Best metaverse stocks to buy in 2021

The metaverse is tipped to be as big as the internet and stocks in this sector are expected to explode in the coming years. This page picks five of the top metaverse stocks for the year ahead.
By: Prash Raval
Prash Raval
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Updated: Nov 29, 2021
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Investing early in this new industry could potentially throw up substantial gains. Our expert analysts have selected five of the best metaverse stocks to buy. We explain why they have made our list and where to get their shares. 

What are the top metaverse stocks to buy?

The table below lists our five top metaverse stock picks. Click on each one for up to date price information or continue scrolling to learn why they have made our list. 

#Stock tickerCompany name
2FBMeta Platforms Inc
3SNAPSnap Inc
List selected by our team of analysts, updated 24th November 2021.

1. Roblox (NYSE: RBLX)

Founded in 2004 and listed on the stock market in 2021, Roblox is an online gaming platform that already has one foot in the metaverse. Its popularity has exploded over the past ten years and it has over 40 million daily active users, most of whom are under 18 years old. 

It’s a free-to-play service with in-game purchases available through a virtual currency called Robux. Users can create characters and buy items using ‘Robux’ while developing an avatar to identify themselves on the platform. It allows anyone to develop and build their own game for free. In 2020, developers made over $200 million, which RBLX gets a cut from.  

Well known brands often interact with Roblox users and recently the shoe and apparel company Vans, stepped into the virtual Roblox world. It sponsored a space dedicated to its products allowing gamers to browse and buy physical items while playing. Roblox takes the number one spot because it has the user base and tech to make the metaverse a reality. 

2. Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: FB)

A best stock list about metaverse companies to buy wouldn’t be complete without including Meta Platforms Inc. Formerly known as Facebook, its founder Mark Zuckerberg announced at the company’s 2021 conference it was changing its name to Meta and plans to spend billions of dollars as it transforms into a metaverse company. 

It has already started this change back in 2014, when it purchased virtual reality startup Oculus. Since then it’s released a public version of the Oculus app called Horizon Workrooms. Using virtual reality headsets, users can participate in meetings via avatars and are able to see computer screens and use virtual whiteboards. 

Despite many difficult periods, since FB had its IPO in 2012 its been one of the tech sectors top winners. On its first day of trading you could buy shares for $38, today those same shares trade hands for over $300. Its dominance, vision for the metaverse, and commitment to spending billions makes it a top contender for the best stock to buy in this industry. 

3. Snap Inc (NYSE: SNAP])

Snap Inc operates one of the world’s largest social media networks, Snapchat. In its decade long history it has grown into a tech heavyweight with over 300 million daily users. It’s particularly popular with younger generations and in 2020 it was reported that 48% of all 15 – 25 year old internet users used the photo sharing app. 

It has been experimenting with the metaverse for a few years and in 2017 launched an augmented reality lens that allowed users to make an animated 3D version of their avatars. These avatars called ‘bitmojis’ let Snapchatters play as their own bitmoji in games and watch personalised cartoon shows.

In 2021 it refreshed its user profiles to include a full body 3D version giving users the ability to send photos and videos entirely using their bitmoji persona. SNAP has seen a massive phase in growth since the pandemic, with its share price rising more than 500% following lockdowns. Its young user base gives it a strong chance for success in the metaverse sector. 


Over 20 years ago, graphic card and processing chip maker NVIDIA floated on the stock market. Its cards helped power gaming PCs and consoles and it has grown into one of the world’s leading semiconductor stocks. In the past decade shareholders have experienced monumental gains in excess of 8000%.

Its chips are now used to help power much more than xboxes and PCs. You can now find NVIDIA cards in data centers, self-driving vehicles, cloud computing systems, and artificial intelligence systems among others. Its products are a necessity for the transition of bringing the metaverse to life. 

Although it has experienced significant growth in recent times, analysts expect its stock to continue rising. Last year it generated $16.7 billion in revenue, an increase in over 50% from the previous year. With the potential of powering part of the metaverse, it expects to add another $10 billion in the next five years.  

5. Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT)

The final spot on our list goes to software giant, Microsoft. Best known for its Windows operating system, it has seen a shift in direction since new CEO Satya Nadella took over in 2014. It’s now a cloud computing giant, trailing only Amazon and has already started making moves towards the metaverse. 

It recently announced it was releasing a range of new virtual and metaverse products designed to integrate with its popular software, Suite and 365. Users are able to use artificial intelligence to create avatars for online meetings, while collaborating with colleagues in virtual office spaces. 

MSFT has the technology, expertise, and money to make the metaverse a reality, which it’s already starting to do. It is planning on using its popular gaming console Xbox, to gain a larger share of the metaverse sector. Microsoft is a strong contender for one of the best stocks in this progressive industry. 

Where to buy the best metaverse shares

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What is a metaverse stock?

It’s a company that operates in the metaverse industry. Metaverse is a term used to describe an internet based virtual environment. Although it’s in its infancy, many companies already utilise the metaverse, especially in gaming, social media, and shopping. Some of the largest and best known technology businesses are stepping towards the metaverse. 

Are metaverse shares a good investment?

Yes, they are likely some of the best stocks to own. The metaverse is relatively new and very much still in its early stages. Companies entering the space have the potential to reap large rewards if they are successful. Investors in these companies will also make a lot of money if they pick the right stocks. 

It’s a growing industry and experts predict the market size for the metaverse could reach $800 billion by 2024. Metaverse stocks belong to the tech sector where a lot of younger companies can experience rapid gains. So it’s a good idea to invest in both newer and established businesses to keep your risk exposure low. 

Adding metaverse stocks to your portfolio is a good way to diversify and expose some of your investments to future technology. Whatever you decide to do, it’s key to keep up to date with the latest news and analysis which you can do so by clicking any of the links below. 

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