

What is the registration and verification process?

The process of registration is easy and fast. For registering as a member on Crypto Genius, simply fill out the signup form with basic details including your name, phone number, email address, and country of residence. A verification link will be sent to your email address and contact number. Once you approve, you can access the trading dashboard.

The associated broker platforms will then require you to complete KYC and AML processes to start trading. At present, the services of this robot are not available in all countries, and you may be told after signing up that trading is not available in your location. 

How to start trading with The Crypto Genius

Step 1. Create an account with The Crypto Genius

Before you can start using the robot, you will need to create an account on The Crypto Genius website. This quick and easy process will only take a few minutes. You will need to provide your basic contact information, including your email address.

Step 2. Make a minimum deposit of $250

Next, you will be required to register for an account with one of its partner brokers. You will need to verify your account so make sure you have a form of identification like a passport with you. Once verified, deposit at least $250 to fund your account. 

Step 3. Set up your The Crypto Genius trading system

When your account is up and running, it’s time to set up The Crypto Genius trading system. You can adjust many of its parameters and make changes to its settings, like selecting the number of crypto coins you want it to trade for you.

Step 4. Adjust risk management settings

To ensure you don’t lose your money, you will need to adjust your risk management settings. It’s recommended you start off slow and you can always increase your risk as The Crypto Genius trading system starts making profits. 

Step 5. Start investing with The Crypto Genius

Before you start using The Crypto Genius on a live account, you should consider using a free demo. This way, you can make any final adjustments and test out the software before moving to a live trading account. 

It has often been reported that The Crypto Genius has been publicised either by famous celebrities or on popular television shows. We looked into these claims and could find no evidence that they are true. Below are some quick fact checks on the most prominent names that have been associated with the platform and the validity of these assertions.

Other notable figures and programmes have been mentioned as using or promoting the robot, but these are the three most commonly referenced.

Is it true that Olav Thon endorsed The Crypto Genius?

No, it is not true that Olav Thon has endorsed the platform. Olav Thon is one of the richest men in the world, having built a fortune of over $5 billion through his real estate empire. There are no heirs to Mr Thon’s fortune, and he plans to put all his money into a charitable foundation for medical research.

Fact check: False. We have investigated the claim that Olav Thon endorsed The Crypto Genius and found it to be untrue. 

Is it true that Mike Hosking uses the The Crypto Genius website?

There is no evidence that Mike Hosking has ever used The Crypto Genius. Mike Hosking is a prominent radio and TV presenter in New Zealand and hosts “The Mike Hosking Breakfast” every weekday morning on NewstalkZB.

Fact check: False. Despite rumours online, it does not appear that Mike Hosking has ever used or publicly spoken about The Crypto Genius.

We could find no reliable information that Patrick Mostepe has ever spoken about The Crypto Genius. Patrick Mostepe is one of South Africa’s richest men, having made billions of dollars in the mining industry since founding African Rainbow Minerals in the early 21st century. He is also the owner of the Mamelodi Sundowns, a South African professional football club.
Fact check: False. Patrick Mostepe has never publicly mentioned The Crypto Genius in either a positive or negative manner.

Is there a The Crypto Genius alternative?

If The Crypto Genius doesn’t seem like the right robot for you, then there are many alternatives available and below, we’ve highlighted a few of the best ones. 

  • BitIQ is one of the top performing cryptocurrency trading robots and uses advanced algorithms to pick when to buy and sell coins like Bitcoin.  
  • Immediate Edge covers the whole of the crypto market so you have a wide range of coins to trade, it’s also extremely popular and has a big following of users.  
  • Bitcoin Motion is a good option if you want a robot that trades the Bitcoin market. It also can be used in the wider crypto space. 
  • Ethereum Code is a cryptocurrency trading bot that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. 
  • Bit Index AI is programmed to use artificial intelligence to identify trading opportunities in the crypto market. 

Our top robot trading tips for beginners

Beginners should understand the cryptocurrency trading space before trading, even with a robot. You should also not rely on the claims made by the robot and instead carry your own research and due diligence before beginning to trade. Here are some of the tips that should be taken into consideration before using a robot for cryptocurrency trading. 

  1. Familiarise yourself with trading. A beginner should understand how cryptocurrency investments work. You must research different risk mitigation strategies, including how to set stop loss and daily trades to minimise losses.  
  2. Understand cryptocurrency space. Never invest in a market you don’t understand. Trading within the cryptocurrency space is still relatively new. The prices are susceptible to volatility, and even a small difference in prices can result in huge losses with leveraged trading. 
  3. Start with a demo account. It is advisable to start trading on a demo account first. This way, you get familiar with crypto trading and the robot without risking your capital.
  4. Start small and build gradually. Start trading in small amounts rather than going big the first time. Build your trading portfolio one step at a time.   
  5. Only invest what you can afford to lose. Remember that the claims that users make $1,000s a day with Crypto Genius are completely unverified. There are no ‘sure things when it comes to trading. Trade carefully and gradually.

Our final verdict on The Crypto Genius

The Crypto Genius facilitates automated and manual trading in cryptocurrency, forex, commodities, and indices, but the trading bot has mixed reviews from external sources. While the robot provides automated trading services, you should not be only dependent on the robot to generate thousands in profits. 

The bot also uses deceptive marketing techniques. Claims of affiliations with celebrities or having won investment awards are wholly untrue. In addition to this, the testimonials of users who have generated fortunes in a short space of time are very hard to believe and should be treated as such. 

Experts can use the manual trading option of Crypto Genius. This enables them to execute trades at a faster rate and without the need for constant monitoring of market conditions. However, even expert traders are advised to carefully invest and research various features of the robot before selecting it. Overall, do not solely rely on the cryptocurrency robot and instead carry your own due diligence.

Methodology: how we scored this The Crypto Genius review

Every cryptocurrency trading robot review on our website follows the same rules when evaluating the platform. In the case of this Bitcoin Evolution review, we first created a free account and made an initial deposit of $250. We then connected our Bitcoin Evolution account to its recommended trading platform before adjusting some settings and letting it trade. 

We combined our research and analysis with online reviews from trading software users during our review. We then scored the trading platform based on our findings and other users’ reviews. 

The final ranking is recorded as a score out of five stars. No platform can influence the score, but we may be paid a fee if you use one of the links on this page to sign up with a partner service. Learn more about how we make money and our review process


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