Pip calculator

This easy-to-use pip value calculator can help you figure out the value per pip when trading forex or other assets.

The Invezz pip calculator is designed to quantify what each pip means when you’re a trader seeking to make a profit in the forex market. Keep reading to see how our pip calculator works.

How to use our pip calculator

To use our pip calculator, follow these steps:

  • Enter in the currency pair you plan to trade (for instance GBP/USD).
  • Enter the currency you’ve deposited into your account that you use to trade.
  • Enter the ask price on the trade you’re planning to execute.
  • Enter the size of the position you plan to take.
  • Click calculate, and our calculator will tell you the value of each pip.

How the pip calculator works

Our pip calculator uses up-to-date foreign currency exchange rates and the ask price of a trade to calculate how much each pip is worth for a forex trader in the currency he’s using to make their trades.

Why should I use it?

Spreads matter a lot for forex traders, who often find success simply by realising small profits on their trades when spread betting. That’s why it’s important to know the precise value of a pip for your planned trade, so you know exactly the price you’re paying and what the spread on that trade means for your budget and your portfolio.

What is a pip? 

A pip measures the spread between the bid and ask prices in the exchange rate for a currency pair being traded on the foreign exchange (forex) market. Most currency pairs are calculated to four decimal places, and pips are calculated using the last decimal point.

Written by: Jonah Keri
Jonah Keri is a trader and analyst who spent 11 years at Investor's Business Daily covering the markets. He now writes about stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other investments for Invezz and about emerging technologies for private clients.