Nio stock forecast for 2022 and beyond

Shanghai based Nio designs and develops high performance electric vehicles. This page includes the latest Nio stock price forecasts from top analysts, helping you time your investment.
Updated: Oct 13, 2022
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This page offers the latest Nio stock price predictions from leading financial analysts. Including both short and long term outlooks, these forecasts give an indication of how Nio’s share price may perform in the future. 

Nio stock forecast & price target

Most experts share the same opinion for Nio and suggest it is a buy. Some expect its going to experience a strong move up, while others are airing on the side of caution and believe the bullish momentum will be slower. Below we’ve summarised the most recent price forecasts and provided an average. Continue scrolling for specific year predictions.

StockAverage price targetHighest targetLowest targetMajority guidance
Nio (NIO)$66$87$45Buy
Analyst price targets for Nio stock, updated November 2022.

Expert forecasts on the future of Nio 

Below we’ve collected some quotes from leading Nio price analysts, helping you gain an insight into what the experts think.

We estimate NIO’s 2022 volume growth at 79%, stronger than our growth forecast for China’s EV market (37%)”

Yuqian Ding, HSBC $54 target

We believe NIO is trading at an attractive discount relative to global peers such as Tesla and Lucid”

Edison Yu, Deutsche Bank $70 target

Given their strong product offerings, we expect local brands to retain 65%+ market share in China NEV (new energy vehicles) sales in 2022-25E despite increased competition from the continued expansion of Tesla and other foreign brands, which began to grow their electric vehicle divisions in recent years.”

Jeff Chung, Citigroup $87 target

Short term NIO stock forecast

While all analysts are in agreement that Nio’s stock price will rise in the short term, how much it will rise by is up for debate. The most optimistic Nio stock price forecasts see its shares trading at above $80 and more conservative forecasts see an increase towards $40. Below is a summary of predictions for the next two years. 

Nio stock price prediction 2022

Nio’s stock could reach $66 in 2022, if it grows by 134% over the year. Taking an average growth estimate from 12 of the most recent forecasts gives us that figure. The $66 prediction is just short of the company’s all-time high hit in early 2021. Not every analyst is expecting such a big rise, Eunice Lee from Sanford Bernstein has a target of $45 for the year. 

Nio stock price prediction 2023

Using the same 134% growth estimate, would see $154 by 2023. Not many analysts have given forecasts for 2023. However, the majority of experts predict 2023 to be a pivotal year for Nio, as it is expected the company will start to make profits by then. 

Long term NIO stock forecast

Most analysts don’t provide long term forecasts and that’s especially the case for newer companies such as Nio. However some have and below we’ve included a brief summary of predictions for the rest of the decade. It’s important to note that longer term forecasts are more speculative in nature. 

Nio price prediction 2024

There are a range of forecasts between $120 – $170 by the end of 2024. Nio should continue from 2023, where it starts making profit, and its bullish momentum is expected to continue in the the future.

Nio price prediction 2025

Nio’s forecasted share price is expected to be between $170 – $200 by 2025. Some analysts suggest the company will have increased its revenues by 400% between 2021 and 2025, from $5bn to more than $22bn, putting Nio in a strong position.

Nio price prediction 2030

Extremely bullish targets have the price at over $500 by 2030, although its key to remember a lot of factors can impact the business going forward. There are a broad range of predictions as to where Nio’s stock price will be at the turn of the decade.

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What affects the price of Nio?

Demand for electric vehicles is the most important factor that affects the price of Nio. There are many other factors that play their part and below we’ve summarised the main ones. 

  • Electric vehicle sales. Nio designs, develops, and manufactures electric vehicles and demand for them is crucial to its success. In recent years the EV market has experienced substantial growth. If that growth continues and demand rises even further, it could have a positive impact on Nios share price. 
  • Competition. The EV industry has become increasingly competitive as new companies join the sector and established ones move into it. Possibly Nios biggest competitor is well known electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla. If it wants to succeed, it will likely have to fend off its competitors. 
  • Chinese market. Nio is a Shanghai based company and currently its largest market is China. Although it does export some cars, sales from Chinese consumers have helped drive the company forward. If China continues moving towards the EV market, sales for Nio cars would likely increase. 
  • Manufacturing. Nio does not manufacture its own vehicles, instead it has partnered with Chinese state-owned car manufacturer, Jianghuai Automobile Group. It currently has a three year deal running to 2024 and is capable of producing 240,000 cars per year. If the deal is not extended, Nio will have to build its own factory, which will not only be costly, but will take a lot of time.  

How has the Nio price changed over time?

Since it came to market in 2018, Nios stock price has surged in value, although it did have a quiet couple of years prior to the move higher. In mid 2020 its shares were trading at just $5. In the 8 months following, its price grew by over 1000%, to nearly $70. Since then, its stock has experienced a sell off losing around 50% in value although it currently sits much higher than its IPO price. 

What should I do now?

To learn more about buying stocks you can visit our investing hub, or if you can check out our page on how to buy Nio shares. Whatever you decide to do, it’s a good idea to keep up to date with the latest news which you can do by clicking the links below.

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