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Don’t get lost in the commodity markets. We provide news, courses, charts, market analysis, real-time information and aim to keep you informed on the volatility of prices of commodities. All to ensure you get to grips with the most valuable commodities, keeping you ahead of the market. 

Latest commodities news

Grow your knowledge on oil, gold, sugar and all known traded commodities. Read the most up to date stories influencing the market and help yourself by understanding the key issues in commodities, worldwide.

Silver price likely to outperform Gold in the future. Here’s how
6th August
  • Gold prices closed on a new record high above $2,040 per ounce overnight
  • Industrial consumption will surge once the world economy starts recovering, boosting silver prices
  • After it gained 34% in July, silver prices are now pushing to log levels above $30
Gold price surges to fresh record highs on coronavirus concerns
3rd August

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Features & analysis

Our editors strive to give you the very best investment advice. Reap the benefit of our experience in a format you can easily understand.

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Hints & tips

Commodities are classified into four main groups: metals, energy, agricultural produce and livestock, and meat. However, oil, gold, and agricultural products are the most traded. Commodities offer avenues to diversify investment portfolio beyond the traditional financial instruments. Generally, commodities are long term and operate differently from stock markets. The distinct feature of commodity markets is that they are reliable, valuable, and non-volatile compared to other traditional securities. Generally, since it is tedious to transport commodities, they are usually traded on futures contracts. Commodities future contracts are popularly traded in U.S dollars.

Commodities prices and data

Keep a close eye on popular global markets like energy, metals and agriculture. View below our live feeds and clearly-presented price charts, making it easy for you to follow the latest movers and shakers. 

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Commodities courses

Find your feet in the exciting commodities market by learning from our short courses. We have organised a broad selection of tools for you, including courses and clear definitions of the terminology you need to understand.

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More of the latest commodity news

12th July
Crude oil prices could “easily” go to $150 in the future, says U.S. hedge fund
10th July
Gold prices complete the first bullish pattern, where next?
5th July
Gold prices hit fresh 7-year highs on rising coronavirus infections
27th June
Crude oil price falls at $40 on the surge in new coronavirus cases
26th June
Repsol stock price plunges 6% to turn negative on the month
26th June
Palladium price ticks upwards as South African mines coronavirus cases rise
24th June
Silver price tumbles as fresh risks to global growth emerge
24th June
Petrofac stock price slumps 10% on revenue warning
22nd June
Gold prices could gain 3.5% on this chart pattern this week
22nd June
Crude oil price wavers as second wave fears outweigh falling rig count
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