PayPal stock price forecast for 2022 and beyond

Payments giant PayPal is best known for cheap online transactions and operates around the world. This page provides the latest PayPal stock price forecasts for the coming years.
Updated: Jun 9, 2022

In the past few years, PayPal stock has experienced big gains and big losses leaving many wondering what’s next. This guide includes the latest PayPal stock price forecasts from leading analysts helping you to time your investment into it. 

PYPL stock forecast & price target

The expert view on PayPal is moderately bullish. Among the latest 41 analyst predictions, zero suggest selling while the majority have a buy rating on the stock. 

The highest price analysts anticipate PYPL to hit is $180. The most bearish target sits at $82 and the average forecast is $115. In the table below we’ve provided a short summary of the most recent price forecasts for PayPal stock. Continue scrolling for year specific predictions and quotes from leading experts.

StockAverage price targetHighest targetLowest targetMajority guidance
Analyst price targets for Nvidia stock, updated 09 June 2022

Expert forecasts on the future of PayPal (PYPL)

Below you will find a selection of quotes from leading analysts giving their views on PayPal, its share price, and its future prospects.

While near term could be choppy, we still see PYPL outpacing eCommerce growth going forward”

James Faucette, Morgan Stanley, $129 target

Our analysis shows that PYPL’s share price closely tracks incremental TPV per user [if the] metric continues to improve, the stock is likely to follow.”

Dan Dolev, Mizuho, $120 target

For a company of its size, we remain quite impressed that PYPL remains almost as nimble as most FinTechs 1/10th of its size.”

Joseph Vafi, Canaccord Genuity Group, $160 target 

Short term PYPL forecast

In the short term, analysts are bullish on PayPal. Some expect its share price to rally 100% higher, while others expect a slower move up. Below we have summarised PYPL stock price forecasts for the next few years. 

PayPal stock price prediction 2022

PayPals stock could be worth $115 in 2022. We have arrived at that figure by taking an average of the 41 latest short term analyst predictions which amount to 33% growth. If it does reach $115, that would still be some way off its 2022 opening price of $191. 

PayPal stock price prediction 2023

In 2023 PYPL stock could be trading at $153 if it continues to grow at 33% per year. That figure is just short of the prediction from Joseph Vafi ofCanaccord Genuity Group, who has a $160 target for the stock. 

Long term PYPL forecast

Long term price forecasts tend not to be provided by analysts. Although for large well known businesses like PayPal some have. Below we’ve included the latest predictions for the remainder of the decade. It’s important to remember that long term forecasts tend to be more speculative in nature and a lot of factors can impact a company’s share price. 

PayPal price prediction 2024

Some experts believe PYPL will be worth between $190 – $200 in 2024. Experts from both Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse have price targets of $190 and anticipate e-commerce market growth to take several quarters to materialise. 

PayPal price prediction 2025

There is a range of PayPal stock price forecasts for 2025 between $250 – $300. Analysts at research company, Moffett Nathanson are among the most bullish forecasters and anticipate PYPL stock to reach $300. 

PayPal price prediction 2030

PayPal’s share price could be over $300 by the end of the decade according to some long term expert analysts. For it to break its all time high of $310 a lot needs to go in its favour over the next few years. It’s important to remember that predictions this far out need to be treated as speculation.  

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What affects the price of PYPL?

Like most companies, revenue and profits are leading drivers in PayPals share price. It’s an online payment processor so e-commerce plays a large role in its profitability. It recently stepped into the cryptocurrency world which could help push its margins higher. Below we’ve included a few of the main factors that impact the price of PYPL. 

  • Active users. In the first quarter of 2022 PayPal had 429 million active users. Compared to the 84 million it had in 2010. The number of people using PayPal has grown at incredible speed and if it continues, its stock will do well. 
  • Revenue. Like its active user base, its revenue has increased every year for the past decade with an average 20% growth year on year. It needs to be able to sustain that growth for its share price to move higher. 
  • Cryptocurrency. PayPal moved into the crypto market recently and allows users to pay using a number of digital currencies. It also allows you to buy a few coins through its app. Positivity in the crypto market may help its share price. 
  • Competition. It’s the largest online payment processor in the world and processes billions of dollars in payments per day. However competition in the industry could slow its growth. The likes of Stripe and Square are rapidly growing. 

How has the PayPal price changed over time?

For quite a few years its share price was moving slowly but consistently higher. That is until the coronavirus pandemic hit. When lockdowns gripped the world and people were stuck in doors, the number of payments happening online grew at a rapid pace. PayPals stock surged over 250% in just a few months. Although, since 2021 it’s been a different story and a drop back to pre pandemic levels has taken place. 

What should I do now?

If you agree with the experts and think the stock is going higher you may want to consider buying some shares in PayPal. You can check out our broker comparison table above to find the best place to buy. Alternatively visit our investing hub to learn more about the stock market and make sure to check out the latest news and market analysis below.

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