Satoshi Nakamoto’s name claimed yet again

Satoshi Nakamoto’s name claimed yet again
Written by:
Siraj Ahmed
4th November 2019
Updated: 10th April 2020
  • The name of Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin's mysterious creator, has been claimed once more, and this time, the claimant is a German entrepreneur.
  • An individual known as Jörg Molt, a former DJ, claims that he co-created Bitcoin and that he holds 250,000 BTC.
  • The claim came last week, during the Vegas Blockchain Week, although no evidence that would support the claim was presented.

The name of Satoshi Nakamoto — the father of Bitcoin — has been a topic of discussions for over 10 years now. It represents one of the greatest mysteries in the cryptocurrency industry.

For a long time, the community has been trying to unmask Satoshi and reveal the person or persons behind the alias. So far, nobody managed to do it. On the other hand, many others emerged with claims that they are Satoshi, with Dr. Craig Steven Wright being the best-known claimant.

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Now, another ‘Bitcoin co-founder’ has emerged, going by the name of Jörg Molt. Molt claims that he co-founded Bitcoin and that he owns around 250,000 BTC, which is around $2.300.500.000 according to Bitcoin’s current price.

As always with claimants such as this, however, there is a lack of proof. Every single claimant thus far has been offering evidence that can only be described as ‘flimsy,’ and none of them managed to legitimize their claim. Even so, a long list of individuals had attempted to claim the title of Bitcoin founder, and Jörg Molt is only the latest on in the line.

He made his claims last week, during the Vegas Blockchain Week event. Molt was not given much attention to the majority of the conference. However, once October 31st had arrived, a well-known crypto commentator, Kenneth Bosak, posted a video of him confronting Molt and calling him a scammer.

The video went viral rather quickly, and pretty much everyone who saw it criticized Molt’s attempt to mantle Satoshi Nakamoto rather heavily. One example is a Bitcoin Educator, Andreas Antonopoulos, who straight out called Molt a liar.

He also was not the only one. Even one of Molt’s supposed ex-wives came out to say that he is a debtor to six or more people and that he is not paying alimony for their children.

Not only that, but he allegedly did not even own a computer at the time when Bitcoin was launched.

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