Tesla stock forecasts, price predictions & targets for 2024-2030

The electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla, is one of the most famous companies in the world. This page offers up the very latest Tesla price predictions to help you time your investment into it.
Updated: Oct 25, 2023

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The average Tesla stock forecast is $270. This is based on 15 Wall Street analysts offering Tesla price targets and guidance for the next 12 months. The maximum Tesla price prediction is $400, while the minimum forecast is $120.

Read on for a detailed breakdown of Tesla stock forecasts for 2024 and beyond.

TSLA stock forecast and price target

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A majority of Tesla analysts think you should buy its stock, with many believing the price can rise above $270. There is a wide disparity in expert opinions, however, and the average price prediction is around $270, thanks to a few determined outliers who foresee a steep fall back to the $100 range.

The table below provides a short summary of Tesla stock forecasts for the next decade. These are based on a combination of analyst ratings and Tesla maintaining its average annual growth rate of 92.7% over the last 10 years.

YearTesla stock forecastChange (%)
Tesla stock forecasts based on average annual growth rate, updated April 2024

Expert forecasts on the future of Tesla (TSLA)

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Analysts from major investment firms regularly offer comment and guidance about the biggest stocks to their clients. Generally, each analyst updates their guidance every few months, providing a price target and a BUY, SELL, or HOLD rating based on their level of confidence.

Here are some of the latest price targets and Tesla guidance from leading professional investors.

Stock analystTesla price targetGuidance
Canaccord Genuity$267BUY
J.P. Morgan$135SELL
Wells Fargo$250HOLD
Deutsche Bank$275BUY
RBC Capital$301BUY
TD Cowen$200HOLD
Robert W. Baird$300BUY
Morgan Stanley$380BUY
Goldman Sachs$265HOLD
Mizuho Securities$310BUY
Evercore ISI$165HOLD
Analyst price targets for Tesla stock, updated April 2024

Below are some views on the stock that you can use in combination with price target hard numbers in this article to form your opinion on Tesla’s future. 

New $1,000 price target (from $725) – no rival to get even close to Tesla in 2022”

Patrick Hummel, UBS

We’re beginning to believe that not only will Tesla take that biggest share of the electric vehicle market, we believe that it could take 20% to 25% share of the total auto market in five years,”

Cathie Wood, ARK Investment Management

The Tesla you’ll likely see over the next 12 to 18 months would demonstrate the capabilities of the trillion dollar Tesla, emphasizing step-changes in manufacturing, cost reduction […] expansion in capacity, model lineup and services offerings.”

Adam Jonas, Morgan Stanley

Short term TSLA stock forecast

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Some analysts foresee the stock climbing above $300 while others see weakness and a fall down below $20 over the next few months and years. The big question is whether Tesla can continue to justify its current valuation, which is significantly larger than all other automotive manufacturers.

This is the latest Tesla stock sentiment for the next month, based on a range of technical indicators including trading volume, moving averages, and oscillators.

This graphic is merely a representation of the latest technical analysis and does not constitute financial advice.

Below is a summary of some expert Tesla stock price forecasts for the next two years.

Tesla stock price prediction 2023

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In 2023, the average Tesla stock price forecast is $270. The stock has already rallied 180% from its 2023 lows and the general consensus among Wall Street analysts is its price will close the year at around $270. That stock price forecast is slightly lower than what experts at Deutsche Bank predict, with a price target of $285.

Tesla price prediction 2024

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The Tesla stock forecast for 2024 is $400. The majority of analyst ratings are to buy TSLA shares and one of the biggest names on Wall Street, Morgan Stanley, is bullish on the stock with a $400 price prediction. Many predictions are based on the fact that Tesla expects to increase sales by 50% annually, which would help the company to keep increasing its share price up into the thousands of dollars.

Long term TSLA stock forecast

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Most longer term Tesla stock forecasts have the stock priced at between $1000 and $5000. You should note that predictions beyond the next couple of years are more speculative but it is possible to estimate the size of the electric vehicle market and price Tesla accordingly. Below are some future price targets for the next decade.

Tesla price prediction 2025

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$2,000 is one Tesla stock forecast in 2025, based on their share of the EV market growing considerably over the next few years. ARK analysts estimated that the company could sell around 10 million cars by then, a 20 times increase on its 2020 performance.

Tesla stock forecast 2030

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Perhaps the most optimistic Tesla stock prediction of all has the EV maker’s share price at around $45,000 by 2030, a fifty-fold increase on the 2021 figure. The company would be worth $1.5 trillion by that reckoning.

Compare the best places to buy Tesla stock

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What affects the price of TSLA?

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Tesla, Inc. is among the most popular companies for investors and speculators in the stock market. Understanding the various factors influencing its value is crucial for investors, analysts, and traders. From Elon Musk’s Twitter activity to global supply chains, several key elements play a role in determining the movements of Tesla stock.

  • Electric vehicle sales. One of the biggest drivers of Tesla’s stock price is its electric vehicle sales. Tesla is a pioneer in the EV industry and has consistently reported impressive sales figures. The market’s perception of Tesla’s ability to meet or exceed its delivery targets can lead to significant price movements. Investors and Wall Street analysts closely monitor quarterly sales figures and forecasts to gauge the company’s growth potential.
  • Supply chain resilience. Tesla’s global supply chain is another factor influencing its stock price. Any disruptions in the supply chain, such as shortages of key components or production delays, can directly impact the company’s stock price. Market analysts pay close attention to supply chain updates to assess potential risks.
  • Elon Musk’s influence. Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, often makes headlines with his tweets and public statements. His social media activity has been known to affect Tesla’s stock price positively and negatively. Musk’s announcements about new products, production milestones, or even personal investments can lead to sharp fluctuations in TSLA stock. Investors keenly follow his updates, sometimes even leading to short-term market swings.
  • Bitcoin holdings. In early 2021, Tesla made headlines by announcing a significant investment in Bitcoin. This move was seen as a diversification of Tesla’s assets and a sign of increasing acceptance of cryptocurrencies. Any developments related to Tesla’s Bitcoin holdings can influence TSLA stock, reflecting the company’s financial strategy and willingness to embrace new technologies and assets.
  • Competition in the EV space. The EV market has intensified over the years, with traditional automakers and new entrants competing for market share. News of competitors’ EV successes or innovations can impact Tesla’s stock price. Analysts evaluate Tesla’s competitive position, market share, and product pipeline to assess its long-term growth prospects.
  • Analyst consensus and forecasts. Wall Street analysts closely follow Tesla’s performance and issue recommendations and forecasts. Analyst consensus and target price estimates can sway investor sentiment. Positive analyst sentiment and upgraded stock predictions can boost TSLA stock, while negative assessments may lead to declines. Keep an eye on analyst ratings and their 12-month projections for valuable insights.

How has the Tesla stock price changed over time?

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Tesla stock has surged in value over the last couple of years. Prior to the pandemic, in early 2020, it was trading at $100. Within two years each share was worth over $1000 and the stock broke its all time high twice in 2021.

Those steep rises are a Tesla trademark, as are similar sharp falls in price. While it does particularly well with younger, tech or climate-focused investors, a lot of its price is based on hype, often driven by Musk’s comments. Any negative news can slam the brakes on and it’s not uncommon to see fluctuations of multiple percentage points in a single day.

What should I do now?

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To learn more about how to invest you can visit our pages and guides about stocks, or you can look through our guide on how to buy Tesla stock. Alternatively, you can use the links below to read the latest Tesla Inc. news, view its current price, or click the button to buy shares right away.

Register and buy Tesla stock

Latest Tesla news

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