Upcoming ICO: AI-Driven Tinder of the Blockchain Readies Debut

on Dec 27, 2017

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A dating app has made its way onto the blockchain. is a blockchain-driven marketplace for dating and relationships, and it revolutionizes the process by using artificial intelligence and smart contracts. The ecosystem is driven by the ERC20 VIOLA tokens, which can be used by individuals and merchants alike. was created by Lunch Actually Group and boasts an existing platform and track record of having facilitated tens of thousands of dates. The upcoming ICO in which the startup is targeting USD 17 million is scheduled for February 2018. The ICO pre-sale is unfolding now. is looking to the trustless blockchain (no third parties needed to verify information) and its decentralized platform to solve problems that currently exist with online dating, such as catfishing and other scams as well as online dating fatigue, to name a couple.  

Upcoming ICO is a Dating Virtual Assistant 

Copy link to section believes that artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of dating. Think of Viola, which the company refers to as a “she,” as a dating adviser that can provide users with an analysis of their personality and compatibility, which they say can improve relationships, as well as real ID verification of users on the platform.

Viola evolves alongside a user’s relationship status, suggesting matches with similar goals and making recommendations for corresponding products and services that are available on the marketplace. She can even schedule dates at a spot, date and time that synchs with users’ interests and availability. There’s no excuses if one of the parties changes their mind, as Viola sends alerts, reminders and location details a day before the date. If things go well, Viola can even help to plan the wedding.

In the upcoming ICO, buyers can exchange USD 1 = 5 VIOLA tokens.  Participants in the ICO must dole out a minimum of USD 50 to contribute. Proceeds from the upcoming ICO will be directed toward the “cryptocurrency project, businesses and operations,” according to the white paper. 

If all goes according to the roadmap, they will have more than 25 million users on their platform globally by 2020. 

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