on Mar 17, 2018

Move Over Ad-blockers!

Kind Ads take on ad-blockers

As things stand, many people use extensions such as Adblock and Adblocker to block ads completely when browsing the web. While this is one way to ensure a peaceful, marketing-free browsing experience, it's not a sustainable solution to the problem of intrusive online ads. Here's why…

Many sites now run ad-blocker detection software which requires users to switch off their ad-blocking software before access is granted. And who can blame them? Extensions that block all ads basically allow users to steal from publishers.

But who can blame users for wanting to shield themselves the most irritating and intrusive marketing known to man? Thankfully, Kind Ads has a solution.

Obviously, the reason most news outlets, video-sharing sites, and social media platforms (among others) are free to access is because they rely on advertising revenue. However, if a growing percentage are using ad-blocking software, this may change.

Indeed, more and more online news sites are beginning to implement firewalls. These require users to pay monthly or yearly subscription fees to access content.

Oh, and let's not forget about independently-run blogs, whose owners already receive a pretty small slice of the ad-revenue pie!

Kind Ads to the Rescue

So, what's the solution? Well, Kind Ads's protocol threatens to revolutionize the online advertising sphere, for users, publishers, and advertisers.

The tech firm has already raised some $20 million during a private round of investing ahead of its soon-to-be-announced ICO.

The idea is simple: a decentralized ecosystem that allows users to tailor the ads they see while retaining free access to their favorite sites. Additionally, advertisers don't waste money marketing to people who aren't interested. While publishers get a fairer share of the revenue.

Additionally, users will be able to specify exactly how their data is used. And they'll be incentivized to grant publishers and advertisers more access via token rewards.

As an example, a user who grants the publisher the right to let a third party advertiser market to them would be rewarded with more tokens than a user who grants the publisher only the right to market to them directly with no third-party marketing allowed.

What Kind Ads says:

"The Leadchain Foundation is launching the Kind Ads Protocol, a decentralized protocol on the Ethereum blockchain that improves how publishers and advertisers engage online (the 'Kind Ads Protocol')."


"A core component of the Kind Ads Protocol is a blockchain-based scoring system (the 'Kind Ads Score') that ranks publishers and domain names based on how much they are trusted by their users."


"Advertisers can use this trusted domain score to identify and advertise on the highest quality publishers in their niche."


"The Kind Ads Protocol enables publishers to market directly to their audience in a less intrusive fashion – using more natural communication channels like e-mail, push notifications and chat – eliminating the need for annoying and intrusive display ads.

"Additionally, applications built on top of the Kind Ads Protocol can provide users with a global opt-out list and enable users to be compensated if they do choose to receive marketing messages."

'Kind Ads Ecosystem'

"Perhaps most importantly, the Kind Ads Protocol, together with its applications (together, the 'Kind Ads Ecosystem'), facilitates this functionality without the 30%+ fees charged by most advertising middlemen."

A Change is Gonna Come

This latest offering threatens to alter the entire landscape of the industry, disrupting the monopolistic market and open up the entire advertising ecosystem for improved and more civilized participation.