Top 10 seminars for Forex Traders to attend

on Apr 29, 2019
Updated: Jul 6, 2024

Personally attending Forex seminars could be the best way of learning about Forex trading and emerging issues touching on trading. In the seminars, you get a chance of listening to experts who have amerced a lot of experience.

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In the seminars, you are able to get live demonstrations of trading software and tools; both new and old. You also get new trading strategies and techniques by interacting with experts.

The seminars are hosted in various parts of the world and you just have to find out which takes place near your location so that you can attend.

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Below are the 10 best seminars about forex that you could choose to attend:

1.    The MENA Financial Forum & Expo (MENA FFXPO)

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The MENA stands for the Middle East and North Africa. It is normally held in Dubai twice in a year (in April and November).

The expo/forum takes 2 days and it is normally free of charge.

Traders get a chance to hear from representatives of some of the leading brokers around the world.

2.    The London/Leeds Investor conferences

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These conferences are run and managed by Investor Conferences Ltd. The conferences are held in London.

The conferences are usually a combination of various activities including seminars, interactive exhibitions, and workshops.

Over the previous years, a single ticket goes for £25.

The meetings give traders an opportunity to interact with other traders and experts, add knowledge, acquire new trading strategies, and also sharpen their trading skills.

3.    The iFX EXPO International

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These expos are more suited for business and professionals. However, traders can also take advantage of the offers during their exhibitions.

4.    China Forex Expo

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This is normally a 2-day expo that is purely oriented towards the Chinese Forex market.

Traders get a chance to listen to famous forex analysts and renowned forex brokers giving valuable trading tips.

5.    The World Forex conferences

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These conferences are normally held in Bangkok, Kiev, Makati, and Moscow. They are normally international events and are open to anyone that wishes to attend.

They normally feature exhibitions and talks from Forex brokers, investment companies as well as financial institutions.

6.    The ShowFx World Financial Conference

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These conferences are held in Bratislava, Almaty, Kiev, and Singapore. The registration is normally free and it is a 2-day event.

It normally includes exhibitions, seminars, and workshops. Also, there are prices like expensive phones that are given away during conferences.

7.    The ShowFX Asia

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This conference is held in Singapore and it gives traders the chance to meet with world leading brokers, successful traders, instructors, and financial experts.

Apart from the seminars and inspiring meetings, there are also valuable presents that are normally given out.

8.    Master Investor Show

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This is normally held in the UK. It is normal for the retail traders and it features live trading sessions, exhibitions, and debates.

9.    XM International Forex Seminars

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These seminars are organized and managed by XM, which is a member of Trading Point group registered in the United Kingdom.

The seminars are held in different places around the world. In the past, the seminars have been held in Dubai, Venice, London, Budapest, Bangkok, and Athens among other places in the world.

Some of the most commonly tackled topics are technical analysis techniques, identification of trends and risk management.

10.The IG Markets Ltd seminars

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These are live seminars organized by the IG Market Ltd and held in London. The seminars mostly cover topics such as spread betting and technical analysis.

The main speakers are normally experts from the IG Market firm based in London.

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