Best portfolio trackers to use in 2021

A portfolio tracker is the ideal way to keep tabs on all your different investments, all in one place. Here, we pick out our favourite trackers to use this year.
By: James Knight
James Knight
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Updated: Oct 26, 2021

To be a successful investor, it’s important to know how all your different financial assets are doing at any one moment. The best way to do this is with a portfolio tracker, which you can use to store information about everything you own and follow how it has changed in value over time. On this page we take a look at the best trackers available right now.

What are the top portfolio trackers?

The answer varies depending on whether you’re looking for a free option or are happy to pay for the service. Our financial experts have combed through the different choices available online to pick five of the best ones which you can find in the table below. Each of them at least offers a free trial alongside a subscription service.

#Tracker nameGet started
1SharesightStart now >
2Personal CapitalStart now >
3SigFigStart now >
4KuberaStart now >
5Interactive BrokersStart now >
List selected by our team of analysts, updated October 26 2021

1. Sharesight

Sharesight is a portfolio management tool that has been available since 2008. It links with 40 leading exchanges to display the most up to date price information from those platforms, and lets you import data from most of the leading brokers around the world.

The reason Sharesight earns top spot on this list is that it offers tracking of a number of different assets. Along with regular stocks and shares, you can track some bonds, major cryptocurrencies, and mutual funds from the UK, Australia, and Canada, among other things. Anything particularly unique that you own can be added as a ‘custom’ investment.

There is a free version available, albeit with quite limited tracking features, that lets you follow the fortunes of 10 investments to test out the platform. Then there is a range of subscription options which you have to pay for on a per-month basis.

2. Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a comprehensive wealth management tool that includes account management alongside its portfolio tracking options. You can use the platform simply to see your investments all in one place, or as an advanced planner to prepare for the future.

This tracker is like a ‘traditional’ portfolio manager with a huge amount of money management options available to boot. Along with all your normal financial assets, you can use Personal Capital to track your day-to-day expenses as well. Add your credit cards and bills to the platform to get the best possible view of your overall financial situation.

Anyone can use the website to track their money for free, although some of the more extensive wealth management options come with a fee. If you decide to let Personal Capital help manage your money, then you should expect to have to pay an annual management fee as well.

3. SigFig

SigFig is another platform that offers a portfolio tracking tool along with a money management service. The tracker is extremely simple to sign up for and use, and it pulls in all your investments from a range of more than 50 brokers that it partners with.

The basic features of the portfolio tracker let you follow the performance of any stock or related financial asset, like a mutual fund or an ETF, that you own. With its more advanced wealth management option, it flags up areas where you might be overexposed to a particular industry, or where you can get better value.

Like with Personal Capital, the portfolio tracker service that SigFig offers is free to all users. It’s the more advanced money management service that you have to pay for, should you want to use it.

4. Kubera

Kubera is a comprehensive portfolio tracker that is one of the most modern options on the market. Not only does it let you easily track all of your traditional finance assets, but it can track your cryptocurrency as well.

The platform can pull data from a range of different platforms, from supported brokers to crypto wallets. It also lets you add other assets, like your home, along with details from all of your bank accounts, in order to provide a complete picture of your finances

Kubera is a subscription service that you can pay for via a monthly fee or an annual payment; the latter comes with a slight discount. It does come with a two week free trial option too, however, so you can try the tracker before you commit.

5. Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is primarily a stock broker platform but it also offers a portfolio management tool, which it calls Portfolio Analyst. The Portfolio Analyst platform offers an array of financial management services alongside your IB broker account.

The integrations that the service offers aren’t limited to any investments you hold with Interactive Brokers itself. You can connect information from virtually any financial institution in the US, UK, or Canada, and compare your assets’ performance over time with a variety of different analytical tools.

You can sign up for a Portfolio Analyst account for free. As with most platforms, you have to pay to access its more advanced features and in this case, you have to be approved as a client in order to use them.

Where to buy your shares

To start making investments, you need to sign up with an online stock broker. Some of the portfolio trackers on this page are part of a wider investment platform that allows you to buy and sell shares as well, or you can use one of the options below instead.

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What is a portfolio tracker?

It’s a platform that lets you see all of your investments in one place. From this simple base there is a huge amount of variety in what each tracker actually offers. The most bare-bones options let you manually enter the details of your financial investments and follow their change over time, while much more advanced options offer automatic tracking of everything you own.

Are portfolio trackers a good investment?

The greater the variety of financial assets that you have money in, the more useful a tracker becomes. For example, if all you do is buy a few stocks, it’s simple enough to see how they’re doing through your broker’s website and a tracker might not be worth the money.

If you invest through a number of different avenues, however, then a tracker becomes extremely useful. Say, for example, you have a pension fund, then have some money in stocks, and have bought some cryptocurrency as well. In that situation, a comprehensive portfolio tracker might be the only way to get a good grip on how your investments are doing.

The convenience of a tracker and the fact it makes it easier for you to see any issues faster than might be possible without one means that it can be worth using. Only you can decide if it’s useful enough as a wealth management tool to justify the cost, but given the variety of free and cheap options available, it’s worth testing the water to see whether it’s for you.

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