Nvidia stock price forecast for 2023 and beyond

Chipmaker Nvidia supplies computer hardware to some of the world's biggest industries and companies. This page provides the latest Nvidia stock price forecasts for the coming years.
Updated: Oct 13, 2022
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This beginner friendly guide includes the latest long and short term NVDA stock price forecasts. We’ve collated the most recent forecasts from expert analysts to help you time your investment into the well known tech giant. 

NVDA stock forecast & price target

The expert view on Nvidia is very bullish. All but one analyst has a buy rating for the stock and the only difference is over how quickly the price will rise. 

The most optimistic predictions foresee a price of $400, while one pessimistic analyst expects a slight dip in its price to $210. The average target is $360 and in the table below we’ve provided a short summary of the most recent forecasts. Continue scrolling for year specific predictions for the next decade.

StockAverage price targetHighest targetLowest targetMajority guidance
Analyst price targets for Nvidia stock, updated 07 April 2022

Expert forecasts on the future of NVIDIA (NVDA)

In the section below we’ve rounded up a few quotes from leading analysts who have given their view on what to expect from NVIDIA in the future.

With leading silicon hardware and software platforms and a strong ecosystem, Nvidia is well positioned to continue to benefit from major secular trends in artificial intelligence, high performance computing, gaming, and autonomous vehicles.”

Harlan Sur, JP Morgan, $350 target

While the stock is among the most highly valued at 40x, that multiple is justified by 50% annual revenue growth for the last two years, and such significant product cycles and new revenue streams going forward.”

Chris Caso, Raymond James, $365 target

Confidence is High: Nvidia increased its long-term TAM to $1 trillion, with a 50-50 breakup between silicon and software.”

John Pitzer, Credit Suisse, $400 target

Short term NVDA predictions

According to the experts, NVIDIA stock price forecasts are positive. Some predict a fast move higher, while others expect a slower climb. Below we’ve summarised NVIDIA price forecasts for the next few years. 

NVIDIA stock price prediction 2022

Nvidia’s stock could be worth $348 in 2022. This is based on an annual growth rate of 43%, a figure we reached based on the average of 40 analyst predictions. If it does reach $348, that would be above its previous all time high, set in late 2021.

NVIDIA stock price prediction 2023

The price could reach $497, if the company continues to grow at a rate of 43% per year. That price is slightly higher than the most bullish forecast. However, not all analysts are positive on the company. Experts from Goldman Sachs anticipate its price to change very little and have a target of $245.   

Long term NVDA predictions

Not many analysts have provided Nvidia stock price forecasts for the longer term. However, some have and below we’ve included the latest predictions for the remainder of the decade. It’s important to remember that longer term forecasts are more speculative in nature and a lot can impact the share price of NVDA going forward. 

NVIDIA price prediction 2024

There is a range of forecasts between $400 – $500 in 2024. NVIDIA is expected to continue its post pandemic bull run and has started supplying chips to a range of new industries. Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Nio, uses Nvidia’s chips in its ET7 model. If the car, which hit the road in early 2022 proves to be a success, Nvidia’s price could be much higher.

NVIDIA price prediction 2025

Analysts believe Nvidia’s stock price could be between $500 – $600 in 2025. Cryptocurrency miners use Nvidia graphics cards while mining coins.One reason for this growth is that cryptocurrency miners use Nvidia graphics cards and there is expected to be a lot more demand from 2024 as the crypto market grows. 

NVIDIA price prediction 2030

Nvidia’s share price could be close to $800 by the start of the new decade, according to some long term analyst targets. However there are a lot of factors that can impact any business and longer forecasts need to be treated as pure speculation. 

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What affects the price of NVDA?

Revenue and profits are leading drivers in Nvidia’s stock price. It is a large-scale business selling technology products to a range of industries so there is a lot that can affect its performance. Below we’ve rounded up a few of the key factors to look out for when analysing the company and its price. 

  • Sales. Its main business is selling computer parts, like processing chips and graphics cards. Its share price will continue to do well as long as its sales keep on increasing. Its latest financial report showed its sales climbing over 50% from the previous year.
  • Competition. Nvidia has a strong market share and is a leader for many products it sells. However it’s not the only chip maker and has strong competition from the likes of Intel and AMD. For it to continue growing, it needs to stay ahead of its rivals.
  • Cryptocurrency. The rise of cryptocurrencies has been of benefit to Nvidia. Cryptocurrency mining requires a lot of computer power and NVDAs chips provide the perfect solution. If the crypto market moves higher, mining should increase.
  • Metaverse. Nvidia’s Omniverse cloud platform gives designers and developers instant access to the metaverse. The metaverse is a new sector that’s expected to grow substantially in coming years. Nvidia could gain from its Omniverse platform.

How has the NVIDIA price changed over time?

It’s been one of the stock markets’ big winners in the past few years. Its share price has risen over 600% since the turn of the decade. Much of those gains came after the pandemic and during the most recent cryptocurrency bull run. 

What should I do now?

You may want to consider buying shares in Nvidia now that you have some NVDA stock price forecasts for its future. Alternatively, visit our investing hub to learn more about the stock market. Whatever you decide, it’s helpful to keep up to date with the latest news which you can do on any of the links below.

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