HCMC stock forecast for 2023 and beyond

Healthier Choices Management Corp is a grocery and wellness company that has become a popular ‘meme’ stock. This page compares HCMC stock price predictions for the next decade.
Updated: Oct 13, 2022
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HCMC exploded into the public sphere in 2021 when retail investors, led by the social media message board, Reddit, started investing heavily into the stock. This page explores what the experts think about the price and the value it might reach over the next few years.

HCMC stock forecast & price target

There are few stock forecasts or price targets available for HCMC. The company became briefly popular with investors looking to make a quick profit in 2021 and has not been able to sustain that interest.

What that means in practice is that there is no majority guidance and what targets there are tend to expect the price to stay relatively flat at around $0.0002 per share unless there are significant changes to the company’s business model and outlook.

We have used the best available information to source the price predictions on this page. HCMC is an unusual and unpredictable stock, however, so these forecasts are much less reliable than they would be with a more high profile company.

StockAverage price targetHighest targetLowest targetMajority guidance
HCMC (OTC Pink: HCMC)$0.0003$0.0009$0.0001None
Analyst price targets for HCMC stock, updated March 18, 2022

Expert forecasts on the future of HCMC

There are very few experts who have made a public forecast on the future of HCMC stock. As HCMC is a small, ‘meme’ stock that trades on a speculative exchange known as the ‘pink sheets’, it does not receive the same attention that companies who trade on the NYSE or NASDAQ do.

Short term HCMC stock forecast

Most HCMC stock price forecasts are that the price moves between $0.0002 and $0.0003. There are a lot of shareholders who bought stock in early 2021 and still hold them, so the best case scenario involves a big share buyback from the company to stabilise the price and push it up above that channel.

HCMC stock price prediction 2022

The HCMC price could fall to $0.0001 by the end of 2022, according to the analysis available. This is because of a general lack of interest in the stock combined with its ongoing legal issues.

HCMC stock price prediction 2023

Some analysts have the price at between $0.0003 and $0.0004 in 2023. The most bullish estimate is around $0.0007. This relies on it ending its legal struggle with Phillip Morris and perhaps participating in a share buyback to reduce the total number of shares available, and boost the price of those remaining.

Long term HCMC stock forecast

There are no reputable long term predictions for HCMC stock. What information there is out there concerns a few months or the next year, there are no serious forecasts that look beyond 2023.

We have used the best available information to provide forecasts for 2024 and beyond but note that it is hard to predict into the future even for the biggest names. For HCMC you should be sceptical and focus on the short term unless there is a fundamental change.

HCMC price prediction 2024

The most optimistic Healthier Choices Management Corp stock price forecast puts the price above $0.001 by 2024. It is worth noting there may well have been significant changes to the company and its business model by then, so this is a speculative forecast.

HCMC price prediction 2025

What predictions there are for 2025 expect the price to still be around $0.0002. Some forecasts had the price as high as $0.005 within five years, but they were made during the stock’s bull run in 2021 and a lot has changed since then.

HCMC price prediction 2030

There are no predictions that look at where HCMC’s price will be in a decade. The best hope for investors looking to hit the 2021 highs of $0.001 is that there are some share buybacks and a fundamental improvement in the business outlook.

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What affects the price of HCMC?

The most important influence on the HCMC price is hype, particularly from social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. As with any stock, however, there are a number of other factors at play as well and we’ve summarised the most important ones below.

  • Online hype. Platforms like Reddit, Stocktwits, and Twitter can create a lot of enthusiasm about HCMC and artificially drive up the price, even if there is no fundamental business reason behind it. This sort of activity is the main driver of HCMC price changes.
  • Consumer trends. HCMC sells organic products, vitamins, and foods through its stores in Florida and New York. If there is an increase in demand for healthy products and wellbeing services, there’s likely to be an increase in the HCMC price.
  • Legal proceedings. HCMC has been embroiled in a legal battle with Phillip Morris over patent infringement. There are periodic updates about this that can have an impact on the HCMC price. 

How has the HCMC price changed over time?

HCMC has traded at fractions of a cent for a long time but it has been in steady decline since early 2021. It reached highs of $0.0018 in the midst of the GameStop, Wallstreetbets meme stock storm, but quickly fell away from those heights. It has traded below 0.0005 throughout 2022.

What should I do now?

You can learn more about the company by following our guide on how to buy HCMC or you can read the latest stock market news to help you decide when to invest. If you’re ready to buy shares right now, you can invest straight away by signing up to an online broker using the button below.

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