GameStop GME stock forecast for 2024 and beyond

GameStop rose to prominence following a short squeeze in early 2021. This page explores the potential future price of GME shares using the latest research from top analysts. 
Updated: Oct 30, 2023

In this informative guide, you can find everything you need to know about GameStop’s share price trajectory. We have produced an overview of the company providing both short-term and long-term GME stock price forecasts, along with an explanation of the factors that affect the price of GME stock. 

GME stock forecast & price target

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As of right now, most experts feel selling GME stock is the most prudent move, and a consensus price target compiled from predictions by the top analysts sits at somewhere between $40 and $50 a share. Some analysts feel GME will fall lower, while few have targeted a higher figure. 

However, GameStop is a contentious stock, and the opinions of analysts have often failed to reflect its true performance. As a result, price predictions are varied and should be taken with a pinch of salt. It is worth noting that GameStop traded at well over $150 for most of 2021 – substantially more than the vast majority of analysts were willing to predict. 

The reason for this is that GameStop is a meme stock, making conventional fundamental analysis extremely difficult because the company’s behaviour is affected by unpredictable factors. We will delve into these factors later on, but for now, check out the section below for some specific price predictions. 

StockAverage price targetHighest targetLowest targetMajority guidance
GameStop (GME)$45$180$23Sell
Analyst price targets for GameStop stock, updated June 2024

Expert forecasts on the future of GameStop (GME)

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Below, we have selected notable comments regarding GameStop’s share price from some of the world’s leading financial institutions and figures. Read through them to gain an insight into what the experts are expecting from the company in the future.

(Asdendiant are) “very concerned” about the long terms prospects of GameStop’s core video game business “once hardware sales temper as the installed base matures.” While “Reddit trading” may lead to a short-term rally, the firm has revised its $24 price target down to $23 due to GameStop’s “weak” earnings outlook.

Edward Woo, Ascendiant, $23 target

As GameStop’s management attempts to turn it into a “technology” company, “many details still remain a mystery,” and “a bit more transparency around the product roadmap” would be appreciated.

Colin Sebastien, Baird, $25 price target suspended pending clarity

GameStop’s third-quarter results beat The Street’s expectations for revenue but lagged on EPS, despite the company benefiting from the launch of the next generation of games consoles. As a result, Wedbush has lowered its GME price target from $50 to $45. 

Michael Pachter, Wedbush, $45 target

Coverage has been terminated of GameStop following a “reallocation of resources.” In the termination notice, the argument was made that GameStop’s share price primarily responds to non-fundamental factors such as the number of conversations on Reddit relating to GameStop, trading volumes and the level of short interest in the stock.

Curtis Nagle, BofA, $10 price target terminated along with all coverage

Short term GameStop predictions

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In the short term, GameStops stock price forecast is flat, with some analysts expecting it will continue to hover around its current price, perhaps experiencing another surge thanks to interest from investors based on Reddit and other social media platforms. 

The company has attracted enormous attention, even from financial institutions and the mainstream media, and while significant short positions remain against it, the short-term position appears positive as GameStop continues the early stages of its transformation into a multifaceted tech player. 

GameStop stock price prediction 2023

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In 2023, analysts expect to see a more robust fall in GameStop’s share price. They feel that regardless of non-fundamental factors and bullish sentiment, at some point, the fundamentals become an unavoidable elephant in the room and uncertainties around the company’s new business model must be confronted. As a result, the consensus is that GameStop’s share price will fall to around $45. 

GameStop price prediction 2024

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In 2023, analysts expect the bleed will continue, and they have seen nothing coming out of the company as of yet that has made them feel otherwise. It is expected that GameStop’s share price will be around its current lowest target: $23. Unless non-fundamental factors intervene, which they very well could, this forecast appears plausible. 

Long term GameStop predictions

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Long-term GameStop shock price predictions are few and far between for a variety of reasons. The company does not perform based on the same factors as a conventional stock, making it unpredictable – just how far can market sentiment take it? 

In addition, the company’s new evolved business model remains nebulous. In reality, most analysts and institutions think there is a strong likelihood the company will flounder in the long term, as evidenced by the large short positions against the stock. Despite this, it is important to remember that GameStop had consistently outperformed the expectations of analysts, and this could continue in the right environment. 

GameStop price prediction 2025

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By 2025, the true success or failure of Gamestop’s revised strategy will have come to fruition, one way or the other. In the worst-case scenario, analysts would expect a decline to pre short squeeze levels of around $15. However, they admit it is possible GME could outperform their expectations drastically should it receive appropriate backing from consumers. 

GameStop price prediction 2030

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By the year 2030, GameStop’s fate will be clear. The company could have transformed into a leading figure in the new age of tech retailers. However, it also could have slumped into obscurity, or even ruin. Analysts are keen to avoid looking too far into the future because the margin for error becomes greater, but you can expect GameStop to be either a boom story, where its success in 2021 is consolidated and built upon in the next decade, or a bust story where management fails to capitalise. 

Compare the best places to buy GameStop stock

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What affects the price of GME?

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Unlike most other (non-meme) stocks, GameStop’s share price is predominantly affected by non-fundamental factors. These are outlined below. 

  • Reddit/social media mentions. The initial growth of GME in 2021 was sparked by a social investing craze that started on Reddit forum, WallStreetBets. This movement also spilled over onto other social media platforms, such as Twitter. As a result, anytime online mentions of GameStop are up, the share price typically follows.
  • Trading volume. Another aspect of the hype machine, trading volume indicates overall interest in a stock. While trading volume usually correspond to a share price increase, it is especially potent in the case of GameStop. When GME moves, it move quickly, and keeping an eye in its trading volume is a great way to stay ahead of the curve. 
  • Short positions. The original reason for GME’s growth was that retail investors wanted to force institutional investors into losses via something called a short squeeze. As a result, the scale of the short positions held against GME has a direct correlation on the company’s market performance. 

How has the GameStop price changed over time?

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Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Grapevine, Texas, GameStop was one of North America’s largest video game retailers. However, with the rise of online shopping, Gamestop’s emphasis on physical locations led to the company falling into obscurity. 

In recent years, the company’s new management team has aimed to revitalise the company, with the intention of taking on major players like Amazon for the tech retailer crown. Many institutions and analysts have been highly doubtful this strategy can prove to be a success, though retail investors had other ideas.

Following the short squeeze in late January of 2021, GameStop has surged back into the public eye and is now front and centre of any discussions regarding tech retailers. Quite what the future holds for the company remains to be seen, but with over 4,800 stores across the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe, it appears to have the infrastructure to compete with the major industry players. 

What should I do now?

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You may be ready to invest in GameStop right now – in which case, you should consider signing up to one of our recommended brokers. However, if you’d like some more details first, our guide explaining how to buy GameStop shares is where you’ll want to start. You can also scroll down to find a selection of the latest news stories featuring GME.

Register and buy GameStop stock

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