Noris Soto

Caracas, Venezuela
Education & qualifications:
  • Diploma Mobile Journalism, San Francisco de Quito University, Ecuador, 2023
  • BA Journalism, Monteavila University, 2010
  • PG (Digital Journalism), Monteávila University, 2012
Current investments:
Knows about:
Finance, politics, international affairs, commodities, oil, sports, history, and literature
Noris is a News Reporter at Invezz focusing on the European & LATAM markets, where she covers news in economy, finance, crypto, and corporate. With almost 14 years of experience in financial journalism, she is a seasoned journalist who thrives on in-depth field reporting and going to the root of all stories. Noris has worked with leading publications across her career such as Bloomberg, The Independent, and Republica.
When not uncovering the truth behind stories, Noris loves to spend her time reading anything and everything about history, music, and literature. She is a CrossFit athlete who enjoys engaging in outdoor activities and can be found taking part in as many marathons as she can.

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