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The Crypto App review 2024

Investing options: 2.8

Platforms & usability: 4.8

Products, markets, & assets: 2.9

Safety & reliability: 4.9

Deposits & withdrawals: 4.0

Research & analysis tools: 4.8

Fees & costs: 4.0

Education & learning resources: 4.7

The Crypto App review Summary

Updated: Jun 29, 2023
13 min read
The Crypto App is a digital asset management platform and a coin price tracker. Use this review of The Crypto App to explore the service and decide whether to download the app.

This The Crypto App review dives into what it offers as a portfolio management tool. In our review we examine the user experience, its safety and security, and the pros and cons of the platform.

The Crypto App summary

FeatureThe Crypto App
No. of tradable assetsNone
Min. depositN/A
ID verification requiredNo
Free demo accountYes
Supported assets6,000+
Mobile trading appYes
Web trading platformNo
Regulatory bodiesN/A
Language availabilityEnglish, French, German, Korean, Brazilian, Russian, Spanish

Pros & Cons


Manage your digital assets for free
Integrates with 100+ crypto exchanges and 6,000+ crypto tokens
Get live news updates from top crypto publishers
Set up alerts on your favourite tokens


Can I open an account with The Crypto App?

Investing options

What can I do with The Crypto App?

The Crypto App is a crypto money management app where you can track the performance of your investments and keep up to date with the market as a whole.

The app’s big selling points are efficiency and convenience. It’s a portfolio manager combined with a news aggregator, so you can use one app to view and manage all the information you need, rather than having to trawl through lots of different services and log in to multiple platforms.

What accounts does The Crypto App offer?

Trading platformThe Crypto App accounts
Money managementYes
Portfolio trackerYes
Market researchYes

Products, markets & assets

What products and assets can you track on The Crypto App?

The Crypto App is a crypto portfolio manager where you can track the price performance of 6000+ cryptocurrencies. You can connect your account to 100+ exchanges in order to track the performance of your crypto automatically, or set up price alerts for any of those coins on the app to help you trade.

ProductThe Crypto App products


What cryptocurrency pairs can be tracked on The Crypto App?

You can track more than 6,000 cryptocurrencies on the app and compare prices across exchanges*. Here is a selection of the top cryptocurrencies that you can track on The Crypto App

BitcoinPolygon (MATIC)Monero (XMR)
EthereumLitecoin (LTC)Filecoin (FIL)
SolanaPolkadot (DOT)Binance USD (BUSD)
TetherShiba Inu (SHIB)OKB (OKB)
DogecoinTezos (XTZ)Toncoin (TON)
Binance coinTron (TRX)Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
USD coinDai (DAI)Stellar (XLM)
Ripple (XRP)Uniswap (UNI)VeChain (VET)
Cardano (ADA)Cosmos (ATOM)Cronos (CRO)
Avalanche (AVAXEthereum Classic (ETC)Near Protocol (NEAR)

*Cross-comparison across exchanges is only available to users on the Pro or Pro+ plan.

Deposits & withdrawals

Can I deposit money onto The Crypto App?

No, The Crypto App does not store any funds, so there’s no way to deposit or withdraw money from the app. You manage your deposits and withdrawals through each individual exchange platform.

Fees & costs

How do The Crypto App fees work?

The Crypto App charges a monthly subscription fee for its premium plans. It costs $8.99 per month for the Pro plan, or $14.99 for the Pro+ plan. 

There are no other fees for using the app. Here is a breakdown of the subscription plans:

PlanThe Crypto App subscription fees
Basic planFree
Pro plan$8.99 per month
Pro+ plan$14.99 per month

There are no additional fees for using the platform, or connecting exchanges to your The Crypto App account.

Platforms & usability

What devices can I use The Crypto App on?

The Crypto App, as its name suggests, is a mobile-only platform. You can download the app on an iOS or Android device through the App or Play Store.

DeviceBrowser/operating system
Web browserNo
Mobile appiOS, Android
TabletiOS, Android

Mobile app

The Crypto App is a mobile-only platform, so it’s set up to work seamlessly on a small screen and on the go. It’s one of the easiest coin trackers and portfolio managers to set up, as you don’t have to create an account or supply any contact details to get started. Simply download the app and start adding tokens to track.

Within a few seconds of downloading the app you can be creating your own shortlist, linking the app to your crypto wallet or exchange account, and setting up alerts on your favourite coins. Linking an account just needs an API key, or you can enter the details of the coins you own and the price you bought them for manually.

For each coin you can scroll through the latest price information, technical sentiment, and set up your own alerts in a couple of clicks. Pro/Pro+ users can see market research and compare prices across exchanges from the same screen.

All in all, it is one of the most convenient crypto tracker apps we’ve seen. For free users, some features remain locked but in an unobtrusive way, and there’s little of the annoying prompting to sign up that you can find on other apps.

Web trading platform

The most important question any user has is: How easy is it to use The Crypto App?

It’s extremely easy, as the platform is designed to be user-friendly and approachable for beginners. However, you cannot manage your portfolio through your web browser. You have to download the app in order to use The Crypto App.

Desktop trading platform

There is no downloadable desktop trading platform. The only way to use The Crypto App and its portfolio manager is to download it from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Key features

Live news feed

The app contains a live news feed, where you can find the latest stories from 60+ leading crypto news publishers across the world. The feed is fully filterable, so you can set it to track your favourite coins, find breaking news, or browse trending stories from the last week in crypto.

Premium accounts can get even more expert analysis, as Pro+ users can read the latest professional market research in addition to the news.

Portfolio manager

Attach all of your crypto exchange and wallet accounts to The Crypto App to track the entirety of your portfolio in one place. You can link to 100+ exchanges and 35+ blockchains, making it simple to see how your money is doing and analyse its historical performance.

Standard accounts can connect a maximum of 5 wallets and 3 exchanges accounts, more than enough for most casual users. Pro accounts are permitted 20 and 15 respectively, while Pro+ accounts can add as many accounts as they like, which shows off how The Crypto App appeals to both beginners and the most advanced traders at the same time.

Price tracker & alerts

The other banner feature on The Crypto App is the ability to follow virtually any coin in the world, track its price, and set up individualised price alerts to help you decide when to make a move.

Thanks to its links with 100+ crypto exchanges, The Crypto App pulls in price data for thousands of coins, all of which can be seen on the very first screen you see when you open the app. 

Like the news feed, you can filter the token list. Sort by market cap, volume, recent price changes, or overall price, or simply search for the token name to find the coin you want. The benefit of being designed for mobile use is that it’s far more responsive than many unwieldy price trackers you find online.

Safety & reliability

Is The Crypto App safe?

Yes, The Crypto App is safe. The only way you can attach it to your exchange and wallet accounts is by providing your API key and secret key, and you can withdraw access at any time. The Crypto App has no mechanism to access your money.

If you choose to subscribe to a monthly plan, then it’s like subscribing to any online service; you pay via a card payment, and you can cancel at any time.

You can download and use the app without providing any personal information, so it is also secure when it comes to data protection.

Is The Crypto App regulated?

No, The Crypto App is not regulated, but it is not a trading platform and doesn’t hold any of your funds, so it doesn’t need to be regulated in the same way that a crypto broker would have to be.

Customer support

The Crypto App offers answers to any basic questions through a ‘Knowledge Base’ on its website. Alternatively, you can contact the company via email if you have any queries. There is no live chat option.

Support typeThe Crypto App support
Help centre/FAQsYes
Live chatNo

What are the risks of using The Crypto App?

The main risk is of publicising the API key and secret key that allow access to your exchange or wallet accounts. This information could be used by a nefarious party to access your money. But the risk is low, as it would have to be seen by a third party outside the app.

There is much less risk to using The Crypto App versus any platform that actually holds client funds or which you use for trading. The Crypto App is simply a portfolio manager and price tracker that you can use for free if you choose.

  • Slight risk of your API keys falling into the wrong hands. API keys are the unique addresses that allow The Crypto App to see what’s in external accounts and display it on the app. These can be used for nefarious ends, but it’s highly unlikely in this case.

Research & analysis tools

What trading tools are on offer?

The Crypto App boasts some useful tools to help you decide what to trade, and when. Many of them are available to users on the standard, free plan. Here are the trading tools available:

Trading toolThe Crypto App tools
News feedsYes
Market research & analysisYes (for Pro+ subscribers)
Coin price tracker & alertsYes

Price charts

For each coin you can look through the live price chart and compare its performance over a time frame ranging from 1 hour to 5 years. Pro users and above can access more advanced charts and plot technical indicators onto the graph to create trade ideas.

News feed

All users can access a live news feed, which displays news from 60+ publishers. The news can be filtered to show only trending news, the latest news, or specific coin news.

Market research & analysis

Pro+ users have access to professional grade market research into individual coins, provided by Messari, as well as to advanced data providers such as IntoTheBlock and TradingView.

Coin price tracker

There are 6,000+ coins available to track on The Crypto App, and each user can set up price alerts to get notifications as soon as it demonstrates a specific price action. Standard users get 100 alerts, premium users can set up more and access a wider variety of type of alert, including volume and market cap alerts.

Education & learning resources

What educational resources are on offer?

Educational resourceThe Crypto App resources
Free basic planYes
Knowledge BaseYes

Free basic plan

The basic plan is the perfect way for new users to try out The Crypto App and test its features. There’s no sign up and no obligations, and you can start using it as soon as you download the app.

For many people, the free account is more than enough to make The Crypto App the perfect portfolio manager, as few casual traders have more than the 5 wallets and 3 exchange account connection limits. 

Knowledge Base

The Crypto App’s online Knowledge Base answers any basic questions you might have about how to set up and use the app. It’s relatively limited in scope at the moment, but does all it needs to in terms of answering questions that save you having to contact the company.


The Crypto App has its own blog and newsletter, which announce updates to the app and analyse crypto news and trends from the last week. It’s a good way for someone new to crypto to start building up a picture of the market that can help you trade in the future.

Our verdict

The Crypto App is a convenient, simple to use crypto portfolio manager and price tracker that we would recommend to any beginner who’s looking to stay on top of their investments. The free version of the app offers a great way to track your portfolio without any financial commitment. 

The Pro and Pro+ subscription options help elevate the app to another level by broadening the audience. Active traders will find lots of useful information for a relatively low cost – not least the ability to set up alerts and create your own charts, while access to professional market research is a huge boost if you’re willing to pay a bit extra for the Pro+ option.

There have been some reports of glitches in the app, but customer reviews are almost universally positive and there’s very little downside to downloading The Crypto App and giving it a whirl.

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