Peloton stock forecasts, price predictions & targets for 2024-2030

Peloton was one of the most popular stocks during the pandemic but has fallen in value since. This guide includes the latest Peloton price forecasts to help you time your investment into it.
Updated: Oct 30, 2023

The average Peloton stock forecast is $5.95. This is based on 8 Wall Street analysts offering Peloton stock price targets and guidance for the next 12 months. The maximum Peloton stock price prediction is $10, while the minimum forecast is $4.

Read on for a detailed breakdown of Peloton stock forecasts for 2024 and beyond.

PTON stock forecast & price target

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Most expert predictions for PTON stock are bullish on the company’s future. Out of 30 polled investment analysts, there are 15 hold ratings, 10 buy ratings, 2 outperform ratings and 2 sell ratings. The general consensus is that PTON stock will reach $6 in the near term.

The table below provides a short summary of Peloton stock forecasts for the next decade. These are based on a combination of analyst ratings and Peloton maintaining its average annual growth rate of 58.54% over the last 10 years.

YearPeloton stock forecastChange (%)
Peloton stock forecasts based on average annual growth rate, updated June 2024

Expert forecasts on the future of Peloton (PTON)

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Analysts from major investment firms regularly offer comment and guidance about the biggest stocks to their clients. Generally, each analyst updates their guidance every few months, providing a price target and a BUY, SELL, or HOLD rating based on their level of confidence.

Here are some of the latest price targets and Peloton guidance from leading professional investors.

Stock analystPeloton price targetGuidance
Wolfe Research$4.50SELL
TD Cowen$6HOLD
Bank of America$4.15UNDERPERFORM
Evercore ISI$6IN-LINE
Telsey Advisory Group$6MARKET PERFORM
Analyst price targets for Peloton stock, updated June 2024

Below is a selection of quotes from leading Peloton stock analysts, giving you an insight into what the experts think about the company. 

Topline results show Peloton can still pull in customers, but forthcoming changes add risk”

Credit Suisse, $12 target

The material beat that bulls were initially hoping for is unlikely… It is increasingly unclear where new, highly profitable demand could come from”

Lauren Schenk, Morgan Stanley, $10.20 target

Short term PTON forecast

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Over the next few years, most analysts expect PTON stock to increase in value. Peloton has an average short term price target of $18, which is approximately a 100% increase from its early 2023 prices.

This is the latest Peloton stock sentiment for the next month, based on a range of technical indicators including trading volume, moving averages, and oscillators.

This graphic is merely a representation of the latest technical analysis and does not constitute financial advice.

Below is a summary of some expert Peloton stock price forecasts for the next two years.

Peloton stock price prediction 2023

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In 2023, Peloton will be worth between $10 – $18, according to most experts. Out of 30 investment analysts from Wall Street’s biggest institutions, 10 have buy ratings, while 15 have hold ratings. Peloton has missed its earnings for the past seven quarters and if it is to move higher, its next few reports will need to be positive. 

Peloton stock price prediction 2024

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By 2024, Peloton stock is forecast to be worth $31.75. That is in line with analysts at Wolfe Research and Loop Capital, who both expect the stock to be worth around $30 soon. Although not all experts are bullish, with analysts are BMO Capital Markets predicting $9.50 in the short term.  

Long term PTON forecast

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Below are some longer term Peloton stock price predictions. Most analysts tend to only focus on the short term when providing forecasts, but for popular stocks like Peloton, some have and below you can find the latest PTON stock predictions for the remainder of the decade. 

Peloton price prediction 2025

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By the middle of the decade, some experts forecast Peloton will be worth between $60 – $70, although most analysts have downgraded their targets in recent months following the stock’s poor performance. 

Peloton price prediction 2030

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At the end of the decade, some optimistic forecasts suggest that the stock could be trading at $100. That would still be considerably lower than the all time high it reached during the pandemic. It is important to remember that long term forecasts are speculative in nature and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Compare the best places to buy Peloton stock

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If you agree with the experts and believe that Peloton stock will move higher you may want to buy some for yourself. Use any of the platforms below to buy Peloton. These brokers have been selected by our experts and are top-rated for both beginners and experienced investors. 

What affects the price of PTON?

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Sales and subscribers are the two biggest revenue streams for Peloton and both affect its stock price. It runs a subscription-based model where customers pay a monthly fee to access its premium training services. It also sells a wide range of exercise equipment. Below are a few more factors that affect the price of PTON. 

  • New products. Peloton has a few flagship products, including exercise bikes and treadmills. If the company releases a new product that customers are happy with, it may see an increase in sales, which will help its revenue and stock price. New products can also have a negative impact if they are poorly received. 
  • Subscriber growth. Peloton sells products but also runs a subscription-based service where users pay a monthly fee for exercise training. Its revenue is closely linked to the number of subscribers it has and if it can increase this, then its stock will benefit. 
  • Earnings. Peloton’s quarterly earnings have missed analyst expectations for seven successive quarters. Investors and analysts will closely watch its next release. A good earnings call may help the stock recover, while a poor earnings report will likely see future losses. 

How has the Peloton price changed over time?

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The coronavirus pandemic accelerated the price of Peloton’s stock. As the world was in lockdown, Peloton experienced a surge in sales from customers wanting home exercise equipment. From when lockdowns first started, PTON stock surged 800% in the following months. However, since then, the stock has fallen substantially lower, reaching its lowest-ever price in late 2022. 

What should I do now?

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Now that you know what the expert think, you may want to buy Peloton stock for yourself. To do so, you’ll need to use an online brokerage platform and you can find our recommendations in the comparison table above. It’s also a good idea to stay up to date with the latest news and market analysis, which you can do on any of the links below. 

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