Swiss-based crypto bank announces its own crypto index

Swiss-based crypto bank announces its own crypto index
Written by:
Ali Raza
27th November 2019
Updated: 11th March 2020
  • Switzerland's crypto bank, SEBA, plans to launch a new crypto index, containing cryptocurrencies and other investment solutions.
  • The bank is among the first to provide banking services to crypto companies.
  • SEBA's other goal is to provide institutional investors with secure access to the crypto market, while offering investment rules they are familiar with.

According to a recent announcement by SEBA Crypto AG, a Swiss-based cryptocurrency bank, the bank will soon launch its own crypto index. The index will not include only digital assets, but also other investment solutions.

SEBA to provides new opportunities

The exact name of the index is said to be SEBA Crypto Asset Select Index or SEBAX. The bank stated that the index will be risk-optimized and rather dynamic. Meanwhile, it will also benefit from very broad market exposure.

This is yet another step towards bringing banking services to the crypto market, and more importantly — to cryptocurrency-focused companies, which have suffered due to the lack of such services. As many might remember, SEBA made headlines recently by receiving a license that allows it to act as a banking and securities dealer.

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The license arrived from FINMA (Financial Market Supervisory Authority) only a few months ago, in August of this year. Since then, the bank dedicated its efforts to providing investment instruments for digital assets.

It aimed to introduce institutional clients to the world of cryptocurrencies, and it was among the firs ones to make such a move. Another company, called Sygnum, made the same move, and the two became the only option for institutional investors, but also for crypto businesses.

The bank finally launched its services earlier this month, covering asset managers, professional private investors, pension funds, companies, and more. Some of its services that are expected to arrive in the future will also include the tokenization of rights, real assets, and various investment products.

However, it appears that blockchain companies might only have restricted access to the bank’s services. In other words, they might receive corporate accounts with everything they need to run a company, but not much more than that.

A gateway for institutional investors

SEBA’s head of asset management, Daniel Kuehne, stated that the bank’s upcoming investment solutions would offer the ‘highest possible security’ to its clients and investors. Meanwhile, they will also serve to improve confidence in the market environment of digital currencies. The bank offers products, as well as investment expertise, which will allow institutional investors to tap the potential of the crypto market but still play at the rules they are familiar with.

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