How to buy Porsche shares

Porsche is expected to list on the stock market via an IPO in 2022. This page explains everything you need to know about the sports car maker's initial public offering and where to buy its shares.
Updated: Jun 23, 2022
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This guide outlines the key details you need to know about the Porsche IPO. We explore when it’s likely to hit the market, what its future looks like, and where to get its shares. Keep reading to learn more about the Porsche IPO. 

Porsche IPO

You cannot buy shares in Porsche yet. It is expected to IPO in the fourth quarter of 2022 although no date has yet been set and will be determined by market conditions. When it starts trading you will be able to buy its shares using an online stock broker. To learn more about IPOs and how to invest in them, visit our detailed guide here. 

When is the IPO?

The Porsche IPO is expected to take place in the fourth quarter of 2022. While no specific date has been set yet, Volkswagen AG confirmed it plans to list the iconic sports car maker at some point in quarter four of 2022. This page will be updated when the Porsche IPO date has been confirmed. 

Can I pre-order Porsche shares?

Yes, with some brokers you will be able to pre-order Porsche shares. Not all brokers let you participate in pre-order IPOs so you will need to check with yours if they do. It is usually easiest to register with an online broker that will let you buy shares as soon as they become available. 

Where can I do this?

Porsche shares may become available for pre-order with more brokers nearer to the time of its IPO. Its listing date has yet to be determined. This page will be updated with the relevant information if pre-order shares become available. 

Compare the best platforms to invest in Porsche shares

If you want to buy Porsche shares then you’ll need to use an online broker. The list below has a selection of some of the best places around to get your hands on its stock. Some of these brokers will also let you pre-order Porsche stock. Click on any of the links below to register an account and get started in just minutes:

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How to buy Porsche stock, a step-by-step guide

Buying Porsche shares isn’t a complicated process, even for new investors. The section below explains the steps you need to take to make your first purchase. 

Choose a broker and create an account

You will need to use an online broker if you want to buy Porsche stock. Check out the comparison table above for suggestions. Once you’ve found a broker you can head over to their website and follow the instructions to create an account. 

Decide how much to invest

It is recommended you split your money across a range of investments and budget is key when it comes to investing. Although Porsche has been around for a long time, it will be a newly listed company and its price volatile so you should budget accordingly. 

Research Porsche and its potential

Before investing in any company you should take the time to dive into its fundamentals so you have an idea of what its future looks like. A good place to start is checking out financials and researching competitors. 

Place an order for Porsche stock

Head over to your brokerage account and search for Porsche. You’ll be taken to its trading page where you’ll find its latest price. Enter how many shares you want to purchase and if you’re happy with its price, click the buy button. 

Execute your order

Your trade will usually be executed immediately, although there could be slight delay if you place it outside of market hours. Once it’s live you’ll be able to visit the open positions section in your brokerage account to view how it is performing. 

Review your investment regularly

Even if you plan to invest for the long term, checking your investments at regular intervals is always a good idea. That is especially the case for newly listed companies like Porsche. Make sure to keep up to date with its latest price movements and company news.

What is Porsche? And should I invest?

It is a German car manufacturer specialising in high-performance vehicles. It sells sports cars, sedans, and SUVs targeting the luxury and performance markets with some of its creations costing more than $1 million. Porsche is owned by Volkswagen AG which controls bands like Audi, Volkswagen, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Ducati among many others. 

Before investing in the Porsche IPO it will be helpful to understand why the company is listing on the stock market. Volkswagen AG is looking to move into the electric vehicle industry. To raise the funds necessary it has decided to offer shares in one of its most iconic brands which many expect will be valused close to $100 billion. 

The decision whether to invest in Porsche or not comes down to your financial goals. As there is little information about its IPO and how much each share will cost, it may be better to wait until more information is available before deciding. 

How has the company performed in recent years?

Since becoming a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group in 2012, Porsche’s revenue has grown at a strong price. In the year before Volkswagen AG took over, its revenue was just under 11 billion Euros. Since then it has increased every year, hitting over 30 billion euros in 2021.

Like all auto manufacturers, the coronavirus pandemic impacted Porsche and in 2020 it had to close its factories. This resulted in fewer cars being delivered although its revenues and sales were largely unaffected. This was despite a global chip shortage impacting many of the world’s leading car makers. 

The majority of its customers have higher disposable income and the high-end car market is better protected in times of economic downturns. Shares in its parent company climbed over 250% from mid 2020 to 2021.

Is it a good time to buy Porsche shares now?

It depends on if you have confidence in it being able to continue increasing revenue and sales going forward. You should also consider the initial price volatility that usually occurs after a company IPOs. Some businesses that have offered shares via an IPO in recent times have experienced large losses and the same could happen to Porsche. 

When it does IPO, 50% of the company will remain in the hands of Volkswagen AG, 25% will go to Porsche Automobil Holding SE, and the rest will be offered to retail investors. The way the company will be structured means outside investors will have little say in its future. This could discourage institutions from investing, which may lower demand and price. 

If you plan to invest for the long term then you should study its fundamentals and look at the wider automobile market. If you want to trade Porsche stock for short term gains then technical analysis on its price chart is recommended. Whatever you decide to do, it’s a good idea to keep up to date with the latest news and market analysis which you can find below.

Latest Porsche news

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Ways to invest in Porsche

  • Buy Porsche shares. The easiest way to invest in Porsche is to buy its shares. When you buy shares you own a piece of the company and your investments value will rise and fall in line with its performance. 
  • Invest in Porsche ETFs. Exchange traded funds are another easy way to invest in Porsche. To buy an ETF containing Porsche you will need to look at the automobile sector. You may also find it in the luxury market.
  • Invest in Porsche funds or trusts. Funds are similar to ETFs although they are managed by a professional who buys and sells assets according to their expertise. You’ll find Porsche stock included in lots of auto industry funds.
  • Trade Porsche. If you plan to trade Porsche then you’ll care more about price volatility over underlying fundamentals. Lots of traders perform technical analysis on price charts to predict short term changes in value.
  • Spread betting. Spread betting is another way to trade Porsche’s short term price movements. One key benefit of spread betting is that your profits are free from tax, however when using this way to trade, you don’t actually own any shares.

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