Rivian Automotive (RIVN) stock forecast for 2023 and beyond

Rivian Automotive is an American based electric vehicle manufacturer. On this page, find out the latest Rivian stock price forecasts from top analysts to help time your investment into it.
Updated: Apr 11, 2023

This guide takes a look at the latest price predictions for Rivian. We have collected forecasts from leading analysts for both the short and long term. Read on to learn how the experts think Rivian’s price may change in the future. 

RIVN stock forecast & price target

All analysts who have given predictions for RIVN suggest its stock price will climb. Some expect a large move higher towards $170, while others anticipate a slower move to around $94. According to the experts, the future for Rivian looks good and the majority of analysts suggest you should buy its stock. 

The average prediction of the latest 16 expert forecasts is around $131 and in the table below we’ve provided a summary of the most recent predictions. Continue reading for quotes about Rivian from leading experts and year specific predictions.

StockAverage price targetHighest targetLowest targetMajority guidance
Rivian (RIVN)$131$170$94Buy
Analyst price targets for Rivian Automotive stock, updated June 2023

Expert forecasts on the future of Rivian Automotive (RIVN)

Below we’ve selected some quotes from leading Rivian experts, which you can use to gain an insight into what the analysts think.

This company in its early days has proved a lot. It’s already producing vehicles. They’ve got an unbelievably good product, an unbelievably good strategy, great leadership, great technology, great business plan. You have to think about this five to ten years out and not in present terms.”

John Murphey, BofA $170 Price target

Our valuation is based on 4.5 times 2025 revenues of about $30 billion. Tesla is at the high-end at about 9 times and Neo at the low-end at about 2 times. Rivian is in the middle because it doesn’t have Tesla’s technology but has an incredibly strong partnership with Amazon that could make it a leader in last mile delivery.”

Emmanuel Rosner, Deutsche Bank $130 Price target

We see it as ‘the one’ that can challenge Tesla.”

Morgan Stanley Research, $147 Price target

Short term RIVN stock forecast

All analysts share the same outlook for Rivian’s short term future and expect its share price to rise. Although, how much it rises by is open for debate. Some foresee explosive growth above the $100 mark, while others see a much slower climb. Below are expert predictions for the next few years. 

Rivian Automotive stock price prediction 2023

2023 is expected to continue in the same direction as the previous year with an expected price of around $147. Forecasts from Morgan Stanley and Tigress Financial share the same opinion that Rivian’s shares will be trading at just under $150 in the short term. 

Rivian Automotive price prediction 2024

In 2024 Rivian’s share price will continue to rise to $165, that’s according to analysts at RBC Capital markets who have one of the most ambitious targets for the business. Although whether or not its price gets there or not will depend on how its relationship with one of its biggest shareholders Amazon, develops. 

Long term RIVN stock forecast

Unlike retail investors who generally take a long term view on stocks, most analysts don’t tend to provide forecasts beyond a couple of years. Although some have and below we’ve rounded up the experts’ Rivian stock price forecasts for the rest of the decade. It’s important to remember that longer term forecasts are more speculative and a lot can change in the coming years which can impact RIVNs stock price. 

Rivian Automotive price prediction 2025

It is expected that 2025 could continue where 2024 left off and Rivian Automotive shares could be trading around $170. John Murphey from BofA has that target and suggests Rivian is an investment that will take between five to ten years to play out. 

Rivian Automotive price prediction 2030

Rivian could see its stock price above $200 by the end of the decade, or even higher. Although a lot can happen up until then which could speed up or slow growth. The EV market is constantly evolving and new players are joining all the time. Speculative predictions this far out need to be treated with caution.

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What affects the price of RIVN?

Lots of factors affect the price of Rivian Automotive, although, unsurprisingly, electric vehicle sales are the biggest driver in its price. Below we have highlighted some of the most important things to look out for when analysing RIVNs price. 

  • Electric vehicle sales. Rivian’s main business is selling electric vehicles so its no surprise that the more vehicles it sells, the better its share price will perform. Although it’s not quite as simple as that, as it’s important to understand the revenue and profit it generates from each sale. 
  • Competition. The electric vehicle market is constantly growing and competition is strife. Tesla, Nio, and Lucid Motors are just some of the competitors Rivian needs to contend with. Traditional car manufacturers like Ford and Mercedes are also stepping into the already crowded electric car market. 
  • Amazon. Rivian’s second largest shareholder is Amazon so the e-commerce giant has an influence over the EV maker. The two companies have a close relationship and before Rivian’s IPO, Amazon stated it would buy 100,000 electric delivery trucks from the company. If Amazon pulls out from the deal, or starts selling shares, Rivian’s share price will be impacted. 

How has the Rivian Automotive price changed over time?

In the days following its IPO in November 2021, its shares swiftly moved higher as excitement from investors increased. However, since then, RIVN has been on a slow decline with poor earnings and Amazon deciding to buy some trucks from competitors, shares in the company have slipped below its IPO price. 

What should I do now?

Now that you have some expert Rivian Automotive stock price forecasts, you may want to consider buying shares in the company. You can check out our detailed guide on how to buy Rivian stock. Alternatively if you want to learn more about the stock market, visit our investing hub. Whatever you decide to do, it’s a good idea to keep up to date with the latest news and market analysis which you can do on the links below.

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