AI Tech Solutions AITX stock forecast for 2023 and beyond

AITX is a company that develops robotics software to help businesses optimise their work and come up with new product ideas. Here are the best AITX price predictions for the years ahead.
Updated: Apr 11, 2023

This page pulls together all the latest price predictions for Artificial Intelligence Tech Solutions to give you an idea of how the stock might perform in the future. Get the best forecasts for the next decade and find out what affects the AITX price.

AITX stock forecast & price target

There is no consensus on a future price target for AITX. It is a small stock that trades at fractions of a penny and the long term forecast is likely to include lots of big swings in price.

That means that what predictions they are expect the price to stay relatively flat at around $0.02 per share. There would need to be a significant change to the company’s outlook for that forecast to be updated.

In this guide we have sourced what predictions there are for AI Tech Solutions but there aren’t many that look beyond the next few months. The table below shows the best forecasts available right now and you can find out more information underneath.

StockAverage price targetHighest targetLowest targetMajority guidance
Artificial Intelligence Tech Solutions (OTC Pink: AITX)$0.02$0.04$0.01None
Analyst price targets for AITX stock, updated June 2023

Expert forecasts on the future of AI Tech Solutions (AITX)

There are no expert forecasts for AITX, as the stock is too small to attract much attention from finance professionals like fund managers. AITX trades on an ‘over the counter’ exchange, which makes it more difficult to analyse than a bigger company that you buy or sell on an exchange like the NASDAQ or NYSE.

Short term AITX stock forecast

The short term outlook for AI Tech Solutions is for the stock to remain valued at between $0.01 and $0.04. There are few serious forecasts that expect it to reverse the trend that saw it fall from $0.24 in February 2021 all the way to $0.02.

AI Tech Solutions stock price prediction 2023

The longest term AITX stock price forecast is $0.03 by the end of 2023. However, you should note that there are very few reliable predictions for this stock and what is out there should be treated with caution.

AI Tech Solutions price prediction 2024

The most likely outcome by 2024 is that the share price continues to trade at or below $0.02 unless something significant changes. There are no reputable analysts willing to be on record and give an AI Tech Solutions stock price forecast for 2024 and beyond.

Long term AITX stock forecast

There are no trustworthy long term predictions for AITX stock. It’s best suited to short term traders or investors who are willing to take a gamble on a highly speculative company. If that isn’t for you, then you might want to consider some alternatives from within the same industry and find out how to buy C3.AI or Palantir Technologies instead.

AI Tech Solutions price prediction 2025

Expect the price to remain around $0.02 unless there is a notable change to the company’s fortunes. As a small company with a market cap of just $150 million, there is a chance the business might not even exist by then and so it is very difficult to make long term predictions.

AI Tech Solutions price prediction 2030

It is almost impossible to make a long term prediction for penny stocks like AITX. If you are uncomfortable with that level of risk, then you might want to compare the best penny stocks and choose one of those to invest in instead.

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What affects the price of AITX?

The most important factor is online hype, which makes the price difficult to forecast. However, there are some other events that can drive the price and we have listed those below.

  • Online hype. The price of small companies like this can be heavily impacted by influential posts on messageboards like Reddit and Stocktwits, or on Twitter. Keep tabs on these platforms if you want to get ahead of a price move.
  • AI growth potential. AI and robotics is a popular sector for investors looking for huge growth opportunities. When the market is feeling confident, more money tends to flow into futuristic or high risk/reward industries, such as AI or renewable energy.
  • Acquisitions. One of the easiest ways for a company like AITX to grow is by snapping up competitors. This can give the business access to visionary new technology or add to the range of products it offers, and if they make bold moves that can be reflected in the share price. Similarly, if investors think the company has overpaid, that can hurt the price.
  • New software. AITX develops a lot of its own AI software and sells it to clients. Introducing regular new software updates is vital and a successful release can have a big impact on the price.

How has the AI Tech Solutions price changed over time?

The price peaked at over $0.20 in February 2021 but has steadily declined since. Its brief fluctuations are usually the result of online hype combined with an acquisition or a new software release. The all time high of $0.24 came at a time when retail investors were driving stocks like GameStop and AMC to all time highs as well.

What should I do now?

To start investing now you just need to choose a broker and sign up. Otherwise, you can use the Invezz website to learn more about penny stocks and how to invest in general, or use the links below to find the latest AITX news.

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