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Maintaining high standards.
Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Invezz is driven by our belief that financial freedom is achievable for everyone as long as they have access to the right information. 

This page lays out the values and standards upheld by Invezz when publishing content. These guidelines ensure we never waver from helping our users make smarter decisions with their money.

Our editorial values

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Invezz is a place where people can find reliable, unbiased information about finance, trading, and investing. We abide by three core values that shape the content published across the site: accuracy, honesty, and simplicity.


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The most important part of our editorial approach is that everything published on Invezz must be accurate. Our users come to us for vital information about how to improve their financial circumstances; it’s crucial we don’t let them down.


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To be of most value to our users, all content on Invezz must be honest, unbiased, and transparent. We’re not here to push people in certain directions, but to provide them with honest facts so they can make informed decisions.


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Finally, Invezz is committed to providing reliable information to everyone – regardless of their existing knowledge of finance. We make sure that all content is easy to understand so that our services are accessible to anyone who needs them.

Code of ethics

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At Invezz we hold ourselves to high ethical standards. We ensure that all our journalists uphold the Society of Professional Journalists’ four principle foundations of ethical journalism: accuracy and fairness, minimising harm, acting independently, and being both accountable and transparent. Additionally, we abide by the codes of ethics laid out by the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing (SABEW), including acting with integrity, disclosing any personal investments, and using social media responsibly.

Content that appears on Invezz is intended to be used for educational and informational purposes only and should not be treated as financial advice. If you’re seeking qualified investment advice, then contact an attorney, accountant, financial advisor, or other certified financial professionals.

Our process for publishing content

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We have a large team of experienced writers and editors who work together to publish content that meets our guidelines and values. 

Our writers are constantly writing new pages for Invezz, with every news piece, guide, or review being checked by one of our editors before being published. In addition to this, we carry out ongoing reviews of existing content to see if updates need to be made in case information has gone out of date.

We follow a simple 6-step process to ensure that quality is always maintained across Invezz, and that any errors are found and fixed quickly and efficiently. Here’s a summary of the steps each piece of content goes through, with further explanation of our process in the ‘Quality Standards’ section below:

  1. Research
  2. Write 
  3. Fact check
  4. Edit
  5. Publish 
  6. Review regularly

Quality standards

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Our brand is defined by the quality of the information on Invezz, and the editorial team focuses on four key areas to ensure standards never slip: research, editing, fact-checking, and corrections.


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Every piece published on Invezz is thoroughly researched to ensure accuracy. This can take the form of registering for a service and using the platform before writing a review, finding all the information most useful for a reader if composing a guide, or interviewing relevant authoritative sources before publishing a news article about the financial markets.

Invezz’s purpose is to make essential financial information accessible and understandable, so our editors and writers always ensure they’re well-versed in any topic before writing an article for the site.


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After an article has been completed, it is reviewed by another member of the team who will investigate any assertions made in the article/guide to ensure that the writer has carried out their research accurately. This is an integral part of our process for ensuring that any information published on Invezz is correct and reliable for our users. 

Given the importance of accuracy to Invezz, thorough fact-checking is central to our ethos. Users expect to be able to use the information on our website to make decisions about their financial future, so it’s pivotally important to ground our content in fact.


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Once a piece has been written and fact-checked, it is passed to one of our editors to be reviewed. In this step of the process, an experienced member of our team will check that the quality of writing is up to the standards of Invezz, eliminate any typos or other errors in the text, and feedback to the writer for improvements if necessary. 

This step of the process ensures that content is not merely accurate, but also simple-to-understand and accessible. We pride ourselves on answering relevant questions quickly and directly, and making complex topics understandable for all our readers. This requires accurate information, but also a friendly style that anyone can understand.


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Despite our thorough editorial process, mistakes do occasionally happen. To mitigate this our team takes time each week to read old content and search for errors or information that needs updating. If something published on the site turns out to be false, it is edited and updated immediately as a priority for our team.

We’re also grateful for the help of our users, who get in touch to alert the team in the rare event they discover corrections that need to be made. If you spot anything incorrect or out-of-date when reading Invezz, please contact us and we will fix the issue right away.

Assessing our contributors

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Invezz has a large number of contributors that help drive our thriving news environment forwards. Each writer that publishes work on Invezz is reviewed and interviewed by a member of the editorial team, and their work goes through the editorial process outlined above. 

This being said, writers’ opinions are their own and do not reflect the views of Invezz. If any content is published which is incorrect, offensive, or otherwise falls short of our standards we will edit/remove the piece immediately and review our relationship with the contributor who wrote it.

Advertising disclosure

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Invezz allows brands to advertise on our website, but all advertising decisions are taken separately from the editorial process. The purpose of our content is to be unbiased and accurate, and the editorial team ensures that content-related decisions are taken according to our values.

Additionally, the design team works to make ads as unintrusive as possible and limit the number of advertisements on each page. All adverts on the site are clearly labelled ‘advertisement’ or ‘sponsored,’ and there is also a disclosure on every relevant page which explains our relationship with our affiliate partners.

Keep reading for a breakdown of the ways in which Invezz generates revenue, in addition to a list of the partners with whom we currently have affiliate deals.

How we make money

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Invezz makes money from a combination of affiliate deals, comparison deals, advertising, and covering press releases. This allows us to make Invezz completely free to use and to limit the amount of disruptive pop-ups and ads.

More about how we make money >

How can I contact the editorial team?

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If you have further questions about our editorial process, or any other query for the team, then please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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