AMC stock forecast for 2022 and beyond

AMC Entertainment Holdings is the largest movie theater chain in the world. On this page, find out the latest AMC price predictions from top analysts to help time your investment into it.
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Updated: May 12, 2022

This page offers the latest AMC stock price forecast and predictions from leading financial analysts. Including both long and short term outlooks, these predictions give an overview of how AMC’s price may change in the future.  

AMC stock forecast & price targets

The most optimistic AMC stock price forecast see’s a price of around $16, while some pessimistic analysts think its price will fall even further, down to $1. According to the experts, the future for AMC is not looking too good, and the majority of analysts suggest you should sell the stock.

The average prediction is around $6 and in the table below we’ve provided a short summary of the most recent forecasts for AMC Entertainment’s stock. Continue scrolling to read specific year-end predictions.

StockAverage price targetHighest targetLowest targetMajority guidance
Analyst price targets for AMC stock, updated May 2022

Expert forecasts on the future of AMC (AMC)

Below we’ve selected some quotes from leading AMC Entertaiment experts, which you can use to gain an insight into what the analysts think.

AMC remains overvalued at current levels.”

Citigroup, $6 target

Ultimate majority of retail ownership will eventually cash out and move on”

Michael Pachter, Wedbush, $7.50 target

To me, the stock just does not reflect fundamental value. I realize that can occur for a while, but eventually, I think it comes back to fundamentals”

Alan Gould, Loop Capital, $1 target

Short term AMC stock forecast

All analysts share a similar short term outlook for AMC and predict its stock price will fall in the coming years. Although, the range of how far it will drop varies between forecasts. Below we have provided some expert opinions of how AMC will perform over the next few years. 

AMC stock price prediction 2022

AMC’s stock could drop to $7.80 if it falls by 68% in the year. An average estimate from the latest financial analyst predictions gives us that figure. However, not every forecast predicts such a drastic price drop. Eric Wold of B. Riley Securities sees the AMC stock price settling at $16 by the end of the year. 

AMC stock price prediction 2023

Using the same estimate of 68% would see $2.60 for 2023. Although there’s a mixed bag of forecasts as to how low AMC will go. Analysts at MKM partners predict that its price will hit $1, while Chad Beynon of Macquarie Asset Management thinks $6 could be on the cards if the business is able to recover. 

Long term AMC stock forecast

Most analysts tend not to provide longer term forecasts, especially for meme stocks such as AMC. However, its popularity among retail investors, from groups such as Wall Street Bets on Reddit has provided some insight into what the future may look like. Below are some long term predictions. It’s important to note that these forecasts are highly speculative. 

AMC stock price prediction 2024

In 2024 many analysts expect an AMC stock price forecast of between $1 and $6. However, private retail investors, many of whom contributed to AMC’s substantial rise in 2021 expect the company to be in a better position with some predicting a $40 share price. 

AMC stock price prediction 2025

2025 could be when the company sees a change in its fortune and, if all goes to plan, AMC’s stock price forecast could be about $60. Its suggested that high interest $5.5 billion debt the company has could be moved to better terms or even paid down by then, although this depends on the preceding years and how the company performs.

AMC stock price prediction 2030

Some forecast a share price of as high as $1000 by 2030, although where its share price is by then depends on a huge variety of factors. Any prediction this far out is inherently speculative and should be taken with more than a grain of salt. 

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What affects the price of AMC?

There are multiple factors that affect the price of AMC, although unlike many stocks, retail investors from online groups have a strong influence on its price. Below we’ve highlighted some of the main ones.

  • Reddit. AMC became known as a meme stock in 2021 when a group of retail investors from a Reddit forum, Wall Street Bets, started investing in the company. A surge of new money was pumped into the company and wildly volatile conditions followed. Any further action from Reddit investors is likely to impact AMC’s price. 
  • Short Positions. Retail investors from Reddit and other forums started buying AMC stock in 2021 to force a short squeeze. They were successful and proceeded to push its stock price up by over 1000% in just a few months. The number of short positions open on AMC could once again lead to retail investors forcing another squeeze. 
  • Movie ticket sales. The bulk of money AMC generates is through selling tickets to watch movies. Ticket sales have been on a steady decline since 2002 and competition from streaming services like Netflix has only accelerated the drop. If AMC can’t sell enough tickets then it will likely be unable to keep shareholders happy. 

How has the AMC price changed over time?

In 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic took ahold, its stock price lost over 70% in value as movie theaters were forced to shut. However, AMC’s status as a meme stock saw it experience monumental growth in 2021, with its shares trading at just under $2 in January, to over $70 in June – an increase of over 3000%. Although they have fallen since. 

What should I do now?

Now that you have some expert opinions on AMC’s stock price forecast, you may want to buy shares in the company. You can check out our page on how to buy shares in AMC, or alternatively visit our investing hub. Whatever you decide to do, it’s a good idea to keep up to date with the latest AMC news, which you can do so by clicking the links below.

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