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You can work out how much money an investment might make over time using our simple investment calculator.
Updated: Oct 11, 2022

The Invezz investment calculator can help you work out how much you can gain from a stock market investment or bond purchase over a set period of time. Keep reading to find out how the calculator works and how it can help you with your finances.

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How to use our investment calculator

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To use our investment calculator, just follow these steps:

  1. Enter the initial amount you plan to invest.
  2. Enter the time frame you want to see (e.g. 10 years).
  3. Enter the return or interest rate you expect per year as a percentage.
  4. Enter the amount of any extra deposits you plan to make each month (if any).

How the investment calculator works

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The Invezz investment calculator takes all the information you enter about a planned investment, and displays how much your investment could be worth at the end of the given time period, along with your total deposits and interest accrued.

Why should I use it?

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Our investment calculator can help you better plan your financial future. Before making an investment you want to ensure you expect healthy returns over time, otherwise, it would be best to look for another place to put your money.

What is a stock? 

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Stock is the available portion of a company placed on a stock exchange. It is sold for capital by a company that gives out small ownership stakes to investors, in the form of shares. For the companies that issue shares, it’s an opportunity to raise capital for future expenditures and grow the company. For investors, it’s a chance to buy a piece of a potential winning company, and hopefully, realise gains if those investors sell that stock at a higher price than their initial purchase price. Learn more about stocks here.

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