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Updated: Nov 30, 2022

About Assertio Therapeutics

What is Assertio Therapeutics?

Assertio is a pharmaceutical company that develops and sells prescription drugs to treat pain, inflammation, and a range of neurological disorders. It currently has seven drugs on the market that are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

The company was formed in 1995 and was known as Depomed Inc until it rebranded to Assertio in 2018. It made the name change after running into trouble with lawmakers in the USA over the way it marketed its opioid painkillers.

These days, Assertio is a penny stock; a company where the stock is valued at less than $5 per share. This is down in part to the fact it’s trying to diversify away from a reliance on prescription painkillers, which doctors are more reluctant to prescribe.

How does Assertio Therapeutics make money?

By making drugs and selling them while they are under patent protection. This is the classic business model for a pharmaceutical company that relies on continually producing new treatments because drug patents only last for 10-20 years. After that time, competitors can produce cheap alternatives and the drug’s potential to make money disappears.

What is Assertio Therapeutics’s best selling product?

The painkilling drug, Nucynta, was Assertio’s best performing product until it sold the rights in 2017. These days, it generates its revenue from drugs with names like Cambia, Indocin, Otrexup, Oxaydo, Sprix, and Zipsor.

Who are the key executives at Assertio Therapeutics?

Dan Peisert has been the President and CEO at Assertio since December 2020. These are other figures in the senior management at the company.

  • Dan A. Peisert, President, Chief Executive Officer & Director
  • Jeff Christensen, Senior Vice President, Commercial
  • Bill Iskos, Senior Vice President, Operations
  • Paul Schwichtenberg, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
  • Vanessa Fox, Vice President, Business Development and Commercial Analytics
  • Ajay Patel, Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer
  • Sam Schlessinger, Senior Vice President, General Counsel

Where can I buy shares in Assertio Therapeutics?

You can buy Assertio Therapeutics stock on a stock trading platform. These platforms are extremely simple to use but there are different options to suit your specific needs. If you are a first-time investor you might want to use a trading platform for beginners, while if you plan on doing a lot of trading from your phone, a stock trading app might be best.

Are there any other ways to invest in Assertio Therapeutics?

The simplest way to invest in Assertio Therapeutics is to buy shares through a stock broker. However, you can also invest through an ETF or a fund. The best ETFs offer a way to invest in the stock market more generally, while a pharmaceuticals ETF lets you own a basket of related stocks from the same industry.

More about ASRT

What is the Assertio Therapeutics stock price today?

The ASRT stock price today is currently $2.30, as of September 30, 2022. The price of Assertio Therapeutics is up 152.20% over the last year. You can use the live Assertio Therapeutics stock chart to track the NASDAQ: ASRT price in real time above, or compare the Assertio Therapeutics value today to its past performance using the Assertio Therapeutics financials tab at the top of this page.

What was the 52-week low for Assertio Therapeutics stock?

The 52-week low for Assertio Therapeutics stock was $0.85. ASRT stock is currently 170.58% above the 52-week low.

What was the 52-week high for Assertio Therapeutics stock?

The 52-week high for Assertio Therapeutics stock was $4.44. ASRT stock is currently 48.19% below the 52-week high.

What is the stock forecast for Assertio Therapeutics?

The average Assertio Therapeutics stock forecast has a price target of $6 by the end of 2023. Assertio Therapeutics’s latest financial results, the broader economic outlook, and the amount of competition in the industry all influence these forecasts.

It’s best to take analyst forecasts with a grain of salt but you can use their estimates to help you understand the weight of opinion about a stock.

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