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Invezz is built around an ambition to provide accurate, unbiased information about finance. We do this to help users invest their money wisely, and it wouldn’t be possible without our team of experienced writers.

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These are the people who ensure Invezz’s users always have access to the best quality information. Their years of experience in every aspect of finance and investing is what makes Invezz the go-to place for financial content.

Wajeeh Khan
31,585 contributions
Wajeeh is a News Reporter at Invezz covering the European, Asian and North American stock markets. Wajeeh has 6 years of experience in financial journalism and has previously written for Trading Education, The Dog of Wall Street, and Crypto2Community.
Crispus Nyaga
Market Analyst
29,586 contributions
Crispus is a Financial Analyst for Invezz covering the stock, cryptocurrency and forex markets. He’s an experienced analyst with more than 8 years of industry experience. His analysis is featured on industry leaders including,  SeekingAlpha, Forbes, InvestingCube,, and, to name a few.
James Knight
Editor of Education
27,529 contributions
James is the Editor of Education for Invezz, where he covers topics from across the financial world, from the stock market, to cryptocurrency, to macroeconomic markets. His main focus is on improving financial literacy among casual investors. He has been with Invezz since the start of 2021 and has been the editor in charge of educational content since the autumn of that year. He has also written for the likes of CNBC, the British Heart Foundation, and FourFourTwo magazine. James received a Master's degree with Distinction from Birkbeck College, University of London, in 2023.
Ali Raza
15,470 contributions
Ali is a News Reporter at Invezz covering the cryptocurrency markets and blockchain industry. He has 10 years of experience writing about cryptocurrencies, technology, and trading. His work can be found in various high-profiled investment sites including CCN,, BeInCrypto, Bitcoinist, and NewsBTC.
Charles Thuo
7,179 contributions
Charles is a News Reporter for Invezz. He holds a degree in mechatronic engineering but was intrigued by the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. He has written numerous articles and guides on how different blockchain networks work for several platforms including 101 Blockchains.
Jinia Shawdagor
5,300 contributions
Jinia is a Reporter at Invezz covering the cryptocurrency market and blockchain industry. With years of experience, she has written about cryptocurrencies for Cointelegraph, CryptoSlate, Global Coin Report, among others. She also has experience in writing about the fintech and iGaming markets.
Benson Toti
5,048 contributions
Benson is a News Reporter at Invezz handling breaking news, interviews and market analysis. He made his first investment in stocks 2008 and has remained active in the investment world since. Benson entered the Bitcoin and the crypto space in 2017, and has written educational articles and news content for several publications, including The Coin Habit and CoinJournal. He has also worked with Bitcoin Insider and TechinAfrica.
Collaborations Publisher
4,091 contributions
Invezz Collaborations is our group profile for Collaborations with other companies & partners. The team work with many partners to produce data, statistics, and research driven content to inform users. Note: often, the editorial staff of Invezz have no role in the creation of the content posted under this author. We do not hold responsibility for its contents, nor is the content intended as financial advice. 
Dan Ashmore, CFA
Head of Research
3,645 contributions
Dan was our Head of Research until 2023, when he parted to join a crypto hedge fund. Previously worked as an investment analyst within the alternative investment arena of aviation finance in Ireland. He has appeared regularly on CNBC talking markets, with his analysis also featuring in publications such as Bloomberg and the Financial Times. His book, Bitcoin, Money & Human Beings, is now out, analysing humanity's relationship with money and whether Bitcoin has a place in an investment portfolio.
Newton Gitonga
3,246 contributions
Newton is a News Reporter at Invezz, covering crypto news and interviews. He was attracted to the investment space after witnessing various market events, including Bitcoin halving, crypto’s growing acceptance as legal tender, and Brexit among others. Newton has previously worked for Tuko News, covering the latest happenings in the local Kenyan markets.
Charlie Hancox
Financial Writer
2,892 contributions
Charlie is a Financial Writer for Invezz. He covers commodities, cryptocurrencies, and breaking news. Prior to joining Invezz he helped grow Crux Investor into the fastest-growing mining platform in the world. He's interviewed CEOs of billion-dollar commodities companies, and is an avid investor and trader in commodities, stocks and cryptocurrencies.
Ruchi Gupta
2,759 contributions
Ruchi is a News Reporter at Invezz covering the US stock market. She is located in India but has been following and analyzing American public companies for more than 15 years. Previously, she worked at Businessday Nigeria and has written content for Insider Monkey and Zacks Investment Research.
Diya Poddar
Financial Journalist & Reporter
2,585 contributions
Diya is a Financial Journalist & Reporter for Invezz covering the stock markets, economy, and crypto news. During her time in the field, she has honed her news reporting skills by interacting with numerous business leaders and financial experts. Her penchant for deep dives and investigative stories has got her featured in several online media outlets including the Financial Express, Bitcoin Insider, and
Prash Raval
Financial Writer
2,522 contributions
Prash is a financial writer for Invezz covering FX, the stock market and investing. For over a decade he has traded spot FX full time while running an educational service helping novice traders learn the markets. He has a keen interest in micro and small cap stocks.
Katya Stead
Financial Journalist & Reporter
1,551 contributions
Katya is a Financial Journalist & Reporter at Invezz, where she covers breaking news and analysis for various markets around the world. With a career in news and finance writing spanning nearly a decade, she is passionate about giving readers the bigger picture when it comes to finance. Katya's work has appeared in numerous publications around the world, including the Independent, the Mail & Guardian, the Africa Report, Insurance Day, ELLE magazine, Pepperstone, IG Markets, and many more.
Shivam Kaushik
Commodities Analyst
942 contributions
Shivam is a Market Analyst for Invezz covering the economy and commodities market. Shivam began his financial analysis career in Mumbai where he analysed state budgets  and wrote daily macroeconomic reviews. More recently, he writes weekly reports on global crude oil trends. His work is featured in BloombergQuint, Financial Express, and The Hindu, among other leading Indian outlets.
Press Syndication
904 contributions
Harsh Vardhan
Editor of News
886 contributions
Harsh is the Lead News Editor at Invezz, where he handles end-to-end news operations. With nearly a decade of experience in the financial news media, his prime focus is to ensure quality-driven fast-paced news for the readers. Harsh has worked for leading media houses such as the Times Group and Business Standard.
Ritesh A.
Market Analyst & Pro-Trader
706 contributions
Ritesh is a Market Analyst & Pro-Trader for Invezz, covering the stocks, forex, and commodities markets. With over a decade of experience in fundamental and technical analysis, Ritesh is proficient in financial and quantitative research, financial modelling, and valuations. He handles GAAP, IFRS numbers, and financial statements from around the world with ease. Ritesh has crafted multiple trading models and strategies based on technical indicators to successfully navigate equity and commodity markets. His work has been featured on major financial platforms, including Benzinga, Insider Monkey, and Seeking Alpha.
Theodor Tonca
Financial Writer
476 contributions
Theodor is a Financial Writer for Invezz, reviewing, testing and scrutinizing financial products. He is a former financial analyst and investment partnership founder with over 10 years of direct investing experience and more than 8 years of published writing experience.
Pooja Kadia
Financial Writer
388 contributions
Pooja is a financial writer for Invezz. She has held the positions of Content Head at more than 7 companies. She has written for prominent cryptocurrency platforms, worked across more than 20 blockchain use-cases, prepared content for the launch of 4 crypto IDOs, and has regularly presented on the theme of Disruptive Technologies at seminars and webinars around the world.
Rony Roy
355 contributions
Rony is a Crypto Reporter at Invezz covering the crypto, altcoin and blockchain technology space. With over seven years of experience in covering crypto and fintech news, Rony has a keen eye for detail when about anything crypto. His goal is to cut through the clutter of jargon and unverified information and provide in-depth and accurate news to his readers. Rony has contributed to major crypto platforms such as, WazirX, Coin Edition, Cryptoknowmics, and several others during his time as a journalist.
Ekta Mourya
280 contributions
Ekta is a Crypto Reporter at Invezz, covering the latest developments in the crypto markets. With nearly six years of experience in crypto analysis and research, Ekta has a thorough understanding of the market and aims to demystify complicated news updates for readers with easy-to-read pieces. Recognized as one of the Rising Women in Crypto by Wirex, Ekta has worked with news organizations such as AMBCrypto and FXStreet.
Asad Ullah
104 contributions
Asad is a Pro-Trader for Invezz, delivering trading ideas, financial analysis and opinions. He is an experienced financial analyst with more than 6 years of experience trading Forex, Gold and Crypto. Asad has significant experience in technical analysis, and is a seasoned trading signals provider.
Michael Charalambous
Director, Pro-Trader & Investor
88 contributions
Michael is the Director of Invezz, a pro-trader, and crypto enthusiast. His main responsibilities are to oversee the's strategy and growth. He has led start-ups, comparison brands and marketing strategies in a variety of industries for over 15 years. He is the co-founder of Kinetic Investments and his experience spans investing, trading, product marketing, and business operations.
Richard Stutely
Fact Checker & Economist
86 contributions
Richard is a Fact Checker for Invezz who ensures all our reviews and guides are accurate and unbiased. He is a best-selling international business author whose career in finance spans multiple decades and countries, from the UK, to the Middle East, to Asia, with a little attention to the USA along the way. Richard has worked in both the public and private sector throughout his long career. At HM Treasury, he briefed the Prime Minister's office on domestic and global financial developments and was involved in the UK's first bond issue in the USA. He subsequently went on to work in the private sector, as an investment banker with stockbrokers acquired by Shearson Lehman American Express and Chase and then as Chief Economist at Burgan Bank. He has written five bestselling books that have been published in over a dozen languages, including The Definitive Business Plan, The Definitive Guide to Business Finance, and the Economist Guide to Economic Indicators. He has written for the Economist, The Banker, Director, Accountancy, Asian Finance, and many respected academic journals.
Invezz Team
Editorials Publisher
81 contributions
Invezz Team is our group profile for Editors & Analysts. The team consistently ensure our content is of the highest quality, and the content here is the fruit of the collective efforts of our journalists, analysts and researchers.
Palash Rakshit
59 contributions
Palash is a Pro-Trader for Invezz, focusing on providing crypto trading signals. Palash is a professional full time trader, trading since 2009. His experience spans trading forex, crypto and the stock market, utilising both fundamental and technical analysis to perform trades.
Durgesh Pandey
59 contributions
Durgesh is a Pro-Trader for Invezz, delivering trading ideas, financial analysis and opinions. He is an experienced financial analyst with more than 7 years of experience trading forex, gold and crypto. Durgesh has significant experience in technical analysis, and is a seasoned trading signals provider.
31 contributions
Andrea Bellani
20 contributions
Andrea is a Pro-Trader for Invezz, specialising in the stock market. After 12 years working for big fashion brands as a Project Manager and Data Analyst, Andrea switch careers paths to became a Certified Financial Analyst and Prop-Day Trader. For the last 4+ years, Andrea has offered trading solutions, signals services, and programming technical indicators and market scans with the aim of providing his audience with the best possible swing trading setups.
Maja Milovanovic
Data Analyst & PR
12 contributions
Maja is a Data Analyst for Invezz. Following her graduation from university, Maja spent two years teaching English as a Second Language to children before delving into the realms of research and digital Public Relations (PR). 
Nemanja Marinkov
Data Analyst & PR
12 contributions
Nemanja is a Data Analyst for Invezz, boasting a solid background in marketing and SEO. His professional journey has been shaped by his unwavering passion for crafting compelling narratives, all intricately supported by data. With an acute eye for detail and a knack for uncovering insights hidden within complex datasets, Nemanja is dedicated to transforming raw information into engaging and insightful stories.
Delyana Georgieva
Data Analyst
10 contributions
Delyana is a Data Analyst at Invezz, an experienced market researcher and content creator. Prior to joining Invezz, she worked at marketing agencies and for an online course provider. Working with both primary and secondary data, Delyana is dedicated to transforming complex datasets into user-friendly stories.
Priya Jain
Data Analyst
9 contributions
Priya is a Data Analyst for Invezz, an accomplished writer and data enthusiast who transforms complex statistical insights into compelling articles that inform and engage readers. She has written articles across diverse subjects, presenting data-driven narratives with precision and clarity. She has been writing professionally for over nine years, and her experience spans finance, investing, SaaS, and digital marketing.
Noris Soto
2 contributions
Noris is a News Reporter at Invezz focusing on the European & LATAM markets, where she covers news in economy, finance, crypto, and corporate. With almost 14 years of experience in financial journalism, she is a seasoned journalist who thrives on in-depth field reporting and going to the root of all stories. Noris has worked with leading publications across her career such as Bloomberg, The Independent, and Republica.
Vatsala Gaur
Financial Journalist & Reporter
0 contributions
Vatsala is a Financial Journalist & Reporter at Invezz where she covers the economy, stocks, commodities, and corporate developments. A seasoned reporter, Vatsala has been at the forefront of Worldwide and Indian corporate news for over 8 years. She has previously worked with India’s leading financial newspaper The Economic Times.
Braden Busch
0 contributions
0 contributions
0 contributions
0 contributions
Robert VandenBorre
0 contributions
AI Financial Assistant
0 contributions
Arti is a specialized AI Financial Assistant at Invezz, created to support the editorial team. He leverages both AI and the knowledge base, understands over 100,000 Invezz related data points, has read every piece of research, news and guidance we\'ve ever produced, and is trained to never make up new information. He is well-versed in a wide range of topics, including investing platforms, online trading, market trends, investment strategies, and personal finance tips. Designed to streamline the content creation process, Arti aids in writing articles, sourcing information, answering questions, and ensuring adherence to Invezz\'s editorial and brand guidelines. With a focus on providing professional yet approachable content, Arti is dedicated to helping both beginner investors and seasoned traders make informed decisions. Everything produced by Arti is edited and fact-checked by our team of human editors.
AI Translation Assistant
0 contributions
Arla is a specialized AI Content Translation Specialist at Invezz, designed to support the editorial team by providing accurate translations of financial content. She leverages advanced AI and the extensive Invezz knowledge base to ensure content is accessible to a global audience. Arla understands over 100,000 Invezz-related data points and follows strict editorial guidelines. Her role includes translating articles, sourcing multilingual information, and advising linguistic correctness across various languages. All translated content is reviewed and fact-checked by the human Invezz editorial team.

Previous contributors

We’ve had a variety of talented financial writers pass through our team over the years. All their work can still be found on the site, and without their efforts Invezz wouldn’t be where it is today.

Deyana Ivanova
169,140 contributions
Frank Quin
82,783 contributions
Jane Tindall
64,505 contributions
Tsveta van Son
41,133 contributions
James Navarro de Paz
36,697 contributions
Anton Aleksandrov
23,730 contributions
Xavier Basil
15,910 contributions
Tonka Dobreva
12,207 contributions
Michael Harris
8,965 contributions
Motiur Rahman
Market Analyst
8,111 contributions
Md Motiur was a Market Analyst at Invezz until 2024, covering the North American, European, and Asian stock markets. He has 5 years of experience in analysing stocks with a focus on technical and fundamental analysis. With experience in marketing and cryptocurrencies, his work can be found at FullyCrypto, and TheDeChained.
Desislava Yunakova
7,047 contributions
Stanko Iliev
Market Analyst
6,954 contributions
Stanko is a Financial Analyst for Invezz covering stocks, cryptocurrencies, and worldwide indices. He has significant experience trading forex, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies over the last 5 years. He has extensive knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis. Prior publications include Seeking Alpha, among others.
Daniela Kirova
6,919 contributions
Daniela is a reporter for Invezz. She has been writing translating cryptocurrency and investment content for more than 15 years. Her experience includes ghostwriting portions of the official website for one of the top-5 largest cryptocurrencies measured by market cap. She also ghostwrites for several reputable online financial publications.
Alice Young
5,287 contributions
Alexander Slavchev
5,139 contributions
Milko Trajcevski
Crypto Analyst
4,263 contributions
Milko is a Financial Analyst covering the cryptocurrency markets. He started his career trading fiat currencies before immersing himself in the cryptocurrency universe in 2018. Milko has 3 years of experience analyzing the latest cryptocurrency developments. His work has been featured in CoinMarketCap and CoinJournal.
Jayson Derrick
Senior Editor of News
2,651 contributions
Jayson was the Lead News Editor at Invezz until 2023 overseeing the team of reporters, analysts and strategic direction of news content. He traded stocks professionally in 2010 and went on to manage risk for a professional trading floor. Jayson found joy in transforming news and information into actionable trading ideas so investors can achieve their financial goals. He went on to spend 7 years as a Staff Writer for Benzinga where he specialized in the food, beverages, and restaurant sectors. His work can also be found on Seeking Alpha, The Motley Fool, and Business Insider.
Faith Maina
2,342 contributions
Faith was a News Reporter at Invezz covering the commodities and mining industries. She has more than 6 years of experience as a trader and financial analyst. You can find her work on InvestingCube, Macrostreet, and FX Audit.
Farquar McIntosh
2,301 contributions
Veselin Valchev
2,250 contributions
Violina Todorova
2,003 contributions
Michael Catchpole
1,763 contributions
Mircea Vasiu
Market Analyst
1,664 contributions
Mircea Vasiu was a Market Analyst for Invezz until 2023, who has been writing about the stock market and currency trading for a decade. Mircea leverages his knowledge of macroeconomics to transform data into trading and investment ideas. He operates a consulting firm and has written for several publications including CoinJournal and InvestingCube.
Ilona Billington
1,361 contributions
Emma Scott
1,324 contributions
Rachel McCormack
953 contributions
Max Adams
Editor of Education
824 contributions
Max was the Editor of Education for Invezz from 2019-2021, overseeing the wider investment educational strategy. He has written for financial publications for over 5 years, and previously built and established online brands in the cryptocurrency and insurance spaces. Max's work has been published by Investoo Group, Kinetic Investments, Pure Cover, and CoinList, and his experience creating online financial brands was central to guiding Invezz's growth.
Anthony Broadfoot
779 contributions
Alice Davies
776 contributions
Alice is a Reporter for Invezz, covering emerging cryptocurrencies & crypto markets across the world. She started out as a part time forex trader before becoming interested in cryptocurrency and the possibilities of decentralised finance. She has been writing about finance for more than five years and has previously written for FX Street,, and
Harry Atkins
Financial Writer
756 contributions
John Adam
680 contributions
Siana Mishkova
670 contributions
Tsvyata Petkova
627 contributions
Kalina Jordanova
516 contributions
Jonah Keri
Financial Writer
506 contributions
Ajay Pal Singh
493 contributions
Ajay was a News Reporter at Invezz covering the North American markets. He graduated with an MBA in Finance from Canada’s most prestigious business school and is a CFA charter holder. Previously, he spent years as a financial analyst, conducting research for brands including and
Ilija Rankovic
439 contributions
Chris Lewis
363 contributions
Damian Wood
337 contributions
Daniel Abd-Allah
323 contributions
Ben Gabriel
294 contributions
Cathal Leonard
272 contributions
Konstantin Anissimov
Executive Director at CEX.IO
247 contributions
Konstantin Anissimov is the Executive Director of the international cryptocurrency exchange CEX.IO. He graduated from the Executive MBA program at the University of Cambridge in 2018, and he has been featured by a number of prominent sources, including CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg, Independent, Market Watch, Cointelegraph, and Coindesk.
Sanne Moonemans
215 contributions
Sanne was a Journalist at Invezz, covering a wide variety of topics in multiple formats including long reads and video content. She previously gained industry experience in international journalism overseas at VICE Media and the national Belgian broadcaster VRT and previously worked as a Digital PR Executive in London managing clients and producing campaigns in the financial sector.
Ansh Rathod
Financial Analyst
189 contributions
Ansh was a technical analysis expert for Invezz. He has written many articles that showcase his advanced technical analysis skills and knowledge. He has previously written for CoinMarketCap and creates informative videos teaching new and seasoned traders how to maximize gains.
Alison Bishop
157 contributions
Robert Bell
151 contributions
Andia Rispah
146 contributions
Srijani Chatterjee
Financial Writer
145 contributions
Srijani was a Financial Writer for Invezz covering stocks, investment funds, securities, and commodities. She is UK law-qualified and has worked in both the legal industry and private finance. She has onboarded and managed record-setting numbers of UHNW client portfolios during her employment at St James's Place PLC. An avid investor in her own right, Srijani invests in early-growth start-ups, ETFs, and stocks.
Gannicus Oliver
108 contributions
Sundeep Goyal
105 contributions
Boris Minchev
102 contributions
Ankish Jain
News Reporter
100 contributions
Ankish was a cryptocurrency journalist at Invezz covering the most relevant stories investors need to be aware of. He is also a writer for with a focus on blockchain protocols' price predictions and fundamental analysis. Previously, Ankish worked as a cryptocurrency writer and journalist for,, and
Mike Ermolaev
92 contributions
Mike Ermolaev is a Contributor for Invezz and is the founder of Outset PR agency. Having worked in public relations since 2010, he began his career in crypto market PR in 2017 with FutureComes, a blockchain analysis and development agency. A few of his career accomplishments include co-founding Tópos Digital Communications Agency and building PR from scratch at ChangeNOW, a crypto exchange platform, and Kikimora, startup launcher. Mike has been writing content for Invezz since 2022 and has regularly contributed to BenzingaBitcoin InsiderBitcoin Magazine, FXStreet, CoinTelegraph, and is often quoted in Forbes among other respected outlets. He also conducts a signature series of interviews with prominent figures in the crypto space, including musicians French Montana and Matt Sorum, Prince Philip of Serbia and other celebrities.
Auther Bett
86 contributions
Nik Khandelwal
70 contributions
Greg Waisman
Co-Founder and COO at Mercuryo
58 contributions
Greg Waisman was a contributor to Invezz. Greg is one of the co-founders of Mercuryo, has deep expertise in the field of technology, fintech, and blockchain. He has a history of working with tech-related projects, having begun his career in 2012 and since developing a 9-year background in creating complex technical products. Along with writing for Invezz, Greg has been featured in Bloomberg, The Independent, City AM, Cointelegraph, Benzinga, Hackernoon, and Fxempire.
Siraj Ahmed
31 contributions
Cory Mitchell
Market Analyst
23 contributions
Cory was a Market Analyst for Invezz and has been a professional trader since 2005. Over the years he has contributed to some of the best well-known names in the financial niche, including TheBalance, Forbes Digital, Investopedia, Yahoo Finance, the Technical Analysis of Stock & Commodities magazine and many others. He's the author of many different trading books and founded the popular trading site,
Michael Kamberov
10 contributions
Angus Campbell
8 contributions

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