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What are eToro’s fees?

eToro has some of the lowest fees around compared to other online brokers. Use this handy guide to learn exactly what eToros fees are and how much you could pay when using the platform.
Updated: Mar 23, 2023

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Our in-depth eToro review gives an overview of the fees associated when using the eToro platform. This page takes a deeper dive into eToro’s fees. Read on to discover the types of charges eToro has and find out what you have to pay to use its services. 

Does eToro charge fees?

Yes, like all online brokerage platforms, eToro charges fees for many different functions and services. It has two main types of fee which are explained below: 

  • Trading fees. These types of fees are those which are associated with the buying and selling of securities and includes commission, spread, financing, or overnight rates. eToro has different charges depending on the asset you’re trading and you can read on to find those broken down in more detail. 
  • Non-trading fees. As the name suggests, non-trading fees are those that are not associated with buying or selling an asset. These types of charges are paid to the broker for using its platform and include deposit, withdrawal, and inactivity fees. 

Trading fees on eToro

Trading fees on eToro consist of spreads, overnight rates, and financing fees. However, fees are different for each asset and instrument available. There is zero commission payable on any buy or sell transaction across all of its assets, except for crypto where a 1% charge is applied on both sides of an order. The table below shows these fees in more detail.

Asset typeFees
Stocks & ETFsCommission – 0%
Spreads – variable 
CFDsBuy/sell fee – 1% 
Bid/ask spread – variable
CryptocurrencyCommission – 0%
Bid/ask spread – from 1pip (FX), from 2pips (commodities), from 0.75% (indices)

Non-trading fees on eToro

eToro has various non-trading fees. Users are charged to withdraw funds and an inactivity fee is applied to accounts that are not used for a certain period of time. It also has a currency conversion fee for users depositing in anything other than US dollars. The table below shows all of eToro’s non-trading fees.

Inactivity$10 per month
ConversionFrom 150 pips

What are eToro’s deposit fees?

eToro does not charge a fee to deposit funds into your trading account. This is the same for most online brokerage firms. However, it is important to note that a currency conversion fee is applied when you deposit in anything other than US Dollars. It is possible to deposit funds using bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and e-wallets, all of which are free to use. 

Does eToro have withdrawal fees?

When it comes to withdrawing money from the platform, a $5 fee is charged. This needs to be paid on each withdrawal and applies to all payment methods available. The minimum amount of money you can withdraw is $30. eToro has different loyalty levels and Platinum, Platinum + and Diamond Club members are not subject to withdrawal fees.

Is there an inactivity fee on eToro?

Most online brokerage firms charge an inactivity fee and eToro is no different. After 12 months of inactivity a $10 monthly inactivity fee is taken from any available balance you have in your account. Inactivity means you do not log into your account, so to avoid this you simply need to remember to access your account regularly. 

How much is the currency conversion fee on eToro?

Although eToro accepts clients from around the world, deposits and withdrawals are made in USD. This means that if you use a currency that is not US dollars a conversion fee will be added. This ranges depending on your chosen currency and is between 150 – 3000 pips. A PIP is the smallest price move that an exchange rate can make – usually the fourth decimal. 

Does eToro charge for copy trading?

No, to use the copy trading or social trading features on eToro is completely free. eToros copy trading services allow new or inexperienced traders to automatically copy the trades of professionals on the network. Copy trading can help you profit from the markets and earn passive income, while you develop your own trading skills. 

Should I use eToro if I want a low fee broker?

eToro is a top rated platform that should be considered for all levels of trader. It is particularly a good option for new investors or traders who are still learning the ropes. Compared to similar brokers eToro is competitive in its fee structure.

When it comes to fees, eToro is cheaper than other platforms, but more expensive than some. Its withdrawal fees are unavoidable and can quickly mount up if you take money out frequently. The inactivity fee is also undesirable for long term investors who may not check up on their investments regularly. However, its trading fees are fairly low compared to similar services. Ultimately, the decision to use eToro will depend on your own requirements.

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