Lucid Motors LCID stock forecast for 2022 and beyond

Lucid Motors is an electric vehicle manufacturer that came to the market via a SPAC deal. This page offers up the latest Lucid stock price forecasts from top market analysts.
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Updated: May 11, 2022

This page explores what the future for Lucid Motors (also known as Lucid Group, Inc.) may look like according to leading experts. We have compiled a selection of price targets for LCID stock for both the short and long term. Continue reading to learn more and use these predictions to help time your investment into the company. 

LCID stock forecast & price targets

The majority of experts who have shared their targets for Lucid are of the opinion that its stock is a buy. Some are expecting a large move higher, while others predict a slower climb. Only one analyst thinks LCID will fall and has a sell rating for the company. In the table below we’ve summarised the most recent targets and provided an average.

StockAverage price targetHighest targetLowest targetMajority guidance
Lucid Motors$41.20$60$16Buy
Analyst price targets for Lucid stock, updated May 2022

Expert forecasts on the future of Lucid Motors (LCID)

We have collected a selection of quotes from the most prominent expert options on the future of the stock, helping you gain an insight into what the analysts think.

We rate Lucid shares Buy/High Risk. Fundamentally, we are constructive on the Lucid story and its position in the EV/Car of the Future theme

Itay Michaeli, Citi Group $57 target

I think it’s somewhat somewhere between a combination of Tesla and Ferrari”

John Murphy, Bank of America $30 target

Lucid’s Air sedan is already the longest-range electric vehicle, even ahead of Tesla in some areas.

Charles Coldicott, Redburn $39

Short term LCID stock forecast

With most analysts agreeing that Lucid Motors’ price will rise, how much it will rise by is open to debate. The most bullish of Lucid stock price forecasts predicts a high price of $60, while less optimistic targets sit at $38. One analyst who thinks LCID may underperform thinks its price will drop down to $14. Below, we have provided a summary of predictions for the next two years. 

Lucid Group stock price prediction 2022

LCID’s stock could rise to $41.20 in 2022 if it grows by 57%. That’s the average growth estimate from the latest 6 analyst forecasts. Although it’s still short of the company’s all-time high of $57. However, not all experts are so bullish on the stock, BITG Research expects its price to halve and reach $14. 

Lucid Group stock price prediction 2023

Using the same 57% growth estimate from 2022, would see Lucid Motors’ stock reach $66 in 2023. That’s just a few dollars higher than Itay Michaeli of CitiGroup’s $57 prediction. 2023 is expected to be an important year for the company and these Lucid Group stock forecast could be blown out of the water as it is when it’s Galaxy SUV is expected to be sold. 

Long term LCID stock forecast

While most investors take a long term view of their stock holdings, most analysts don’t tend to provide forecasts longer than a couple of years. However, some have and we’ve provided a brief summary for the rest of the decade. It’s important to remember that longer term predictions are more speculative. 

Lucid Motors price prediction 2024

If all goes to plan, then 2024 could see LCID trading between $70 – $80. The company has plans to expand into the European and Middle Eastern markets and if it’s successful, these predictions could be on the right track. 

Lucid Motors price prediction 2025

Its expected 2025 would continue where 2024 left off and Lucid Motors’ stock could potentially reach the $100 mark. Although a lot of things would have to fall into place for that to happen. Its backing from the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia could make its move into the Middle East much smoother. 

Lucid Motors price prediction 2030

It is possible Lucid could be above $200 by the end of the decade if all goes well. However, the EV market is becoming highly competitive and a lot of factors can impact the business going forward. 

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What affects the price of LCID?

There are a number of factors that affect the LCID price, although demand and sales of electric vehicles predominantly impact its price. Below we’ve summarised the most important ones to look out for. 

  • Electric vehicle sales. Lucid’s main business is selling electric vehicles and demand for them is crucial to its success. It’s already proven in its short history it is capable of producing a higher number of cars and there are thousands of pre-orders. Continued demand is a key factor in how its stock price will move.
  • Competition. The EV market is a growing and crowded space. Tesla, Rivian, and NIo are just a few of LCID’s rivals. Traditional car makers like Ford and Mercedes are also developing electric vehicles, so for Lucid to find success, it needs to fend off competition. 
  • Saudi Arabia. Lucid Motors’ biggest shareholder is the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia who own over 60% of the company. Lucid sees the Middle East as a market it wants to break into and its planning to open a factory in the region. However, if the PIF of Saudi decides to start selling shares, it would impact LCID.

How has the Lucid Motors price changed over time?

Lucid Motors went public in 2021 following a merger with a SPAC and since then its shares have experienced some volatility and fluctuations in price. It only started selling its first vehicles in October 2021 which saw its stock price surge by over 100%. It has since fallen off following an SEC investigation into its SPAC merger with Churchill Capital Corp.

What should I do now?

Now that you’re armed with the latest Lucid Motors stock price forecasts you may want to buy shares in the company. Check out our guide on how to buy shares in Lucid Motors. Alternatively, if you want to learn more about the stock market, visit our investing hub. Whatever you decide, it’s a good idea to keep up to date with the latest news, which you can do by the links below.

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