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Evening Scalper Pro review 2024

Investing options: 4.2

Platforms & usability: 4.7

Products, markets, & assets: 4

Safety & reliability: 4.8

Deposits & withdrawals: 4.3

Research & analysis tools: 4.7

Fees & costs: 4

Education & learning resources: 4.6

Evening Scalper Pro review Summary

Updated: Jun 29, 2023
14 min read
Evening Scalper Pro is a scalping robot that lets you automatically trade the forex market. This Evening Scalper Pro review looks at the Autotrader in detail to help you decide it’s the right EA.

Investing options

Features Evening Scalper Pro summary
No. of tradable assets 50
Min. Deposit
ID verification required No
Free demo account Yes
Supported assets Currencies
Mobile trading app Yes
Web trading platform Yes
Regulatory bodies
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What can I do with Evening Scalper Pro?

You can use Evening Scalper Pro to trade the forex market automatically. Evening Scalper Pro is a fully customisable expert advisor that uses a mean reversion trading system to scalp the forex market during the USA session. Evening Scalper Pro enters using market orders and always uses a stop loss and take profit. 

Like other EAs, you can connect it to your Metatrader 4 or 5 forex brokerage account, adjust its parameters, and start trading. The trading robot works on a broad selection of forex pairs, including major and minor crosses. 

What accounts does Evening Scalper Pro offer?

Evening Scalper Pro is an expert advisor (EA). Expert advisors are automated trading tools that you can connect to your brokerage platform to trade the forex market. You can purchase an Evening Scalper Pro licence for a one time fee without incurring any monthly charges. The systems creator, Valerytrading, also offers a free trial to test the system.

Account type Evening Scalper Pro accounts Perceptrader AI accounts Waka Waka accounts
Trading platform Yes
Expert Advisor Yes Yes Yes
Forex robot Yes Yes Yes
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Pros & Cons


Scalp the forex market automatically
Verified results
Long period of back testing
Mean reversion strategy


Can I open an account with Evening Scalper Pro?

Products, markets & assets

What products and assets can you trade on Evening Scalper Pro?

Evening Scalper Pro is a forex EA, which means it only works on the currency market. The exact number of pairs you can use it on will vary depending on the broker you use, but at the very least, you can use it across the majors and minors. It’s important to note that the system uses a scalping strategy, so using it on pairs with low spreads is recommended. 

The developer of the forex robot, Valeriia Mishchenko, recommends using EUR/NZD, EUR/AUD, AUD/NZD, NZD/CAD, AUD/CAD, EUR/GBP, GBP/AUD, GBP/CAD.

Product Evening Scalper Pro assets Perceptrader AI assets Waka Waka assets
Currencies 50 + 50+ 50+
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What leverage trading options are there?

Evening Scalper Pro can be used with any level of leverage. Its developer, Valeriia Mishchenko, recommends 1:300. Still, it will also function on lower numbers such as 1:30. As it’s a scalping robot, you’ll likely need to use leverage to generate good returns, but be cautious, especially during times of high trading activity.

Product Evening Scalper Pro maximum leverage Perceptrader AI maximum leverage Waka Waka maximum leverage
Currencies 1:300 3000:1 1:300
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What are the spreads?

Evening Scalper Pro does not charge spreads itself. It’s an expert advisor, so you must connect to a forex broker, where you will be charged spreads. Evening Scalper Pro works with any forex broker using the MetaTrader 4 or 5 platform. 

The systems developer Vallerytrading has tested it with various brokers and below, we’ve included the minimum spread for each one.

Product Evening Scalper Pro spreads Perceptrader AI spreads Waka Waka spreads
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Evening Scalper Pro trade sizes and limits

Evening Scalper Pro will work with all lot sizes including mini, micro, and standard. The expert advisor’s developer has tested it with various brokerages and any position up to 3 lots is generally fine without encountering slippage. Evening Scalper Pro can also be used with forex prop trading firms with larger lot sizes. 

Product Evening Scalper Pro minimum trade Perceptrader AI minimum trade Waka Waka minimum trade
0.01 – 3 lots 0.01 – 3.50 lots 0.01 – 3.50 lots
0.01 – 15 lots 0.01 – 15 lots 0.01 – 15.00 lots
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What forex pairs can be traded on Evening Scalper Pro?

Evening Scalper Pro is a forex trading expert advisor, which means it can be used on any currency pair. However, for the best results, it should be used on pairs with a high tendency to return to their mean price. In theory, this means that Evening Scalper Pro can only be used on a few pairs. 

The EA’s developer, Valeriia Mishchenko, has vigorously tested the robot on the following pairs, which deliver the most consistent results: EUR/NZD, EUR/AUD, AUD/NZD, NZD/CAD, AUD/CAD, EUR/GBP, GBP/AUD, GBP/CAD.

Currency pair Currency pair Currency pair
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What are the minimum spreads for trading forex?

The minimum spread for Evening Scalper Pro will depend on your brokerage platform. As its name suggests, Evening Scalper Pro is designed to be used in the evening (European timezone), which translates into the late New York session. Generally, spreads at this time can fluctuate; however, spreads can start as low as 0.01 pips. 

Deposits & withdrawals

Can I deposit money with Evening Scalper Pro?

No, Evening Scalper Pro is a third party software you connect to your forex brokerage account. You must deposit funds with your preferred broker to use the EA on a live account. The deposit and withdrawal options vary depending on the brokerage platform you use. 

Fees & costs

How do Evening Scalper Pro fees work?

A licence for Evening Scalper Pro can be purchased from the official Vallerytrading website. It’s a one time fee and there is no recurring subscription charge. 

Once you’ve bought the expert advisor, you will not have to pay any more fees to Vallerytrading; however, you will have to consider brokerage fees, including spreads, commissions, and rollover, among others.

Fee Evening Scalper Pro fees Perceptrader AI fees Waka Waka fees
Conversion fees Broker dependent Broker dependent Broker dependent
Inactivity fees Broker dependent Broker dependent Broker dependent
Rollover/overnight fees Broker dependent Broker dependent Broker dependent
Spreads Broker dependent Broker dependent Broker dependent
Trading fees Broker dependent Broker dependent Broker dependent
Withdrawal fees Broker dependent Broker dependent Broker dependent
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How much is the Evening Scalper Pro subscription?

Evening Scalper Pro does not have a subscription fee and the expert advisor can be downloaded for a one time purchase amount.You can also take advantage of the Evening Scalper Pro free trial, which allows you to test the expert advisor for 14 days. 

Platforms & usability

What devices can I use Evening Scalper Pro on?

Evening Scalper Pro can be used on any device that supports the Metatrader 4 or 5 platform. This means it can be used on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. However, when you first set up the robot, it is advisable to use a desktop or laptop as configuration on a mobile or tablet device can be complicated. 

Device Browser/operating system
Mobile app MetaTrader app
Tablet MetaTrader app
Web browser Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox
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Mobile app

Evening Scalper Pro does not have its own mobile app, but you can use the EA on the MetaTrader 4 or 5 app. You can download the Metatrader app from the app store or your broker. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to use the expert advisor on the go. 

When you initially set up the EA, it is advisable to use a computer and only use the app to monitor trades or adjust settings. 

Desktop trading platform

When you first use Evening Scalper Pro, you’ll need to use a desktop or laptop computer. This is because you’ll need to download a licence and file, which will then need to be transferred to your Metatrader 4 or 5 trading platform. The easiest way to use the robot is on a desktop, as that’s where you’ll gain most functionality and control. 

Evening Scalper Pro is fully customisable, which means you can adjust many of its settings, including risk parameters. This means you can play around with different scenarios to find the optimal settings for your system. 

Key features

Verified results

The trading results of Evening Scalper Pro have been verified through an independent app, MyFXBook. Since it was launched in December 2021, the forex trading EA has generated 144.52% in returns. All of its prior data can be viewed on its MyFXBook page, linked to a live account using the broker IC Markets. 

Risk management control

Like other EAs from the developer, Evening Scalper Pro comes with fully customisable risk management tools. On the Vallerytrading website, you can adjust risk parameters to test how much you would have made with specific settings. When using the EA on a live account, you have full control over how much of your money is at risk. 

Mean reversion strategy

Evening Scalper Pro uses a mean reversion strategy to enter and exit trades. Mean reversion is a popular and commonly used strategy where the market is expected to return to its mean (average price). The EAs developer has incorporated mean reversion with market inefficiencies to create the auto trading robot. 

Safety & reliability

Is Evening Scalper Pro safe?

Yes, Evening Scalper Pro is a safe expert advisor. It has been vigorously backtested for 20 years using tick data from Dukascopy. This means variable spreads and commissions have been accounted for. During backtesting, the robot has performed well without blowing accounts. 

It also has nearly two years of verified results on a live account linked to MyFXBook. Evening Scalper Pro’s drawdown has been a manageable 15% during its verification period. However, while it has performed well in the past, it’s important to remember that market conditions could change, which may impact future results. 

Customer support

Evening Scalper Pro has very good customer support features and its developer, Valeriia Mishchenko, can be contacted through various channels. When you purchase Evening Scalper Pro you’ll get access to its dedicated Telegram group, where you can speak directly with Valeriia Mishchenko. 

Support type Evening Scalper Pro customer support Perceptrader AI customer support Waka Waka customer support
Academy No
Demo/virtual account Yes
Email Yes Yes
Free trial Yes
Help Centre/FAQs Yes Yes Yes
Telegram Yes Yes Yes
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What are the risks of using Evening Scalper Pro?

There are some risks associated with using Evening Scalper Pro, the main one being losing money. This is the same for all types of automated trading robots as market conditions can change very quickly. The algorithm that powers the EA could also fail. Here’s a look at a few other risks of Evening Scalper Pro. 

  • Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Although the expert advisor has undergone a long backtesting and has been verified for almost two years, you should always bear in mind that things can change and it’s not uncommon for EAs to stop working for all reasons. 
  • It requires minimal slippage. Slippage is when the price you’re quoted changes by the time your order is filled. With a scalping system, slippage is vital as you’ll be entering the market multiple times for small profits. If your broker encounters a lot of slippages, you may experience poor performance when using the bot. 
  • Spreads and commissions can eat into profits. As Evening Scalper Pro is a scalping robot, spreads and commissions are essential to monitor. If they’re high, you’ll likely see your results suffer, so it’s important to use a broker that offers optimal trading conditions for scalping. 

Research & analysis tools

What trading tools are on offer?

Evening Scalper Pro has several tools to help you start trading the forex market automatically. When you start using its expert advisor, you’ll have access to all of these features, including one chart load, auto trading, risk management, and more. Here’s a look at a few of the trading tools available with Evening Scalper Pro. 

Trading tool Evening Scalper Pro tools Perceptrader AI tools Waka Waka tools
Auto trading Yes Yes Yes
Customisation Yes Yes Yes
MetaTrader integration Yes Yes Yes
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One chart load

When you use an expert advisor designed for the MetaTrader platform, you’ll be able to take advantage of its one chart load feature. This makes using the EA extremely simple and the set up process takes just a few minutes. One chart load means you’ll only have to load the EA onto one chart before using it on any pair you wish. 

Risk management settings

Evening Scalper Pro has built-in risk management tools that give you complete control over how much money you risk on each trade. Its risk management parameters have multiple features that allow you to adjust risk for various circumstances. You can also turn off the robot prior to news releases or high volatility. 

Auto trading

The Evening Scalp Pro system is an expert advisor, meaning it will automatically make trades for you. Once you’ve set up the EA it will begin to trade your account following your instructions. It will use its preprogrammed algorithm to make trading decisions while keeping to your preferred risk settings. 

Education & learning resources

What educational resources are on offer?

There are various educational resources available when using Evening Scalper Pro. On the expert advisor homepage, you’ll find lots of information to help you get started, including how to guide and vides, a Telegram group, and more. Here’s a look at some educational resources available with Evening Scalper Pro. 

Educational resource Evening Scalper Pro resources Perceptrader AI resources Waka Waka resources
Walkthrough guides Yes No Yes
Email Yes
Help Centre/FAQs Yes
Telegram Yes
View more > Evening Scalper Pro > Perceptrader AI > Waka Waka >

Free trial

One of the best features of Evening Scalper Pro is its free 14 day trial. You can use this trial to see if the expert advisor fits you and your trading style. The free trial from Evening Scalper Pro offers the same features as its premium service and provides plenty of time to test the bot. 

Evening Scalper Pro Telegram Group

As soon as you buy Evening Scalper Pro, you’ll be provided with a link to its members-only Telegram group. Here you can find the latest news and developments regarding the EA and also have direct access to its creator. You can speak with the bots developer and she will usually answer within a few hours. 

Set up guide:

If you’ve never used a forex EA on MetaTrader, you can find in-depth guides on setting one up on the Evening Scalper Pro website. The set up guides explain all of the steps you need to follow to get the robot up and running. There are also video guides and tutorials available which explain how the system works. 

Our verdict

Evening Scalper Pro is a highly rated expert advisor for autotrading the forex market. It uses a scalping strategy in the late New York session. Late trading sessions tend to be quiet and it can be difficult to find profitable trades at this time. However, Valeriia Mishchenko has developed a strategy that delivers profits consistently. 

The EA has been vigorously back tested and has almost two years of live data backing up its claims. Its linked to a verified MyFXBook account on a trusted broker, so its results can be believed. The robot has a Telegram group with thousands of other users so it appears to be a popular autotrading tool. 

Like other bots Valerytrading offers, Evening Scalper Pro comes with a 14-day free trial, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and full support. While it’s not the cheapest EA on the market, it is worth spending the money, especially if you want to profit from the after hours forex market.


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