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Work out how much money you need to put aside in a pension to achieve your goals for retirement with this simple pension calculator.
Updated: Oct 11, 2022

The Invezz pension calculator matches up your goals with important demographic and financial information to help you plan for retirement. Read on to see how our pension calculator works, and how it can help you transition smoothly into life after work.

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How to use our pension calculator

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To use our pension calculator, follow these steps:

  1. Enter in the amount of money you would like to receive annually upon retirement, based on basic living needs, a desire for a more luxurious lifestyle, or a combination of both.
  2. Enter in the amount of money you’re currently projected to receive annually upon retirement.
  3. Enter in your current age.
  4. Enter in your retirement age.
  5. Enter in your monthly contributions to your pension plan.
  6. If you plan to make a significant one-time contribution to your pension plan, enter that in too.
  7. Enter in your employer’s monthly contribution to your pension plan, if applicable.
  8. Click calculate to see your results.

How the pension calculator works

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The Invezz pension calculator takes key pieces of information such as financial goals, current financial status, and time horizon, tallies up all of those factors, and then delivers results that show what you’ll need to do to meet your financial goals upon retirement.

Why should I use it?

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With breakthrough advances in healthcare, human beings are living longer than ever. That means if you plan to retire at, say, age 65, you might realistically have to plan for 30 years of living beyond that age. Given those new parameters, it’s never too early to start thinking about retirement. 

Planning for that many years means being proactive and disciplined in your approach to budgeting, and saving money. Our pension calculator is designed to simplify that task for you.

What is a pension? 

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A pension is a regular payment made during a person’s retirement from an investment fund started by that person’s employer, be it a private business or a government agency. Those regular payments are meant to support people once they stop working, making it feasible for countries to institute legal retirement ages and for workers to live their lives relatively comfortably once they do retire.

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