DappReview snapped up by Binance as details remain shrouded in mystery

  • Ali Raza
  • 3rd December 2019
DappReview snapped up by Binance as details remain shrouded in mystery
  • Binance remains focused on its run of expansion and maintains its dominant spot in the cryptocurrency niche.
  • It has embarked on another round of acquisition and this time it is a China-based decentralized blockchain startup named DappReview.
  • Details are still kept under wraps, even the amount of the acquisition has not been made public.

Binance is definitely resolute in its decision to keep maintaining its leading profile in the crypto community. The giant has gone ahead to step up its expansionist aims with its latest acquisition. It has completed the acquisition of China-based decentralized blockchain startup DappReview but in a typical fashion, the sum is not made known yet.

Aggressive Expansion Moves

As hinted above, Binance is doing everything possible to continue with its plans of expansion. In 2019 alone, Binance has been out there and all over the place with several moves of expansion. From the launching of its own native BNB digital currency to the establishment of its Launchpad for IEOs, it has made its message clear. But Binance is not even done yet as it continues expanding its reach of products and services as the cryptocurrency sector itself keeps changing.

Latest Development

What Binance has done of recent is to snap up a China-based decentralized blockchain startup well known as DappReview. Until this moment, the exact details of the acquisition remain undisclosed so no one can say precisely the amount that Binance paid to acquire the venture.

The venture is fundamentally a platform that gives details on research and advertising services. As it is now, DappReview works on about 4,000 decentralized applications all over about a dozen public blockchains like Ethereum and Tron. These tracking applications are generally known as DApps.

The acquisition comes with a lot of offerings on its own. What it implies now is that DappReview will be of great help to Binance as it plans to roll out new blockchain use cases and even DApps. This is also confirmed by Viktor Radchenko who is the founder at Trust Wallet, another unit of Binance. He clarified even further when speaking to the media saying that soon, Trust Wallet is going to complete the integration of DappReview APIs.

The essence of this is to ensure easy access for the exploration of new dapps and crypto-themed games. This will also be in addition to giving more details with regards to DeFi (referring to decentralized finance) services, analytics, and usage. On the other hand, the crypto giant is also going to assist DappReview in several ways. It is going to help it with marketing, business development, and other operations.

Vincent Niu is the founder of DappReview and he has also spoken regarding the deal. He explained that by working with Binance Change which is the developer network of the company and Launchpad, it is a good move. This is because DappReview is going to come with more skilled Dapp developers and also help out with the Dapp projects on the raising of funds. The deal is clearly a good form of synergy between the two ventures and time will unravel more. 

By Ali Raza
A journalist, with experience in web journalism and marketing. Ali holds a master's degree in finance and enjoys writing about cryptocurrencies and fintech. Ali’s work has been published on a number of cryptocurrency publications. Raza is the co-founder of 5Gist.com, too, a site dedicated to educating people on 5G technology.
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