How Invezz makes money

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Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Invezz generates revenue from three main sources: affiliation, ad serving, and brand coverage. These all represent different forms of advertising and are how we are able to keep the website free to read.

Below is a more detailed summary of each of our revenue sources and what they look like in practice.


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Affiliation means that we partner with companies that offer financial services and make money for referring customers to their platform. In practice, this means that if you follow a link or button on Invezz that takes you to another platform, it may be that they register that you came from our website and pay us a commission.

Any link that involves a partnership is clearly displayed on the website in one of two ways; as an affiliate link or in a comparison table.

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Affiliate links may be presented as an in-text link or a button. Here is an example of a text link:

Here is an example of a button link:

Comparison tables

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Across Invezz, you will find comparison tables that display the features of different products (e.g. online brokers, trading tools, or cryptocurrency wallets) against each other. While all the reviews of these products published on Invezz are accurate and unbiased, the tables may feature companies that we are affiliated with.

This has no bearing on how these products are discussed in our content, and we also do not enter into deals with platforms we do not regard to be secure and trustworthy. 

Here is an example of a comparison table:

Ad serving

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Ad serving is a form of paid promotion where a company pays to be displayed in a certain position on the website. We limit the number of adverts on Invezz to ensure a clean and uncluttered reading experience, but you may occasionally see banner ads or custom ad placement of certain partners.

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A banner ad is an advertisement that may be placed in our beside our regular content. Some example of banner ads can be seen below.

Custom ad slots

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A custom ad slot is very similar to a banner ad. A partner may pay for their service to be displayed in a specific position alongside our content. Here is an example of this type of placement.

Brand coverage

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We cover most news naturally, but many brands want to get their message to our readers and are willing to pay to have their news stories covered editorially on Invezz. If we feel the topic is relevant to our readers then we may choose to cover the story, although we always maintain editorial control.

There are two other ways in which we make money from our news coverage; sponsored content and press syndication.

News editorials

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News editorials are regular pieces of news coverage and appear identical to the reader. The only difference is that we may have been paid to cover the story. We only cover stories that are relevant and of interest to our readership.

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This type of content means that a brand has paid to display a particular post in a prominent spot on the website. This type of article is always marked as a paid for, promotional, or sponsored post.

Press syndication

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Press syndicates organise the distribution of news stories across a wide range of leading websites. The syndication services pay to have those stories covered and Invezz partners with some in the financial and crypto space so that we receive and publish relevant stories about emerging companies and trends in those sectors.

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