Twitter stock price forecast for 2022 and beyond

Social media platform Twitter is set to become a private company following Elon Musk's takeover bid being accepted. This page offers the latest Twitter stock price forecasts before it goes private.
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Prash Raval
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Updated: May 12, 2022

This guide explores the most recent Twitter stock price forecasts from leading financial analysts. The company is expected to fall into private hands by the end of 2022 which gives investors a short period of time to profit from its share price. Read on to learn more. 

TWTR stock forecast & price target

Most experts suggest holding Twitter shares. The general consensus is that its share price may not move too much in the future. However, Elon Musk’s takeover could make Twitter a volatile stock. Below we’ve summarised the latest price forecasts including an average prediction and high and low targets.

StockAverage price targetHighest targetLowest targetMajority guidance
Twitter (TWTR)$50$75$30Hold
Analyst price targets for Twitter stock, updated May 2022.

Expert forecasts on the future of Twitter (TWTR)

Below are a collection of quotes from leading TWTR stock analysts helping you gain an insight into what the experts think. 

Twitter is a unique asset having carved out a differentiated value proposition as the go-to source of real-time digital news

Benjamin Black, Deutsche Bank

Musk is looking to own Twitter. And I ultimately believe, for the board, it’s their worst nightmare.

Dan Ives, Wedbush

Investors will be pleased” [with Twitter’s report of in-line Q3 revenue and its Q4 revenue growth guidance]

Brent Thill, Jefferies

Short term TWTR forecast

The general sentiment among forecasters is Twitter’s stock price will see little movement in the short term. Although the recent announcement of Elon Musk’s takeover is expected to increase volatility in its share price. While the deal has been confirmed it is not anticipated to be finalised until the end of 2022. Below is a summary of predictions for the short term. 

Twitter stock price prediction 2022

Twitter’s stock price forecast is $54.20 in 2022. That’s the price Elon Musk has agreed to pay per share in his $44 billion takeover deal. $54.20 is also inline with the average forecasted price by leading analysts, who expect $50 this year. 

Twitter stock price prediction 2023

In 2023 Twitter shares could be worth $54.20. It is unlikely that the company will be publicly traded at this time. However, if the takeover deal takes longer than expected to complete, then 2023 could be when it goes through. 

Long term TWTR forecast

Not many analysts tend to provide long term forecasts, although for well known companies like Twitter, some have. Below we’ve summarised price predictions for the remainder of the decade. It’s important to note that Twitter may well have become a private company before these targets have a chance to materialise. 

Twitter price prediction 2024

There is a range of TWTR stock price forecasts between $50 – $70 by 2024. Analysts at both Susquehanna Financial and Morgan Stanley predict $59 for the social media company’s share price. 

Twitter price prediction 2025

In 2025 Twitter’s share price could be between $60 – $80. In late 2021, experts at JP Morgan lowered their price target from $86 to $70, which is still much higher than the average forecasted price. 

Twitter price prediction 2030

No analysts have given predictions this far into the future. It’s more than likely Twitter will be under the control of a private entity, Elon Musk, by this time. 

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What affects the price of TWTR?

Users and revenues are the two largest drivers of its share price movements. The more users it has the more confidence investors tend to have in its future. Similarly, strong revenues result in a higher share price. More recently, speculation of a takeover has been affecting Twitter’s share price. Below are a few of the most important factors that impact its price. 

  • Elon Musk takeover. In the space of just two weeks in April 2022, Elon Musk bought a 10% stake in Twitter before striking a deal to buy the whole company. Its share price reacted positively to the news and saw an increase in movement. 
  • Users. Twitter went public in 2013 with around 200 million users. By 2022 that number has grown close to 400 million. As it is a social media network, users are the backbone of its success and are a leading driver in its share price. 
  • Revenue. Its revenues have grown year on year for the past decade. In 2011 Twitter’s revenue was around $100 million. In 2021, revenues were over $4.5 billion. If it is able to continue generating large amounts of revenue, a strong stock price will follow. 

How has the Twitter price changed over time?

It’s been mostly slow moving without any real direction. It closed its first day of trading in 2013 at $44.90 a share. Since then, its price has dipped to as low as $14 and as high as $80. In April 2022 when Elon Musk announced he had bought a 9% stake in the company, shares jumped 27%. When his deal to take it private was confirmed, its stock price moved by 5%. 

What should I do now?

If you want to buy shares in Twitter you can check out our guide to learn more. Alternatively, you can visit our investing hub where you can find educational content relating to the stock market and investing. Whatever you decide to do, it’s a good idea to keep up to date with the latest news which you can do on any of the links below.

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