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eToro’s diamond, platinum, gold and silver club membership levels explained

eToro users can join the eToro club, which is a loyalty program with various membership tiers. This guide explains the benefits of each level of the eToro club.
Updated: Apr 19, 2023

eToro is an online trading platform that offers different membership levels to its users. These levels provide varying benefits and features based on the user’s trading experience and needs. This page explains everything you need to know about the eToro club. 

What is the eToro club?

The eToro club is similar to a loyalty program and provides many benefits to its members depending on their tier. The amount of equity in your account will determine which of the six membership levels you have access to. Each eToro club tier comes with different benefits and the higher up you move, the better the benefits become. 

How to join the eToro Club

The eToro club is open to any platform user who has funded their trading account, so to join, you simply need to register an account with eToro and deposit money. Enrolment happens automatically and your level will depend on the amount of money you have in your account.

There are six membership tiers, and in the table below, you can find out how much money you need in your account for each level. 

Club TierRequirements
BronzeAvailable to all members
Platinum +$50,000

How to move up levels in the eToro club

To move up to the next level in the eToro club, you do not necessarily need to deposit more funds as membership tiers are determined by tier balance. Tier balance is calculated in the following way: 

Tier balance = available cash in eToro account + total money invested – excluded products + cash available in eToro money account. 

Excluded products refer to CFDs, which do not count towards membership tier balances. 

What are the benefits of the eToro club?

Each membership level comes with certain benefits, which improve as you move higher up the tiers. Here we explain the key benefits of each level in the eToro club. 

eToro club bronze level benefits

The basic membership level at Etoro is called the bronze level. This level is available to all users who sign up for an account on the platform and is technically not part of the club. At this level, users can access the platform’s basic features, such as trading in various assets and using the social trading feature to follow and copy other traders on the platform.

eToro club silver level benefits

All users with $5000 in their eToro account become members of the silver tier. The silver tier is the first step in the eToro club and comes with several benefits, including access to market webinars hosted by experts. You will also receive access to an account manager who will be on hand to resolve any issues you may encounter. 

Here are the key benefits of the eToro club silver tier

  • Account manager
  • Access to partner apps
  • Data-driven smart portfolios
  • eToro money Visa debit card

eToro club gold level benefits

Users with $10,000 in realised equity can access the eToro club gold tier. This membership level offers all the benefits of the silver tier with a few additional perks. Users located in the United Kingdom receive a 10% discount on tax reporting software from TaxScouts. Gold tier members also have access to weekly market analysis. 

Here are the key benefits of the eToro club gold tier

  • Weekly market analysis from professionals
  • 10% discount on third part tax reporting software
  • Daily market summary
  • Delta PRO Investment Tracker

eToro club platinum level benefits

The eToro club platinum tier is unlocked for users with $25,000 realised equity in their accounts. Platinum memberships have all of the benefits available in silver and gold plus access to several new services. Some of these include a dedicated account manager, the ability to use a trading research and analysis platform, and no withdrawal fees. 

Here are the key benefits of the eToro club platinum tier

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Trading research and signals 
  • No withdrawal fee
  • 50% discount on exchange fees
  • A subscription to The Wall Street Journal 

eToro club platinum + level benefits 

Users with $50,000 realised equity in their eToro account can access the platinum + membership level. At this level, the benefits improve drastically and still include everything available in the previous tiers. Platinum + members get tickets to handpicked sporting events, a Financial Times subscription, and an interest payment of 1.85% on their balance. 

Here are the key benefits of the eToro club platinum + tier

  • Tickets to sporting events
  • Interest paid on balance up to 1.85%
  • Zoom meetings with an account manager
  • Insurance up to $1 million 

eToro club diamond level benefits

The final tier in the eToro club is the diamond level and can be accessed by users with $250,000 realised equity. It’s the top tier and includes everything from the lower levels and a selection of other benefits.

Diamond level members get premium subscriptions to leading financial publications, events with other diamond club members, and rebates on their crypto trades. 

Here are the key benefits of the eToro club diamond tier

  • All of the benefits from the lower tiers
  • Events with eToro’s top traders and investors
  • Rebates on charges applied to cryptocurrency trades
  • Premium subscriptions to financial publications

How to find out what level of the eToro club you belong to

Every day at 12pm GMT, eToro will automatically check your realised equity and place your account in the appropriate club tier. You can also check for yourself what level you are in by following the steps below. 

  1. Log into your eToro account 
  2. In the left sidebar, look under your username, where you will find what tier you are currently in. 


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