How to buy Pfizer (PFE) shares

Pfizer is a major player in pharmaceuticals and was one of the few companies to develop a coronavirus vaccine. Learn about the company's history and find out if now is a good time to invest.
Updated: Jun 13, 2022

This guide gives you the lowdown on Pfizer, its recent history and market performance, and news about the future outlook for the company. Read on to find this information as well as the best places to buy Pfizer stock online.

Where to buy Pfizer stock

If you have all the information you need and just want to know where to buy Pfizer shares, you can get started immediately by visiting one of our trusted brokers below. We’ve assessed all the best brokers and compared them so that picking the right choice for you is quick and easy.

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How to buy Pfizer stock, a step-by-step guide

You can buy PFE stock quickly and easily using any of the brokers in the table above. In the section below, we’ve explained the steps you need to follow to make your first purchase.

Choose a broker and create an account

To buy Pfizer stock you’ll find it easiest to use an online brokerage firm. Brokers act like a middleman between you and the stock exchange. Use the comparison table above to select a broker and then head over to their website and complete the steps to create an account.

Decide how much to invest

When it comes to investing, budget is key and you should only invest what you can afford to lose. Pfizer is a long established large company so its shares are considered safer than smaller stocks. That being said, the stock market can move a lot so it’s best to diversify.

Research Pfizer and its potential

Before you go ahead and place your order you’ll need to take the time to conduct well balanced research in PFE and what its future may hold. You can look at its investor relations page to find its most recent financial documents to help you judge its performance.

Place an order for PFE stock

Now you’ll be ready to palace your order for PFE stock. This is an easy process and all you need to do is search for its ticker symbol (PFE) in your broker account. If you’re happy with its price enter the number of shares you want and click the buy button.

Execute your order

Your order will usually be executed immediately, although there may be a slight delay especially if you’ve placed your order outside of market hours. Once its been executed, you can check up on its progress in the open positions area of your brokerage account.

Review your investment regularly

The stock market moves up and down a lot so it’s a good idea to check up on your investment at regular intervals. There’s no need to check its price every day (unless you’re trading for the short term).

What is Pfizer? And should I invest?

Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. It develops medicines and vaccines, and during the pandemic gained renewed global attention as it was one of the first to announce its coronavirus vaccine.

In 2021 Pfizer announced plans to spin off its consumer healthcare division into a joint venture with British pharma company GlaxoSmithKline. It has also merged its off-patent medicine division into a new entity called Viatris. Both moves are part of a strategy to slim down and focus on more innovative new medicines.

Pharma is normally a reliable investment, resistant to market shocks and offering regular returns. This might change with Pfizer’s significant structural changes, while many of its patented drugs have come to the end of their patent protection. That being said, as global recession fears gain traction in 2022, PFE could be a good stock when markets are difficult.

How has the company performed in recent years?

In the recent past Pfizer has run into a series of expiring patents on its unique medicines and a corresponding dent to its bottom line. The market didn’t respond well to its decision to split off its non-patent medicine division which, combined with a dramatic fall in sales of one of its most popular drugs when its patent expired, drove a significant downturn in 2019.

The pandemic initially saw Pfizer hit new lows, as coronavirus impacted sales as well as new vaccine development. A rollercoaster year then saw dramatic highs up to a peak of $41 as a Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine was the first COVID vaccine to be announced, before that tapered off amidst disappointment over the speed of the rollout.

Overall PFE has been a strong and steady performing stock. Since the ‘Great Recession’ ended in 2009 its shares have only really moved in one direction, up. Its stock price has increased four-fold in that time.

Is it a good time to buy Pfizer shares now?

Pfizer has a lot of moving parts that raise investment uncertainty. It has lost, or is losing, its consumer healthcare division as well as the non-patent medicine wing. It has acquired companies with innovative new oncology medicines which may offer huge potential if its research proves successful.

Pfizer’s own coronavirus vaccine earned the company a short term price boost when it was announced but its fleeting nature highlights the risks associated with this type of investment. If that proves to be successful long term, or if Pfizer develops new research, the share price is likely to benefit.

Pfizer has traditionally been a reliable dividend stock even when the share price itself has been bumpy. This is an uncertain time for the biotech industry as a whole, with traditional giants coming under pressure to compete with a medical arms race that often involves spending huge money on acquisitions.

The trade-off is pharma companies need to cut costs and raise revenues to be able to afford the vast sums these investments require and so many are either creating grand mergers or slimming down their operations. Whatever your goals as an investor, these comings and goings are important to track and you can find the latest market analysis as well as all the most recent news from Pfizer below.

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Ways to invest in PFE


  • Buy Pfizer shares. The easiest way to directly invest in Pfizer is to buy stock in the company. This way you own a piece of the business and your investment will rise and fall in line with its performance.
  • Invest in Pfizer ETFs. Exchange traded funds offer a way to invest in Pfizer while also investing in other companies. ETFs track the performance of a particular index usually following a specific sector or industry. Lots of pharma ETFs include PFE.
  • Invest in Pfizer funds or trusts. Funds are similar to ETFs although they are managed by a professional who buys and sells assets according to their own expertise. You’ll find Pfizer in a range of funds.
  • Trade Pfizer. If you plan on trading Pfizer then you’ll be more focused on its price charts and volatility over its underlying fundamentals. Lots of traders use technical analysis while making their buying and selling decisions.

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