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Updated: Nov 30, 2022

About NatWest

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What is NatWest?

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NatWest is a high street bank that was formed out of a merger between the National Provincial Bank and Westminster Bank in 1968. NatWest operates about 1000 banks in the UK, where it offers personal and small business accounts, along with lending services such as mortgages and loans.

The NatWest Group used to be known as the Royal Bank of Scotland Group and is part-owned by the UK government, which took a stake in the business as part of a bailout during the 2008 financial crisis. The government still owns about 48% of the business, although it regularly looks to sell some of that off.

How does NatWest make money?

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NatWest makes most of its money from interest on loans it provides to its customers. This is common for most banks, which offer lending services like mortgages or small business loans and then make money from the interest.

It also makes money from fees and commissions on its services. Anyone who has used a bank knows that there are many different types of fee, whether to access better rates of interest, to set up, or make changes to a policy. These add up to make up approximately a quarter of NatWest’s income, according to its latest accounts.

What is NatWest’s best selling service?

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NatWest’s best performing sector is retail banking. This is the wing of the bank that offers business loans. These types of loans tend to be larger than private banking loans and thus mean the bank can earn more in interest.

In its most recent accounts, NatWest generated almost £2 billion in profit from its retail banking division. By contrast, the private banking segment generated ‘only’ about £300 million in profit.

Who are the key executives at NatWest?

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This person is the CEO, here is a list of other leading figures who help run the company…

  • Alison Rose, Group Chief Executive Officer
  • Katie Murray, Group Chief Financial Officer
  • Paul Thwaite, CEO, Commercial & Institutional for the ring-fenced bank
  • Peter Flavel, CEO, Wealth Businesses
  • David Lindberg, CEO, Retail Banking
  • Robert Begbie, CEO, NatWest Markets
  • Dr. Andrew McLaughlin, CEO, Commercial and Institutional for the non-ring fenced bank
  • Scott Marcar, Group Chief Information Officer
  • Bruce Fletcher, Group Chief Risk Officer
  • Oliver Holbourn, CEO of RBS International
  • Nick Curle, Chief Audit Executive
  • Gideon Moore, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel
  • Jen Tippin, Chief People & Transformation Officer
  • Margaret Jobling, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Matt Austen, Director of Strategy, Corporate Development & Sustainability
  • Rob Whittick, Group Chief of Staff
  • Jan Cargill, Chief Governance Officer and Company Secretary

Where can I buy shares in NatWest?

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You can buy NatWest stock on a stock trading platform. These platforms are extremely simple to use but there are different options to suit your specific needs. If you are a first-time investor you might want to use a trading platform for beginners, while if you plan on doing a lot of trading from your phone, a stock trading app might be best.

Are there any other ways to invest in NatWest?

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The simplest way to invest in NatWest is to buy shares through a stock broker. However, you can also invest through an ETF or a fund. The best ETFs allow you to invest in the stock market more generally rather than focus on one company.

NatWest is part of the FTSE 100 index, so you can invest in an ETF that tracks that index, or choose a blue chip ETF that lets you own a basket of related stocks from the same industry.

More about the NWG price

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What is the NatWest stock price today?

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The NWG stock price today is currently £25.93, as of 29 November 2022. The price of NatWest is up 14.44% over the last year. You can use the live NatWest stock chart to track the LON:NWG price in real time above, or compare the NatWest value today to its past performance using the NatWest financials tab at the top of this page.

What is the 52-week low for NatWest stock?

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The 52-week low for NatWest stock is £19.69. NWG stock is currently 31.69% above the 52-week low.

What is the 52-week high for NatWest stock?

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The 52-week high for NatWest stock is £28.44. NWG stock is currently 8.82% below the 52-week high.

What is the stock forecast for NatWest?

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The average NatWest stock forecast has a price target of £30 to £40 by the end of 2023. NatWest’s latest financial results, the broader economic outlook, and the amount of competition in the industry all influence these forecasts.

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