Stamp duty calculator

Using our simple stamp duty calculator, you can find out how stamp duty land tax can affect your total tax burden.
Updated: Oct 11, 2022

The Invezz stamp duty calculator lets you determine how much stamp duty you need to pay on property purchases, and what it will mean for your budget. Keep reading to see how our stamp duty calculator works.

How to use our stamp duty calculator

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To calculate the impact of paying vs. not paying stamp duty, follow these steps:

  1. Enter in the purchase price of your property.
  2. Indicate if this is your primary home, or a second home/investment property.
  3. Click calculate.

How the stamp duty calculator works

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Our stamp duty calculator works by assessing what kind of property you own, then telling you the cost of the stamp duty you’ll have to pay based on your answer. It takes into account current tax laws and regulations to help you find out how much you might owe.

Why should I use it?

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It’s all about budget, and knowing exactly how much your home purchase will cost. If you know that you’re going to save several thousand pounds on stamp duty, you’ll have capital available that you wouldn’t have before. You can then put that money to good use, paying off debts or investing in potentially profitable assets.

What is stamp duty? 

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Stamp duty is a tax applied to the purchase of properties (or documents). The name comes from the old practice of placing a physical stamp onto a document to indicate that the stamp duty had been paid before the document in question became legally effective. More modern versions of the stamp duty no longer require an actual stamp.

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