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Alternative Investment analysis, news, courses and live data

Make a great start to your alternative investments by using resources we have gathered together. Everything from data-packed charts to current news and courses can be found here – a one-stop-shop for understanding and investing in a wide array of alternative investments.

Latest alternative investment news & analysis

Start your search for the ideal investment by reading the most relevant news stories. You can easily build up your knowledge levels before making any big financial decisions.

Peter Hargreaves- Brexit biggest supporter gains $300 million after Torys victory
December 13th 2019 Peter Hargreaves is smiling on his way to the bank. He is one of Brexit’s major supporters. The Conservative Party’s win di…
Art dealer (Hedge fund backed) lost an $11 million ruling to Sotheby’s in a case involving an allegedly fake painting
December 12th 2019
Everett Capital, a London hedge fund to return investors’ capital
December 11th 2019
Hedge funds missing out on better return in the alternative asset class.
December 10th 2019
Hedge fund White Elm to shut down, after posting double-digit returns
December 9th 2019
Honor a health-care start-up to raise $150 million investment from SoftBank Vision Fund 2
December 6th 2019

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Features and op-ed

Our readers stay informed with great advice from our experts and traders. Read through our wide variety of opinion and guides on alternative investments to understand everything you need to know.

Eagle FX Review: Account Types, Trading Platforms, Fees And Everything In Between
October 18th 2019
Loss Aversion and Stock Market Trading Explained
October 8th 2019
Helpful Advice on Investing in Buy-to-let and Becoming a Landlord
September 28th 2019
What Is Quantitative Easing and Does It Work?
September 28th 2019
How to Invest in a Construction Project Overseas: Mezzanine Loans and Equity Partnerships Explained
September 28th 2019
What Insurance Do Landlords Need to Protect Their Investment?
September 28th 2019
Why, when and where you should trade the Forex Market
September 27th 2019
How to be a Forex Trading Winner
September 27th 2019

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Hints & tips

Alternative Investments are special types of investments that don’t fall on traditional asset classes of stocks, bonds, or cash. These forms of investments are mostly held by institutional investors and include private equity or venture capital firms and hedge funds. Being aware of the various alternative investments, how to invest in them is a sure way of diversifying an investment portfolio.

Alternative investment prices and data

Discover a wealth of up-to-date facts, figures and details on the alternative markets that interest you. We have gathered the most useful charts and live prices in one place for your convenience.

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Alternate investment courses

Make the journey from complete beginner to expert with our courses. Our informative courses and easy to understand definitions will guide you every step of the way.

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More of the latest alternate news

EU backs plans for tighter money-laundering supervision.

On Thursday, finance ministers at the European Union agreed to back plans for stronger supervision to curb money-laundering. The decision follows a series of revelations about large amounts of dirty money flowing through European Banks. Last year, the Eu experienced its most massive money-laundering scandal when it emerged at 200 billion euros ($220 billion) is suspicious payments made between 2007-2015 through the Danske Bank’s tiny Estoni…

Harlem Capital a diversity-focused VC fund debuts with $40M

Harlem Capital upgraded from an angel syndicate to full-fledged venture capital, closing its debut effort on an oversubscribed $40.3 million. Managing partners Henri Pierre-Jacques and Jarrid Tingle in New York City launched Harlem Capital in 2015. The two have since graduated from Havard Business School and hired two venture partners, John Henry and Brandon Bryant. They also hired two senior associates to help expand their portfolio. The over-ar…

French wine to face 100% tariffs as Trump confronts France over taxes on tech companies

On Monday the U.S. President Trump said that new French tax hit American technology companies. He said France’s move was against the U.S. – a declaration that could lead to retaliatory tariffs as high as 100% on French wines. The retaliation could also jeopardize international efforts to negotiate a truce on so-called digital taxes. France taxes affect U.S. companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google, even though they have little p…

Luxembourg alternative investment funds record another year of robust growth (50% increase since 2018)

The 2019 fund survey by venture Capital Investment Fund and% ALFI/Deloitte Private Equity found that the size of average private equity fund domiciled in Luxembourg had increased by 50% since 2018. The number of PE funds held assets worth more than the EUR1 billion doubling over the same 12-month period.  Now, Luxembourg accounts for 4.3% of the global private equity fund industry. The survey also shows unregulated investment vehicles such a…

Linton Hydro raises a £3.3M crowdfunding investment.

Linton Hydro has raised £3.3m crowdfunding investment through the Triodos impact investment crowdfunding platform. Investors include both retail and institutional investors. Linton is the company behind two North Yorkshire hydroelectric power schemes. It owns and operates two adjacent hydropower schemes at Linton Lock on the River Ouse in North Yorkshire. They generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of about 450 homes and supply to a…

Blackwells seeks to oust Barrack (Trump’s friend) from CEO job at Colony Capital.

Blackwells- an activist investor is seeking to remove Tom Barrack as the CEO of Colony Capital. Tom is President Trump’s billionaire friend. It says Tom’s mismanagement of Colony Capital- the real estate and investment firm has cost its shareholders billions of dollars in lost gains. Blackwells which owns a 1.85% stake in the firm, also wants to install five new directors on the company’s board.  Blackwells says investors h…

Hedge-funds are at war to find talent; says, Weinstein Ilana

Weinstein Ilana says only a few people can generate the alpha, and it’s her job to find them. Ilana Weinstein is the founder and Chief Ecutive of Executive placement firm IDW Group. She has worked with hedge funds such as Citadel, Millenium, and Point 72. She says, Hedge funds are facing a difficult time with market-beating returns being elusive, and underperformance being the norm. People who can consistently generate market-beating return…

Hedge fund managers are warming up to separate custom funds

Hedge fund clients want more specialized separate accounts, and hedge fund managers are warming up for the transition. Also, hedge fund managers are moving up towards the demand from pension funds, foundations, endowments, a hedge fund of funds, and other allocations for custom versions. The custom version is a flagship hedge fund strategy that better meet their investment goals. According to some sources, assets managed customized hedge fund acc…

Japan woos hedge funds in crisis-hit Hong Kong

Japan has embarked on a discreet bid to woo hedge funds away from the crisis-hit Hong Kong. This week, Japan dispatched a delegation to the city on a 48-hour mission to persuade money managers to consider Japan. Government officials have organized a flurry of meeting between finance executives from Tokyo and dozens of Hong Kong hedge funds with an unofficial but explicit blessing of Tokyo governor- Yuriko Koike. Careful not to be seen as exploiti…

Massive jump in venture capital funding for European startups in 2019

State of European Tech has reported that there has been a massive 40% jump in venture capital funding for startups in Europe in 2019. European startups won a record $34bn in venture capital funding up 40% from 2018, outshining the US and Asia markets- which saw a drop in investment. The sharp jump adds to a growing sentiment that the European tech ecosystem is finally coming of age. “It does feel like we are in a golden age for Europe now. The qu…

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