Alibaba BABA stock forecast for 2023 and beyond

Alibaba is a giant Chinese multinational and the company is a global market leader in technology. This page provides the most current Alibaba price predictions to help time your investment.
Updated: Oct 13, 2022

This page offers the most current Alibaba stock price forecasts and how it may change in the long term. Conduct a short and long term comparison to decide whether Alibaba is the right stock for your portfolio.

BABA stock forecast & price target

The majority of analysts are bullish on Alibaba stock – many believe it will more than double its current price to $300. There is disparity between the experts but not wide enough to cause concern. Withstanding outliers, the median price prediction for BABA stock is $200.

A snapshot combination of recent predictions by expert analysts and our own forecasts is available in the table below. We have reviewed expert targets to provide a median and you can scroll further to discover more specific year-end predictions.

StockAverage price targetHighest targetLowest targetMajority guidance
Alibaba Group Holding (NYSE: BABA)$200$300$114Buy
Analyst price targets for Alibaba stock, updated January 6, 2022

Expert forecasts on the future of Alibaba (BABA)

Find some leading views on the future of BABA stock below that you can evaluate alongside the numbers on this page to decide whether this is the right investment for you.

Alibaba aims to “act in order to build shareholder value”

Youssef Squali, Truist Securities

At its current price, Alibaba is “cheap”

Elinor Leung, CSLA

Alibaba still has “ample room to drive revenue growth”

Gary Yu, Morgan Stanley

Short term BABA stock forecast

While some experts predict that the stock will rise above $300, others predict a shortfall around $114. The real question is whether Alibaba can grow at the scale of its competitors as a major e-commerce platform (i.e. Amazon). Below is a summary of expert predictions for the next consecutive years.

Alibaba stock price prediction 2022

Alibaba stock could hit the $300 price mark if it grows 140% from its current price of $125 over the course of this year. Although this figure is an average predicted by a group of 51 experts, not every expert is as optimistic. The most bearish maintain a slight but overall downgrade from the current price of $125 to $114 in 2022.

Alibaba stock price prediction 2023

The same growth estimate of 140% would mean that Alibaba’s stock price shall increase from $300 to $720 between 2022 and 2023. However, this is highly speculative as it is less likely that all other factors shall remain constant for this rate of predicted growth. As such, some experts are more conservative in their bullishness and predict a range of $188-268 for Alibaba stock by the end of 2023.

Long term BABA stock forecast

Most long term BABA stock price forecasts expect it to be priced between $315-504. It must be noted that predictions beyond the next consecutive years are highly speculative. However, it is possible to gauge an estimate of the growth in the technology market to price Alibaba accordingly. The price forecasts for the stock in the next decade are below.

Alibaba price prediction 2024

A range of experts predict a bullish upward trend from Alibaba’s current price of $125 to a price estimate of $192-315 by the end of 2024.

Alibaba price prediction 2025

Some expert bullish analysts have set a BABA stock price forecast of between $265-352 by the end of 2025.

Alibaba price prediction 2030

Alibaba stock price forecasts for the end of the decade estimate a range between $331 – $504. Although predictions this far into the future are highly speculative and a lot can change in the coming years.

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What affects the price of BABA?

Governmental regulation in China predominantly affects Alibaba’s stock price. There are other significant factors that contribute to the stock’s price fluctuation, we have comprised a list for your consideration:

  • Governmental regulation. Alibaba is a leading global tech giant and therefore, the Chinese government’s increasing regulatory pressure poses a risk for the stock. Spontaneous regulations cause uncertainty for sales figures and drive away investors with low risk appetites.
  • Strength of the cloud. The current scale of Innovation and speculative growth of cloud businesses puts Alibaba at the forefront of investor interest. Alibaba is heavily investing into its cloud business and growth expansion, building further optimism for its stock.
  • Heightened competition. Although a leader, Alibaba is not the only bigtech giant in the market. Notable competitors include Amazon, Tencent, and eBay. Stiff competition is taking a toll on overall revenues for the company.
  • Macroeconomic headwinds. Due to the constrained nature of the Chinese market, Chinese companies of scale like Alibaba are impacted by macroeconomic issues affecting the state. For instance, slower rates of growth for GDP and consumption adversely impact the company’s retail sales. 

How has the Alibaba price changed over time?

Alibaba stock has experienced serious price fluctuations in recent years. The stock surged during the pandemic in October 2020, falling to a substantial multi-year low by the end of 2021. 

As a leading tech company, renewed hope fueled investor interest in the stock during the first year of the pandemic. However, unfavourable Chinese government regulations, macroeconomic headwinds, and heightened competition have since caused steep declines in the price of BABA stock. 

Conversely, favourable regulations and strength of the cloud have historically propelled the tech giant to alltime price highs. There is investor optimism that this shall continue to be the case as Alibaba heavily invests in its cloud businesses and growth expansion with the backing of regulatory framework in China. 

What should I do now?

To learn more about how to invest, check out our investing hub and review our guide on how to buy Alibaba stock. Listed below are links to stay on top of the latest company news and, once you are ready, the button to buy Alibaba shares.

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