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Invezz wants you to invest wisely.

Because we believe that investing wisely can help everyone live free from financial constraints, we offer simple-to-understand, unbiased information, tools and services.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to make investing easy and effortless for everyone. So you, our dedicated readers, can make great decisions with your hard-earned money.

Who we are

A team of experts who care about helping people achieve financial freedom.

We’re lead by parent companies Investoo Group and Kinetic Investments, whose wide network of contacts have propelled our business to the next level.

Our team is comprised of industry experts from all over the world with staff members and contributors in at least 14 countries.

Many of us are traders, long-term investors and risk-takers. Collectively, we’re Invezz. And, we abide by a set of core values:

  • Be thirsty for knowledge – we have a constant appetite to learn.
  • Be transparent – we believe in always being true with opinion and information.
  • Be efficient – taking the direct route whether through content or life, is key.
  • Be ambitious – we want everyone to be the best at whatever they do.
  • Be open – the need to openly share experience and learning with others.

Invezz was founded in 2012 by John Alexander Adam, based out of Sofia, Bulgaria.

John is an experienced financial analyst who previously lead the company up until it’s acquisition in April 2017, by Investoo Group – a financial media company from London, UK.

Invezz has since gone on to become one of the investment industry’s leading websites having been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Barrons, The London School of Economics, Quartz Magazine, Forbes & more.

Who we work with

Invezz is always looking for partnerships. Let’s talk about that.

Invezz covers 100+ breaking investing news stories every week. We cover most major investment markets, with a strong focus on stocks, forex & cryptocurrencies.

Syndication partners.

Our news is syndicated across the web through partnerships with top publications & data companies, including:

If you are interested in becoming a syndication partner please view our feeds or contact us.

Financial freedom is achievable for everyone.

Never forget it.

Company information

Our offices

235 High Holborn

Contact details

Email[email protected]
Phone: +44(0) 203 488 2091

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