Best stocks to buy under £10 in 2021

Buying stocks priced under £10 can offer affordable additions to an investment portfolio. This guide picks five companies on offer for less than £10. 
By: Prash Raval
Prash Raval
When not researching stocks or trading, Prash can be found either on the golf course, walking his dog or… read more.
Updated: Oct 25, 2021
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Investing in low priced stocks provides great potential to generate profit in the long run. In this page our experts pick five of the best stocks under £10 in 2021. 

What are the top stocks under £10 to buy?

The table below shows our top five stocks under £10 to buy. You can get up to date information on each company by clicking on the links, or keep reading to learn why our experts have chosen each one.

# Stock ticker Company name
1VKTXViking Therapeutics
2CLOVClover Health
3POWWAmmo Munitions
4BNEDBarnes & Noble Education
List selected by our team of analysts, updated 20th October 2021.

1. Viking Therapeutics (NASDAQ: VKTX)

Viking Therapeutics is a San Diego based clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that is focused on the development of therapies for the treatment of metabolic and endocrine disorders. 

The company currently holds worldwide exclusive rights to five therapeutic programs. One such program is VK2809. The results from this phase 2b testing program have so far been promising and shown reductions in liver fat for patients during the treatment of metabolic disorders. Once complete, these successful trials will allow Viking to move further into the development of these medicines. 

As with many biopharmaceutical development companies, Viking’s stock price is correlated to its results in progressing through trials. With five therapeutic programs under their management and a record of prior success, our experts believe further positive results will result in a higher share price for VKTX.

2. Clover Health (NASDAQ: CLOV)

This American healthcare plan provider went public in early 2021 after being bought by a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) in a $3.7 billion deal. Clover offers affordable and easy-to-understand healthcare plans for American seniors, while using its technology platform, Clover Edge, to provide doctors with patient information. 

Clover has experienced a busy 2021 so far with the company making a number of positive moves. In September the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approved plans for an area expansion to include 101 new counties. Additionally, Clover has confirmed a partnership with ValueH, which adds Florida to the list of states they operate in and number of customers they can reach. 

The company came to market at a difficult time. Pandemic related illnesses increased the number of claims made for hospitalisation. This obviously had an impact on its share price, which YTD has dropped over 50%. However, with vaccine rollouts and Covid cases dropping, the future looks positive, especially with the stock trading at such a discount.  

3. Ammo Munitions (NASDAQ: POWW)

Ammo Munitions is a designer and manufacturer of ammunition and ammunition component products based in Arizona. The company sells its products to both the general public as well as law enforcement and military agencies. 

Demand for ammunition has seen significant growth since the Covid19 pandemic, resulting in an 87% rise in AMMO’s stock price YTD. A recent announcement confirming a contract with the Department of Defense to supply speciality ammunition and an earlier acquisition of online firearms marketplace ‘Gun Broker’ has put the company in a strong position. 

AMMO appears determined to scale at speed and have started construction on a 165,000 square foot factory which will be used, in part, to fulfill a backlog of orders valued at approximately $240million. The new factory is expected to save the company $1million in expenses according to management. As the company goes through a period of excitement, our experts believe that Ammo Munitions is one of the best growth stocks to buy. 

4. Barnes & Noble Education (NYSE: BNED)

Barnes & Noble Education is a bookstore that provides reading materials and textbooks across universities in the United States. The company partners with educational institutions and operates on-campus retail stores selling books to students. 

Unsurprisingly, Covid related lockdowns of 2020 saw BNED suffer, due to colleges across the United States having to close. Investors in Barnes & Noble Education watched the stock price dropping to all time lows at just above $1. However, since the lifting of pandemic related restrictions, the company has recovered well with the share price climbing 127% year to date. 

Going forward, BNED shares look enticing. A new program called ‘BNC first day’ has added another revenue stream for the company with 300,000 students signed up already. BNED also heavily relies on footfall to its retail stores. The ending of lockdowns and college admissions staying roughly the same as previous years shines more positivity on the stock.

5. SiriusXM (NASDAQ: SIRI)

Sirius XM is a broadcasting company that provides satellite and online radio in the United States. The company is widely linked to the car industry as that’s where satellite radio is most prevalent. 

The recovery from Covid saw SIRI shares rise at the start of the year as more people got back in their cars and renewed previously cancelled satellite radio subscriptions. The company has also been capitalising on the podcast market by signing new celebrities which has helped grow subscriber numbers.. 

Over 31million people subscribe to SiriusXM, with management expecting a further 1 million to join them by year end. Compared to its competition, SIRI is a much cheaper stock to buy. Many competitors are priced at over $100, while you can pick up Sirius shares for a little over $6. The growing subscriber base, together with its low price puts Sirius as one of our top value stocks.  

Where to buy the best shares under £10

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What is a stock under £10?

Any stock that currently has a price of £10 or under resides in this category. Usually a stock trading at under £10 belongs to a younger company. Although some well established businesses that are temporarily struggling also can be bought for under £10. This provides investors access to older companies who are likely to recover at a much cheaper price. 

Are shares under £10 a good investment?

Stocks in companies that are valued at under £10 can be good investments and are often part of a well balanced portfolio. Generally speaking, cheaper shares in smaller companies are attached to higher risk and that’s the case for some stocks priced under £10. 

However, as you can see from our experts’ picks above, not all companies that have shares trading at under £10 are small, risky businesses. A number of small to mid-cap companies are offered for investment at this price point giving investors the choice to spread their funds.

It is important to keep in mind that cheaper shares are often more volatile and can move much quicker in either direction. That’s why spreading investments over a few cheaper shares can expose you to less risk. Spreading investments in this category and good research can generate substantial profits long term. You can click the button below to start investing in our experts’ picks. 

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