McDonald’s employees filed a lawsuit against the company for rising incidents of workplace violence

McDonald’s employees filed a lawsuit against the company for rising incidents of workplace violence
Written by:
Michael Harris
22nd November 2019
Updated: 28th April 2020
  • Employees have filed a lawsuit against McDonald's as the incidents of workplace violence rise.
  • 911 receives over 20 calls per day in Chicago from McDonald's quoting workplace violence.
  • The lawsuit claims the nationwide stores remodeling fails to ensure workers' safety.
  • McDonald's has recently announced new CEO and president for McDonald's USA.
  • Share prices dropped by around 1% on Thursday following the lawsuit.

Seventeen of McDonald’s employees in its hometown of Chicago have sued the American fast-food chain for not addressing the challenges of workplace violence.

The workers had previously lodged a complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the United States back in May. It was highlighted in the complaint that an average day in Chicago sees over 20 calls to 911 from McDonald’s, reporting incidents of workplace violence.

McDonald’s Employees Filed A Lawsuit On Thursday

According to the current lawsuit filed on Thursday, McDonald’s nationwide remodeling of its stores has failed to address the challenges of workplace violence. Owing to the counters with lowered height and wide openings, it is convenient than ever for the customers to jump across the counter and attack the employees.

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Employees have also accused the company of not providing sufficient training in conflict management. While McDonald’s in its capacity as a landlord had previously announced such trainings for its supervisors and employees alike, the workers stated that no such training has been received to date.

As per the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), around 70% of the McDonald’s outlets across the United States have been renovated. The workers, however, are looking for an injunction which can potentially pause the renovations in the rest of the locations.

All of the 17 employees who have filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s have claimed to have experienced workplace violence themselves or have witnessed an incident against their fellow employees. McDonald’s has responded with a statement that it is an utmost priority for the company to work with its franchisees in ensuring a safe working environment for its employees. The company further added that it doesn’t only invest lucratively in training programs but also keeps stringent policies to deal with the incidents of workplace violence.

McDonald’s Recently Announced A New CEO And President For U.S Business

McDonald’s has recently fired Steve Easterbrook as the Chief Executive and announced Chris Kempczinski to take up the position. The company also announced Joe Erlinger as the new McDonald’s USA president.

Following the executive personnel change, Fight for $15 and a fast-food workers’ rights coalition has been pushing McDonald’s to take its responsibilities of ensuring workers’ safety more seriously. McDonald’s cooks and cashiers in coalition with Fight for $15 have also filed a lawsuit against the company for insufficient policies for sexual harassment.

In light of recent events, McDonald’s was reported to have lost around 1% in the stock market on Thursday. The overall performance has still been upbeat for McDonald’s in 2019 with a year-to-date gain of around 9% so far.

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