Retirement calculator

Use this retirement calculator to figure out what your financial situation will be once you have finished working, and when you might be able to retire.
Updated: Oct 11, 2022

The Invezz retirement calculator helps you plan for retirement, allowing you to analyse your current situation in order to determine when you can retire and helping you meet specific financial goals for a comfortable retirement. Keep reading to see how our retirement calculator works.

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How to use our retirement calculator

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To use our retirement calculator, just follow these steps:

  1. Enter your date of birth.
  2. Enter your target retirement age.
  3. Select your gender.
  4. Enter the current value of your pension pot.
  5. Enter the amount you’re making in annual contributions to your pension.
  6. Enter the amount your employer is contributing (if applicable).
  7. Click calculate to see your results.

How the retirement calculator works

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The Invezz retirement calculator crunches key pieces of data such as your financial goals, current financial status, and the length of time until your retirement. It then shows you what your retirement income will look like and helps you figure out when it’s financially viable for you to stop working.

Why should I use it?

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To plan for the future. You could easily live two, three, or more decades after retiring. That means you have to make sure you have the money to live, and live comfortably. Our retirement calculator allows you to see what your finances will be like in retirement so that you can focus on earning and saving for that future date.

What is retirement? 

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Retirement is the act of ending your career, usually to pursue a more leisurely lifestyle. Different countries may have different legal retirement ages, and you may also choose to retire before or after you reach that age. Whatever the case, it’s important to make sure you have enough money to retire, given that your steady income days may be coming to an end at that point.

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