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The Crypto Profit website features an autotrading robot that uses mathematical algorithms to buy and sell different cryptocurrencies. Find out if it's safe to use, and whether its impressive advertising claims can be believed.
By: Pooja Kadia
Pooja Kadia
Pooja has worked with more than 120 crypto and blockchain companies along with being the founder of her educational blog, Cryptochain… read more.
Updated: Jul 27, 2021
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We are aware of numerous websites which use false celebrity endorsements to send customers to unregulated brokers or call centres. Our website will only send customers to partners who have provided us with the required regulatory assurances. This is a marketing offer and our regulated partners will indicate what services they have available upon registration.

Crypto Profit is a trading robot that allows users to use advanced technology to place cryptocurrency trades. Despite boasting impressive performance, Crypto Profit’s official website fails to mention any details on the founder or team behind the robot. While external sources claim that financial experts developed the platform, our team could not find any substantial evidence to support these claims.

The Crypto Profit robot claims to predict trade outcomes at an accuracy rate of 98%, and its website features testimonials from celebrities who they claim have used the services of the robot. In this Crypto Profit review, we look into the robot’s authenticity and explore its features and functionalities in depth.

Pros & Cons


SSL Encryption
Free to Register
Accessible on any OS from desktop or laptop
Offers demo trading
24/7 customer service


What is Crypto Profit and what can I do with it?

Crypto Profit is an online cryptocurrency robot that uses technology and mathematical algorithms to predict the price of cryptos such as Bitcoin and automatically place trades. On deriving a profitable cryptocurrency opportunity, the robot sends a signal to a partnered broker where trades are then executed. Crypto Profit’s robot can do this in seconds and take advantage of price fluctuations as they happen.

Additionally, you can manually set trading parameters on Crypto Profit. Instead of just allowing the robot to trade according to its own rules, you can programme it to follow a certain strategy (e.g. to buy Litecoin when it hits a certain price). Used this way, Crypto Profit can aid a trading strategy by making sure you never miss an opportunity.

How does Crypto Profit work?

Crypto Profit collaborates with regulated brokers who offer margin trading services in crypto assets. It works out potentially profitable trades by analysing market trends with advanced technology, and then sends a signal via an API to the broker when it spots an opportunity. The trade is then executed without the need for manual intervention.

Crypto Profit key questions, answered!

Which brokers can I use with Crypto Profit?

Crypto Profit’s website doesn’t specify which brokers the platform uses to place trades, but our research suggests that the partnered platforms could include UFX and 24Option. 

What cryptocurrencies are supported on Crypto Profit?

Our research suggests that leading cryptocurrencies can be traded on Crypto Profit. This includes:

Can I use Crypto Profit on mobile and desktop?

Yes, you can use Crypto Profit on any operating system through a web browser – whether you’re on a laptop or desktop, or using your smartphone. The platform doesn’t have an official app, but mobile browsers can access the website with ease.

Can I trade assets with leverage?

Yes, with Crypto Profit you can trade cryptocurrencies with leverage. The brokers the platform partners with trade CFDs and allow leverage of up to 1:1000.

You should be very careful when trading with leverage, however. Cryptocurrency markets are notoriously volatile, and when you leverage your trades a quick downward move can wipe out your capital completely.

Can I open long and short positions with Crypto Profit?

Yes. Crypto Profit facilitates you to open both long and short positions with its partnered brokers. This means you have the opportunity to make money regardless of which way the market is moving.

In trading, a long position is when someone believes that an asset’s price (in this case a specific crypto coin) will rise in value over time. On the other hand, a short position is when you believe the price will fall, so you sell the asset and aim to buy it back at a lower price.

What are the payment methods and withdrawal/deposit limits?

A trader is required to complete a minimum deposit of $250 before they’re able to use Crypto Profit to trade cryptocurrencies. The available deposit methods are eWallets, bank transfers, and credit/debit cards such as Mastercard and Visa. Some partnered brokers might also accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method, but fiat deposits are more common.

The cryptocurrency bot does not place any limits on withdrawals. Typically you can expect to receive your funds 24-48 hours after submitting a withdrawal request to Crypto Profit.

Are there any costs and fees involved?

No. As per the Crypto Profit website, the trading robot does not levy any fees for using its robot. However, our research indicates that traders may encounter fees on the broker’s platform where the trades are placed. This will typically come in the form of a small percentage of the trade amount.

How do I get paid? What about payouts?

You can withdraw your money at any time by completing a withdrawal form on Crypto Profit’s trading interface. As this will require money being withdrawn from the partnered broker account, it is likely you will have to supply photo ID at this point so the platform can comply with KYC guidelines.

What is the registration and verification process?

The registration procedure on Crypto Profit is simple and quick. To sign up, you need to fill the registration form on the homepage of the robot. You must fill in the primary details comprising your name, contact number, and email address. You will then be sent a verification email – simply click the link and you’re good to go.

During the registration, you are not needed to submit any such proof of identification. However, you might be required to finish the KYC/AML guidelines prior to starting the trade through the broker’s platform. 

What is their customer service like?

Crypto Profit offers around-the-clock customer service to its registered numbers. This enables users to access customer service through phone number and email. However, the robot fails to offer any options to contact the team before your registration is completed.

Is Crypto Profit legit?

Crypto Profit does offer automated and manual trading services in digital assets as advertised; however, it uses unethical marketing practices and false testimonials to promote its services. While this robot can help you place trades automatically, you will not see the level of success the platform claims.

While the software uses technological tools to predict the profitable crypto trading signals, but it does not have an accuracy rate of 98%. Additionally, eminent personalities such as Bill Gates and John Mcafee are not associated in any way with this website. Our research indicates that no such popular names are connected to the trading bot in any manner.

It is recommended to conduct due diligence on the platform before signing up, and also only to use Crypto Profit as one part of a wider trading strategy. You shouldn’t make this the only way you invest in cryptocurrency.

Our research on Crypto Profit indicates that various sources, including the official website, claim that various celebrities have endorsed the robot, but that all of these claims are fake. 

To help you navigate the information that has been published about Crypto Profit, we have carried several fact checks on three prominent claims that we came across on online platforms. 

Is it true that The Project endorsed Crypto Profit?

No, The Project has never mentioned Crypto Profit on its platform. The Project is an Australian news and current affairs television panel program that draws its content and comedy from recent news stories.  

Fact check: False. Invezz found out that The Project has never endorsed Crypto Profit. 

Is it true that 50 Cent uses the Crypto Profit website?

In a growing number of external websites, it is widely claimed that 50 cent uses services of Crypto Profit. This is, however, not true. 50 Cent is an American rapper, actor, television producer, songwriter mostly known for his hop music.

Fact check: False.  50 Cent does not use the Crypto Profit website and/or any other cryptocurrency robot platforms.  

Patrice Motsepe does not recommend individuals make use of Crypto Profit. Patrice Motsepe is a South African mining billionaire businessman hailing from Tswana. The founder and executive chairman of African Rainbow Minerals, he has deep interests in gold, base metals, and the like. 

Fact check: False. There is no correlation between Crypto profit and Patrice Motsepe. 

How to trade with Crypto Profit

In order to trade with Crypto Profit, you first need to sign up to the platform and verify your account. Once you are up and running you are able to make a deposit and start trading from the trading interface on the website.

Here are the steps you need to follow to trade on Crypto Profit:

How to open an account with Crypto Profit

  • Step 1: Registration.  To utilise Crypto Profit’s services, you need to complete the registration procedure. The process requires signing up by filling a form and verifying your email address and contact number. You will not be asked for ID documents at the time of registration.
  • Step 2: Deposit Funds. To enable auto trading, you need to make a minimum deposit of $250 on the website. Once you make this deposit, you’re able to start trading using the robot.
  • Step 3: Trade. To initiate auto trading, ensure to slide the slider available on the trading dashboard. The Crypto Profit software retrieves the profitable trades and dispatches the signals to the brokers collaborated with. Expert traders can also set parameters for the robot to follow before turning it on.

Our top robot trading tips for beginners

Digital currencies are susceptible to volatility, so it’s important to do your research before starting to trade. Here are some helpful tips for those who are new to trading with cryptocurrency robots:

  1. Familiarise yourself with trading. It is important to learn about the cryptocurrency trading space, even while using a robot. Familiarising yourself with risk mitigation strategies will help you reduce your potential losses. 
  2. Understand cryptocurrency space. Cryptocurrencies are complex assets, and it is important to understand the basics of what you’re trading before signing up to a robot service. Use our courses to get more information.
  3. Use the demo account to practice. Crypto Profit has a demo account feature we recommend using. This gives you a chance to familiarise yourself with the platform without investing your money.  
  4. Try with small amounts and build up gradually. It is advisable to start investing in small amounts, take out a certain percentage of profit, and gradually build your portfolio. 
  5. Only invest what you can afford to lose. There’s no guaranteed trading strategy and there will always be some risk. This means you should never invest money you cannot afford to lose.


Crypto Profit has been used by some traders as part of a successful cryptocurrency trading strategy, but the claims made on its website about people becoming millionaires by using its platform are simply false. The best way to use this robot is to set manual parameters for it to follow, so it can assist your trading.

The false claims made by Crypto Profit, such as that prominent celebrities use the platform and that its accuracy rate is nearly 100%, are of concern for any investor looking for a reputable platform to trade with. There’s little information available about who owns and operates the robot.

Beginner traders should take the time to understand the cryptocurrency markets and how to be successful when trading cryptos before using the robot. It is not advised to put money into Crypto Profit as your sole method of investing in cryptocurrency.

In brief, perform your research, trade cautiously, and invest only what you can manage to lose.

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Pooja has worked with more than 120 crypto and blockchain companies along with being the founder of her educational blog, Cryptochain Sphere. When she is not… read more.

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